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Truth or Dare? We have all played, but have you ever played Truth, Dare, or Double Dog Dare?

We have only the best truths and dares no cheesy stuff here, and if you don't like out questions or dares you can add your own!

Example Truths:

- Would you give a homeless person CPR if they were dying?
- Out of all the people here, who do you like the most as friends and also more than friends?
- Have you ever cheated on you significant other? Who? With who?
- What is the meanest thing you ever done?
- Have you ever not made it to the bathroom in time?
- What is the kinkiest thing your ever done?

Example Dares:

- Smear peanut butter under one armpit and jelly under the other. Do not remove for three turns.
- Make sounds like a chicken for 20 seconds.
- Act out a commercial ad.
- Draw a mustache and keep it on until the game is over.

You can make make the Double Dog Dares!

Truth Dare or Double Dog Dare Lite works with OS 2.0 and greater.

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Customer Reviews

  • Cool

    by Avawre544

    It's fun, but the truths and dares repeat and some of the stuff is stupid.

  • This app is kinda dumb cuz you basically just the whole time press truth or dare-.-

    by Blue_Princess Leah

    Yeah...it's kinda good I guess

  • Awesome

    by Emily Casamento

    This is a awesome app but there should be more wedgie dares

  • definitely made our date night exciting

    by dr.love4911

    my wife and i use this app for our date nights. it gets pretty interesting very quickly. besides having to keep the conversation going or trying to be romantic, i just whip out this app and let the good times roll. i think this app saved our marriage!

  • Interesting

    by clif11c46

    Well crafted app

  • Ok

    by Ole Miss 239644

    It's ok but it repeats a lot and some of the dares are lame

  • This is not for me...

    by Vixtic

    Thos is resticited its for 17. Year olds but im still rating it five stars

  • Buahahahahhah

    by A Person Who Doesnt Knoe

    Its awesomeeits your choice to add more and i made my kiss herself in the mirror hahhahah Totally recommend

  • Great but...

    by GerrityT

    Great! I love the feature to make your own dares, it's great. But some of the triple dog dares are a little....... Wrong. So If I can delete some too, and kind of make my own perfect selection, then this app would have five stars! Great at parties and with friends, but still, wrong. Wrong in many ways cause I'm only eleven. So add the feature to remove some of the dares, too, and this will officially be the best truth or dare app in the world!!!

  • Awesome

    by Moonbeam1997

    First off, the comment below me says a dare is to kiss someone the same sex, but it's only on the cheek. Second, I love this app. I cant wait till I gets real party going with guys and girls, preferably home alone. I accedentally pressed enter instead of backspace a few times, though, so I wish there was a delete button or an edit button. Do that and you'll get the 

  • Stupid

    by xXiPodNerddXx


  • Super duper COOL!

    by Snow sweetheart

    This game is amazing...............let's just say some people saw my pink underwear. U should try this game it is really is super duper cool.Thank you for this super duper cool awesome truth or dare! I added men's revenge it said boys get to pick a girl to tie there stinky shoes on I can't wait till my party! You have to add this you your not cool! :) :) :) :)

  • Crazy

    by Bettarox2

    This game is awesome... Let's just say most of the guys saw my pink and purple bra.

  • Girl + Girl love makes me happy =D

    by Djjchxhdcnxgducnch

    Im gonna make my gf do some yummy stuff to me

  • very good

    by kayla ives

    its has some dare already in it but the good part is u can make up ur owntoo

  • Fun

    by Vadean J

    I made some nasty stuff for my friends and me to do.

  • It's great

    by 1in the Flora family

    The only bad things are you can't delete the dares, truths, or the double dog dares. The other one is it barely puts the ones that you created. But other than that it's a great game. P.S. Try simple truth or dare, it's better.

  • Good but... 2 things

    by Qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm:(

    Its pretty good but it does repeat a LOT and its great how u can add ur own things but u should also be able to delete them

  • Pretty good

    by Karatekid25

    This app has pretty good questions and dares, but they repeat often. There should be more questions and not so much repeating of the same ones, please!!

  • I love it!

    by Kris slay

    I love the adding feature but we should be able to delete them if we wanted to.

  • Bad

    by ^ Claire ;) ^

    So boring. Uninstalled from my phone less than two minutes after downloading.


    by Dnbscwvwcq

    One said to makeout with a wall, one said to kiss someone of the same sex, one said to hump someone of your choice, one said to lick someones private parts... GROSS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stupid...

    by Nikki10/23

    i thought this wud b fun at a sleepover but its stupid. makes sounds like a chicken? ooh.. so boring.

  • About this game

    by Gymnastics beast

    This game is horrid never play it because it's app boring

  • Stupid and suckish...

    by Water dolphin

    It repeats, nothing challenging, and no laughs!! Why get it?? It's so stupid!!

  • Stupid

    by Breaking.Dawn.Rox

    This is just stupid. There are no good ones for this being 17+ so whatever

  • First Kiss

    by phyger


  • Really good app

    by monty7000

    Awsome app lol it's the same exact thing as the 99 cent one :) :) :)

  • Free truth or dare or double dog dare

    by Awesome lad

    Good but after makining a dare truth or double dog dare u can not get rif of it

  • Awesome!!!!!

    by 123gamer

    This game is the best!

  • Oh, Yeah...

    by Beenster


  • Asome

    by costa rica

    Best game ever i put my own dares n got alot of things done 2 me if u no wat i mean

  • Nice

    by DanMorton


  • nice job!

    by jimmy tapp

    fun drinking game

  • Fun game!!

    by BeerMe2121

    This is fun in any party situation!

  • Too Cool

    by 025Pan

    5 Stars

  • Fun

    by ThatOneGuyFromThatPlace

    we had some fun with this :)

  • Clever

    by Air strike 56

    This is great.

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