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Languages: English

Seller: Pocket Books

• House-keeping: Fixed a few bugs to make your life a lot easier!
• Keeping it fresh: Added new wallpapers to keep you coming back!

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Are you looking for rare and amazing wallpapers to spicy up your device? Or just looking for a cool way to pimp up your gadget with the best retina images around? Well look no further because this app will provide you with the best of all the HD images you need.

- High quality HD images
- Brilliantly user friendly
- A large repository of retina quality wallpapers that is constantly updated
- You can customize the wallpapers you download
- You can also upload the photographs you have taken on your device
- Sharing has never been easier! These wallpapers can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!
- You can gift your favorite wallpapers to your friends and family via Email or Facebook
- The best part about all of it is that this is completely FREE!

Customer Reviews

  • Cool

    by Happy cheif

    Not bad not great ok. Cool backgrounds

  • Gamer

    by Love drawer

    Kinda like it but that game is not the best

  • Funny but not 4+

    by Roary williams

    It is a funny app with some funny pictures that made me laugh. But the rating concerns me 4+ Is not an appropriate rating for this app. For these reasons: mild language and some very mild nudity. I would give it a 12+

  • Funny

    by Ali cat 3647

    It isn't funny really but then again it is a little


    by Supersonic127

    The pics are very funny but not for kids

  • not bad

    by y me !!

    I don't think it's that bad I like the pics but A LOT of the are SIDEWAYS But over all i give it a 3 :)

  • Superb

    by trim007

    Best funny wallpapers ever.........

  • Its OK.!.

    by DON_KC

    I give it a 3 because it is just wallpapers and most of them are immature.!.

  • Ehhh

    by I love wolves more than you

    Not funny at all

  • Stupid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Dngvdghfdg

    This app is very stupid !!!!!! I didn't even laugh once !!!!! Rediculious. If u r wondering y I put one star I made me I really give it 00000000000000

  • Waste of time

    by Mckenzie stakely

    It wasted all of the time it just had stupid pics on it so I just Peres the "x" button

  • by Nicky/Alan

  • Y it's stupid? Funny 4 tiny kids

    by 100 floors? NO!!!

    I was lookin through these nd nothin was funny at all!!!!

  • Frieken annoying

    by Crisanthymum20005

    Omg it keeps crashing and only like 5 things are funny and some things are very innapropreate for kids take it from mr im ten:(

  • CRAP

    by The master reviewer #1

    Not funny and keeps crashing. Don't bother with it. Zero stars

  • This is

    by Not Gunna give a name

    It's not even funny it's

  • Keeps crashing !!!

    by Vladooo

    I like the pictures, but it crashes all the time. Fix that and u will get more

  • Pretty Lame

    by TorterraGirl

    These pics are boring and not funny. 4+? Please! There's some very inappropriate pics on there.


    by Hater for chef

    There are no goob pics that are funny MABEY a 2 second chuckle but thats it and def not apropes 4 the little ones. I only found 2 cute ones but that's it

  • What!!!!

    by Tinkbarb

    4+ more like 17+ It has the F word

  • This app is 

    by Oh just Emma

    Many turned sideways....none funny....really bad....DONT GET IT.

  • Just me 

    by Dennygirl47

    Some stuff funny, alot kinda stupid, not to mention most are turned sideways. This app needs work!

  • Worst ever!

    by Namer Sharp

    It says funny but it's actually mildly entertaining otherwise its just DUMB

  • Bad

    by WickedCharming

    Most of the wallpapers aren't funny. Not optimized for iOS 4+.

  • Horrible

    by Natbug77

    Diffenitly not +4

  • Boring and stupid

    by anthonyc76

    Stupid pictures

  • Stupid

    by Maddie monkey 00987

    Omg the wallpaper is stupid and most of them are not even funny .!.!.

  • HORIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:( :(:(:(:(:(:(

    by MACK223134

    Do not get I reapeat do not get the things aren't funny there stupid and retarded it's dumb when I looked up backgrounds the first one was awsome a cool they have letters and names also FUNNY THINGS !!!!!!!if thats what your looking for click the first one !!!!!!!!!I would give this dumb app 0.0 rember do not get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Blah

    by Kitty cat 4

    Did not like one

  • Not funny

    by Dkmay

    All of these are weird, most are stupid and not funny at all, and some are gross and gory. Not a 4+ app.

  • olny like 5 good ones

    by Man with the shazayam

    olnly good the first time u use it

  • Disappointed!

    by Hdussau

    Beware: this app has an email option... But if you use it, it will return a msg to you saying that it was undeliverable! But... In reality they send a solicitation to that email address to purchase their app! Don't appreciate those kind of spam actions. no thanks

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