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FatBooth, one of the most popular iPhone & iPad apps (ranked in the Top 25 All-Time Paid Apps) goes FREE on the App Store!

By the creators of AgingBooth, MixBooth, BaldBooth, UglyBooth, BoothStache & BimboBooth.

Tired of diets?! Get fat instantly with FatBooth

What would you look like with a "few" extra pounds? And what about your friends? Find out with FatBooth, a fun way to instantly supersize faces on your iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad. Use FatBooth on family, friends or colleagues photos and share them via email, FaceBook, Twitter, MMS...

• More Effects: combine with another effect from your "Booth Collection"

• Works with photos taken with your built-in camera or from your photo library or your Facebook albums
• Allows to choose a face among many on the same photo
• Auto-cropping using face detection
• Transformation process is instant with no internet connection needed
• Shake device to see before and after views
• Scroll results into the app gallery
• Save results to your photo library
• Share with your friends via email, FaceBook, Twitter, MMS

FatBooth is universal for your iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad.

• FatBooth is a funny application made for entertainment purposes only and does not guarantee resemblance to the real fattening process.
• FatBooth works best with front face photos.

© PiVi & Co 2010-2014

Photos credits : fotolia.com © Yuri Arcurs/© CURAphotography/© Piotr Marcinski

Customer Reviews

  • Amazing!!!!!!

    by Arie bear

    It's a really funny app to play ! It's also good to use if you have a picture of someone you are mad at and you can make them look fat and just laugh until you hit the ground!!

  • Lol

    by Chevy;)


  • Awesome!

    by Mr. Adago

    It's really funny!

  • It's O.K

    by Stranded Kids

    At times when I take a picture it doesn't work. And then on other days it woks fine. So this app is good, but its not the best.

  • Works.

    by Zack_BoyMan

    Pretty funny

  • It is funny

    by Brookey Myers


  • Nice

    by Chartab

    Nice app

  • full

    by potery lite

    i love it and fat ove course

  • I love fat face

    by Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvxyz

    I love fat both. It is soooo funny. I love taking pictures with my friends. My family gets a kick out of the pictures I take. You can do it on any thing and it looks so funny.

  • Fat booth

    by Mikemmmjggv

    I like it


    by Directioner727

    So fun especially when it shows examples of other booths

  • Awesome app

    by Nfthsthhhg

    This app is very food and fattening!!!!!!

  • Fat bouth

    by Austin Brulotte

    Best game EVER!!!

  • Moe 11

    by Mona #09

    Funny app / great app!!

  • Fat booth

    by Alyssa mertz5567


  • Great App

    by CJavengers13

    Awesome app. It looks very realistic. That is, unless you try to make a fat person look even fatter. Otherwise, great app!

  • Amazing app

    by Mexibooluvzzyou

    This app Is amazing its fun funny and addicting!!

  • Fat Booth

    by PGF1023

    This app is awesome super cool i made my cat fat and my mom and my brother and my aunt and me im trying to do 1D but it didnt work and I rated this 5 stars trust me its awesome tots cool I lol when I made my brother its hilarious oh and i did fat barbie it looks like she ate a bunch of hamburgers and she hides them in her chin and in her cheaks .........Its hilarious

  • Just Kidding!

    by Toshankids

    This is a TERRIBLE app!!! JK! Awesome! So cool and funny!!! GET THIS APP!!!!

  • Great App with one massive issue

    by hghjfjcgbgfnbxnnlfz

    This app should not be taking up half a gigabyte of memory. That's insane. While I love this app, and would give it 5 stars if it took up even 250 megabytes of memory, half a gig is too much. Please try to fix this in an update!!

  • App

    by Suveo-08

    It wasn't the best app

  • I can't give it a low enough score

    by Amgenius

    This is awful

  • Fat booth

    by Rjelicks

    Great fun; easy to accomplish

  • It's ok

    by BENtheeplayer

    It doesn't look realistic at all

  • Fattastic

    by Chloee24

    I laugh every time I take a picture of someone!!! You can even do XXL, which is very very FUNNY!!!! If I were you get this camera effect now!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi

    by Hi and hell0

    It could be better

  • Pretty cool!

    by Charcharberry

    It's a fun app! You won't regret it if you download it! It's really funny!

  • Loves

    by Sassygreenstar198854

    So funny

  • Review

    by Matthew Pawlak

    Fun with faces!

  • Update

    by Abbas ghotbi

    Plz update it for iPhone 5S & iOS 7 Me don't use video on this app !

  • Funny

    by Dvvdgfx cvhf

    I love this app so funny!

  • Funny app

    by Gamelover517

    This app is very funny and you will make very one laugh. I used it and I have not deleted it. Get it !

  • Babu

    by Jdjrkckkfnjendjdfnnfjcnfdjd

    Huffman As S

  • Hilarious!!!

    by Alyssa_E

    Best app I've ever downloaded!!

  • LOVE it!!

    by 123greasyjoe22


  • Not the best.

    by DJaveir

    I thought it would have been better.

  • Awesome

    by 1234567890-/:;()$&@".,?!'

    It's a funny app get it

  • Awesome

    by Piggles116117

    I made a bird fat and put a mustache on it

  • Funny

    by Skylar awesome cool person

    I made my dog fat I laughed so hard

  • Awesome

    by eligwen


  • Funny app

    by Mimi-muffins7

    I love the app could u make them look really super fat next update

  • I lov money

    by I lov money

    It is fantastishus with a touch of bling a ding ding

  • It bad

    by Aniyah waste of time

    It is horrible waste of time it is trash and garbage

  • Dropped iPod

    by Ryan Cook

    This app is really bad it made me get a crack

  • EPIC

    by Mary Kate Sheppard

    Well...um...it's pretty much...EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D love it!

  • Fat booth

    by Chase2147


  • Awesome!!!

    by Zoe G.G

    Works do good! Double chin works too!

  • Why so blury

    by Common star

    its very blury .??.oh and do not get it if your fat!! Because your chin is too big !! Haaaaa haaaa. Sorry

  • Very funny app

    by Angelwingtattoo

    Makes me want to go take more pics, but now everyone is hiding their face from me because I've told them about this app! LOL

  • Five stars

    by Awesome Ally77

    I love fat booth so much it is so funny

  • Fun app

    by BrianM07095

    Keeps me laughing!

  • Obesely Fun!!!!!!!

    by Cheeseburger Kitteh

    I was secretly taking pictures of my friends and showing them the normal picture! When I shook the iPod and it showed them really fat, they laughed so hard!

  • Fat booth

    by @CurlyGirly201

    This is an awesome app and it is veryyyyyyyy funny!!

  • extremely very so way too cute and funny

    by treve 11

    I got a picture of my 110 year old fat grandma my family thinks its funny on Thanksgiving day

  • Awesome

    by Gabriella jones

    It is so funny!!

  • So funny!!!! :-)

    by Jiiiiinnbn

    This app is so funny I love it! Nothing is more fat than this app!!!

  • App keeps crashing!

    by alisonpsu

    Makes me sad.

  • Fat jack !

    by Hill 101

    I've never seen anything fatter in my life !!

  • 5 stars

    by FATMODE

    This app kept me laughing it was soo funny me and my bro were laughing soo hard our dad had to come and yell at us for being soo loud

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