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"FINAL FANTASY IV" has finally come to the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad!

The title first debuted in 1991 as the fourth installment in the FINAL FANTASY series. Wildly popular thanks to its unique characters and dramatic storylines, it went on to be ported to many different platforms.

FINAL FANTASY IV was the first title to introduce the Active Time Battle (ATB) system, which has become synonymous with the series. It also saw the introduction of the Augment system, which enabled the transfer of abilities from other characters and gave players an edge in battles.

This iconic title is packed with other amazing features.

- Voice acting for event scenes
Key events unfold with spoken dialogue.

- Deeply emotional portrayals
Characters go through visibly apparent emotional changes.

- A brand new mapping feature
Players start with a completely blank dungeons map, adding an element of the unknown to the mix!

- Jukebox
Players can listen to the game's music anytime they want.


Stripped of his command after questioning the king, the dark knight Cecil, captain of the Red Wings airship brigade, is dispatched to the distant Valley of Mist together with Kain, his sworn comrade and commander of the Dragoons.

And so begins the epic never-before-told tale of the legendary Crystals.


iOS Version Features

- Brand new 3D graphics, including backgrounds, and revamped events.

- Game difficulty has been adjusted for improved playability.

- Game Center support and plenty of achievements to be earned.

- iPhone 5 compatibility.

Customer Reviews

  • Please add a hint system like final fantasy 6!

    by King Happy89

    I don't like wasting my time figuring out where I have to go next. Please add a hint system like the one in final fantasy 6. Thank you.

  • Needs iCloud support.

    by Zookb

    This is one of my favorite RPGs, up there with Chrono Trigger and FFVI. It would be amazing if this game had iCloud support so I could play with multiple iOS devices. The story is great and the reworked graphics are passable. I honestly would have preffered the old look to this but I'm probably just looking for nostalgia. If they ever bring iCloud support I will give that last star.

  • Great game

    by Davidcase85

    I love classic square games. This is no exception. Would be 5 stars if it offered cloud saves.

  • Great port

    by Jsh96

    This game is really awesome even after playing it on the SNES. I've racked up about 27 hours of playing time and I'm pretty close to the end. I haven't noticed any bugs at all and some have been fixed from the original version. Also the 3D and added features are awesome. I wish they would do the same with V & VI though and add iCloud support.

  • Goode game

    by Stlmatt14

    Youre game is Goode game and I think I like youre game it is Goode. It is like other game and they are goode. Add a nother Goode a spect to game like other game so is great game. Mabe add Clowd Clowd is good karicter. I dont like safrof. Sellda is grate game Sellda is like FFFore FFFore not harts. Why not harts? Sellda makes Goode game with harts and not needs more harts. Sellda2 have boxxes not harts. Peeple dis like sellda2 becus boxxes not as fun like harts. Over al Goode game

  • Favorite RPG. A Must Play!

    by Finalkingdom13

    I have been a fan of this game see since it came out on the Super Nintendo! This version really shines with all of the new features. It really can tug at your heart strings. I'm not afraid to say that the first time I played this game I feared up at moments. If you are a fan of RPG's, play this game.

  • YESSSSSS!!!!

    by Nikkillya

    Love, love, love, Final Fantasy!!! I'm so glad it's on the iPad now. Finally a game worth it's price!

  • B E A S T ! ! !

    by Sneakietoad

    Perfect port of ffIV in my opinion. Graphics are smooth, gameplay runs fine, battle is extremely entertaining. Awesome game! Best final fantasy on iOS imo other than tactics of course. Now let's see that ffVI port soon!!! 5/5*

  • Awesome game

    by Fall fast

    Great game just beat and gonna play through again so addicting reminds me of the old times

  • Won't download?

    by Coltonsrd

    I love FF games and I really wanted this one, but it won't let me download the game because of the lack of storage but I have the amount, help!

  • Needs iCloud backup

    by Pronoob91

    This game needs iCloud

  • Flawless

    by Fannerman

    This is the first Final Fantasy game I've played, and it was worth every penny! Controls are simple, very low learning curve. The volume doesn't work for speaker, but it works perfectly with headphones!! Minor differences from the DS version, but they're side quest related and don't mess with the overall quality at all. If you're an RPG nerd, definitely pick this up for the phone. Worth it!

  • Must have for FF fans

    by Pip

    This is a beautifully remastered version of one of my all-time favorite games. The gameplay is smooth, and the enhanced graphics make it a great pleasure to revisit. The added audio in the cutscenes is also a very nice touch. As for the game itself, very rarely will you find something this complete. The story, music and character development make this one of the most engaging RPG's that has ever been assembled. They just don't make them like this anymore. If you remember this one from the old SNES days, do yourself a favor and pick it up!

