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Seller: SparkTap, LLC

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Need some sound effects for the movie you're writing? Want to prank a friend? Want to liven up a boring moment? Epic Sound FX Free, with well over 250 sound effects divided into 35 distinct folders, is the most complete app of its kind on the App Store!

However, we haven't stopped here, in the future we plan to release HUNDREDS of new sound effects.


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Customer Reviews

  • I'm only doing this for the update

    by Deserra

    Trying to play but awsomly fun

  • Okay

    by Brandonfave

    It's ok but it crashes if you go to categories while a sound is playing.

  • Love but crashes

    by S012345678910

    If you like making movies this the app for you but know it will crash a little

  • Lol

    by Leozaotroll

    Very crazy

  • by Jaabl

  • Crashes

    by Carky:)

    It is totally epic and awesome but it crashes wayy to much!!!!!

  • Crashes

    by Great Luke

    Awesome app but crashes every 2 minutes

  • Love it

    by Nick19 the awesome

    A must buy.

  • Good but crashes.

    by Popcorn of the dead

    I actually love it but, IT CRASHES!

  • It's  but...

    by Jetpack X

    There are some excellent sound effects in this app but it just keeps crashing. I'm giving  s. But only because it has good sound effects. Other then that it's just complete crap  NEEDS TO BE FIXED 

  • Love it

    by Burberry 882

    Yes the buttons don't always respond first try, but I love this app tons of sounds! So far no crashes

  • I love it

    by Cinnamon smiles 

    Helps me with x mas show keeps crashing 

  • It's funny but still crashes

    by Bellami1122

    This app is sooo funny but there are few problems like the bottoms don't respond when I tap them and it crashes other then that this app is pretty good Could you please fix it???

  • FUNNY

    by Mawhoo

    Really funny, go to flipping channels and then press it! It says something like how the HELL AM I SUPPOSE TO PEE!!!

  • Thank for the update

    by lord weizys

    Now the app never crash

  • zero stars; constant pop-ups asking for premium payment;

    by xyz7788

    zero stars; constant pop-ups asking for premium payment;

  • This game is stupid

    by Joecool7847

    I'm sure this would be a great game- if I could get into it! The stupid thing keeps on crashing.

  • Crashes to much

    by Socfrog

    Crashes too much

  • This is horrible

    by Rightthewrongs

    Believe people when they say it crashes I only had it for 5 minutes and it crashed 5 times. Once started the noise it won't stop till it has ended so you can't listen to other noises

  • Question?

    by LouisLestatClaudia

    Is there any way I can save these to my music library or something?? Because I'm writing a movie and I need these sounds to be accessible for me when I need them. Help????

  • Stupid

    by Michael Archambo

    It is nothing

  • I don't get the joke apparently

    by Nicky face

    Nothing happens. You push the button. And then nothing happens. This should be called "'no sound' effects"

  • Not very good

    by Firemandude

    App constantly closes on its own. Volume of effects very low even with phone volume all the way up. Not worth it even for free.

  • Stupid

    by GTA |V 1421

    It's a ripoff it keeps on crashing!

  • Piece of crap

    by Amy Gao

    Only a few buttons work and it crashes alot!!! Some of the sound buttons dont even make sounds! Don't buy

  • Crashes

    by Soap999

    It crashes every minute!!!

  • Boo Hiss!

    by 1refused

    Poorly organized (eg-baby chicks listed as mammals) and bad sound quality. Don't waste your time with this app.

  • Bad

    by Me1393Ak-13

    The sounds aren't the best, some won't play, and the worst part: crashes everytime you press a button.

  • What sound?

    by Praying.feet

    I push the buttons and nothing happens.

  • Really......

    by Wow from wow

    I luv this app but fix the crashes. This app has real potential but I keeps crashing:( plz fix

  • Worst App ever

    by Koreanartz

    Crashes every minute waste of my time


    by Bolt280

    I first got it thinking it was pretty good but then it crashed 3 times in a row AGAIN DONT BUY IT TERRIBIlE APP

  • Bad

    by Katie and Mom

    A lot of weapon sounds that sound the same and the other sounds do not even sound like anything. Very disappointing but I'm glad I got the free version so I didn't waste my money.

  • Sucky

    by Buffalo Nugs

    What a stupid app! The sounds are crap and it crashes constantly.

  • Crashing

    by Musiclover122334577789900

    We all know it crashes. Unless u are willing to keep loading it over and over then it isnt worth it. The sounds arnt that good. Please. Save your time. We only have one life. Do not get this app. Thank you.


    by Blake510

    This app stinks it crashes a lot


    by Ronaldo 124

    It stunk

  • idk

    by I.Dont.Use.This

    well i didnt even try the app yet so im scared. sum hate it sum dont. if u dont like it cuz i crashed then get a new ya loser!!!

  • Awful

    by Sidewinders09

    None of the effects were clear.

  • Terrible!!!

    by Pickle Ninja 01

    Worked for a while and now whenever I open it there is a message asking me to upgrade so I clicked no thanks and it keeps popping up. It doesn't even stop for a second. Terrible app!!! Don't waste ur time!!!

  • Still Crashes

    by SirSanderson

    I just got it & updated it. It still crashes quite abit. Also sometimes the buttons arn't always responsive. But it is free... so what do you realy expect?

  • Crap

    by Farmin knuter

    This app blows! Constant pop-up ads and it crashes just like everyone else says. Don't waste the memory on your device. Don't let the one star fool you. I would have given a negative rating if I could have!

  • Horrible

    by Adam Dj Sau

    GhahavdOjHt vzfhthe app me

  • crash!

    by Kriste3lizabeth

    it works good when its not CRASHING! and it doesnt have a lot of sounds either i deleted it. dont waste ur time

  • What is wrong with you

    by Person5951

    I should have read the comments first I agree with everyone else fix it or DIE

  • Ugh

    by Kiraalfe<3

    Keeps crashing

  • 0 stars so bad

    by Suicide_Watch

    No I mean BAD

  • Crap

    by Hyphenated

    Won't even open. I rate it NEGATIVE 5 stars for wasting my device's memory.

  • Okay.....

    by alexhern

    This game crashes on the first SFX I press! Fix this. It's dumb even it is free. Again, it crashes too much. Fix this so I could TRY it.

  • Eh

    by Cldtmpst

    Well, not to slam the developers, but there are other sfx out there that are better. This crashes often. You decide..

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