  • Poor performance for what it is

    by Sopants

    With Graphics this basic, it's shocking that it doesn't run at 60fps. Surely an Ipad air could push this engine at 120fps. Kind of baffling it's locked to 30... Also badly needs Icloud save.

  • Decent port

    by Tyreafus

    Decent port of the DS version of the game. A few things bother me about it, though: 1. After playing the iOS version of FFIV: The After Years, the battle animations in this seem painfully slow/long. Speeding up the battle speed helps a little bit, but it doesn’t change the length of the animations themselves(waiting a solid half a minute for 4 monsters to cast spells at you is ridiculous). The Healing Staff “item” effect is a perfect example of this. It would be nice if there was a setting to speed up the animations, or simply have shorter battle animations. Considering the fact that random encounters happen so often, this all adds up quite a bit. As a related side-note, it would be nice if Auto-Battle also sped up the battle speed like it does in some of the other iOS FF games(After Years and I believe Dimensions do this). 2. The battle menus are a bit tedious. Battle menus in The After Years are much better. Scrolling through the menus in this doesn’t respond like it should and extends the time it takes to select a command. This makes a difference even in “Wait” Battle Mode as the Active Time continues to run until you enter a command’s submenu or are selecting a target. 3. As many mentioned, Cloud storage support for saves would be nice. A lot of people are using multiple devices these days… Even if they don’t want to use iCloud, they could let you export a save file which you could e-mail to yourself or something.

  • Alright Gameplay... Very Boring story


    I would consider this for the die hard final fantasy fan but I cannot get into this game. It does not draw me in. I love games with awesome stories and this just seems not to have it. The controls are ok but irritating at times. Defiantly about to try final fantasy tactics instead.

  • Glad I bought this!

    by Ringwraiths9

    I was kind of leery because the pictures looked a bit silly, but I actually am enjoying the 3D facelift of this great game. Super impressed!

  • My favorite Final Fantasy

    by Brookfield

    This has always been my favorite and the iOS conversion is great. Playing this on the go is stellar and the auto-battle system makes grinding a cinch. Awesome!

  • Yes yes yes!

    by Innaten8

    Last time I played this game, was on my old snes, and my nearly finished game save got deleted. I love the revamped graphics and voice overs. Menu controls take some getting used to. I only have one idevice, so the iCloud thing doesn't really bother me. Now, please.. FFVI or FFIX?

  • Needs cloud saves

    by Jimmy C da OG

    That is all.

  • What a waste of 15 dollars

    by 500kv

    Ohhhhh how I hate those positive reviews. Now I'm out coin

  • Help

    by Yaaa123

    I download this game, as in bought it, it said it download but it never came up

  • Allow us to play with multiple mobile device!

    by Ringhoney

    It's a great game particularly for those who have played it before on different consoles. 2 major problems though. 1) not able to play on multiple devices; 2) only 1 piece of augment is available for 'limit break' even if we can play the game up to 3 times.

  • Good

    by Gdbnhssg jb


  • Trip down memory lane

    by Chizzy08

    Awesome port from the Nintendo ds! Works great on my iPhone 5s, thank you square-enix!!


    by Gghyythjgdddgg

    Load is broken on main menu. Please fix. Only continue works, so you can only play from auto saves. Because of this I can't beat a boss with dead party members. I will have to start game over. This is a show stopper.

  • Fix this

    by MagicDucky

    Fix the screen for iPhone 5 or IPod touch 5th generation, it looks stretched and blurry!!!!! It looked fine on my old 4th gen ipod, 2 weeks ago....

  • Controller support?

    by Luke Jordan

    Great game but can you give it controller support?


    by Buhdftsvnjd

    Just got a new iPad Air. I shouldn't have to start over from scratch. The ability to save to the cloud and load from the cloud is old technology. Why don't these games have that ability?

  • Cloud Saves!

    by Matthew Mark Moore

    It's hard to invest all these hours into this game and not feel safe and secure about your save game. Please look into this Square.

  • Ps1 graphics

    by Bahrice

    The gameplay is ok typical final fantasy gameplay which is awesome but kinda disappointed with the graphics its like ps1 graphics compared it to rockstar game port(gta3, vice city, and san andreas) i hope when they make a remake( i hope ff7)and make it a ps2 quality graphics. Playing these on my ipadmini retina

  • Superb

    by Neoguardian

    Having played various incarnations of FF2/4 since I was a teenager in the early 90s, I was initially skeptical of the changes. But I'm happy to say they're all enhancements. My only complaint? No more peninsula of power above Mt Ordeals :(

  • Brings back good memories

    by Mad very mad and now mader

    I loved final fantasy

  • Perfection


    This game is the best game on my iPhone 5 ! Even though that typo with the "load captain" Whatever ! I say its epic !

  • Cloud support

    by Valdrake Garuda

    Great game rated low because of the lack of cloud support though

  • Good, but with 2 major flaws

    by Ncuebybchjc

    The full 3D remake is great, but there are two issues that really bother me about this game. 1: Gamesaves to iCloud. I have an iPhone and iPad and can't take advantage of both with the same saves. 2: MFi support. This should be standard for 3D games now with controllers starting to hit shelves. The limited screen real estate would be served well by supporting gamepads. Additionally, i like to stream to my Apple TV which is hard to control without physical buttons. For $16, this level of support should be provided wIthout needing to ask. I want to buy other FF re-releases but can't consider it til this is added.

  • Great game

    by SirStrongBeard

    Great game, great port. highly recommended

  • Great!

    by The Dave Black

    It does not have all the features the DS version had. So it is nothing new to Final Fantasy Fans. The only thing that annoys me is how much harder it is to find the hidden summons vs the pink tail. I hope Final Fantasy VI gets this same treatment on the iOS. I would also love to see VII-XII. It is an improvement over the original. I like the Game Center achievements.

  • Brings back great memories

    by rp2dasea

    Love this adaptation of FF IV (or as I remember it, FF II on my SNES). I've forgotten much of the story, which makes replaying all the more pleasant. I can't wait for Final Fantasy VI (née FF III) to come out around Christmas!!

  • Has anyone found a way to make Libra work?

    by Crimson player

    I can't progress any further than where I am because I need Libra to tell me the bad guys status-ITS NOT TELLING ME ANYTHING!!! How does one get it to work?

  • Dark Knight fights again!

    by Robel13

    This is a wonderful rendition of the classic Super NES version!

  • Better controls!!!

    by sumrsk8r

    I had the game for ds and it was great, but playing this version after the console... Well its sad. It's way too easy to heal the wrong person it's too hard to use magic because you have to scroll down. Make the controls like ff1 and 2, or at least let players change the order in which actions are on the list. The only way I'm playing through it is with auto battle, no way I want to touch the screen 7 times to use a spell... Also during auto battle it's necessary to target enemies and its not possible. Change how battles take place and the game will be perfect

  • Best game ever

    by Pilar210

    I love this game so much it's the best I can't wait too play after years in 3D how this was ❤️

  • Storage space hog

    by Mastercheese313

    Accidentally deleted this app recently. It was only 450 MB, so I figured I could easily reinstall it. But apparently the two "minor" updates somehow make the total space over 1 GB. That is really annoying.

  • Load Captain is an inside joke

    by DuckhuntGangsta

    I read a few people on here who are upset about the Load Captain "typo." This is actually a developer inside joke. If you're familiar with this history and game then you know the developers are a quirky bunch. For the sake of decorum, I won't get into the history of Load Captain but as you can imagine its loosely related to those magazine found in the game. Oh, and the game is fantastic. Very addictive.

  • Nice game

    by Mammonoth

    But need cloud save plz square enix

  • Best

    by Prokester

    Beat 8.00$ ever spent on a game so awesome

  • Love it

    by NYCbs

    Worth the price; would pay for giving other FF games the same 3D treatment; FFVI would be most welcome with this kind of overhaul!

  • Needs iCloud saving

    by Alar

    This game really needs iCloud saving. I'd really like to be able to go back and forth from iPad to iPhone on the same save. The game gets pretty fun around the 4-5 hour mark when your party starts filling up. The story and setting are fairly generic Final Fantasy. It's not until FFVI and beyond that story and art design started getting really interesting.

  • Game is working fine

    by astrophys2

    I had the Nintendo DS version of this game and really loved it. The game and the DS version it is based off of are much more challenging than the original versions of FFIV and have also added additional customization options through the Augment system. Fortunately for anyone who wants to enjoy this game and not worry as much about the difficultly, they've implemented a choice of difficulty modes: "Hard" is the DS version's difficulty, to my understanding, while "Normal" tones it down a bit if you aren't up for that. Now, when I saw that this game was on 50% off sale, I hesitated because a bunch of the reviews out there since the update were reporting the app not working or things crashing, which made me hesitant. But after asking around elsewhere, I decided to take the chance and found that I did not experience any problems personally. Everything works fine for me. Its just unfortunate that some of the other reviewers have had problems. I'm guessing that these problems are actually rarer than the reviews would seem to indicate. Its just that in the rare cases that something like that WOULD happen, people will be far more motivated to write a review to complain. So this creates a bit of a "sampling bias", to use a technical term. The game is very much worth the purchase price (even more so now that it is on sale)….consider what it cost for the DS originally….

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