100+ Sound Buttons Entertainment App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: Pico Brothers Ltd.

-iOS7 support

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This is the Biggest collection of the sounds effects in one app.

- Shoot down ideas in meetings
- Fake pee anywhere
- Censor any conversation that is getting out of control
- Shut up people without having to open your mouth
- Exit any boring meeting with a fire alarm
- Take control of the whistle in soccer games

Some of the sound buttons, such as ‘Alarm’ and ‘Snort’, should be held down to hear the sound continuously.

Customer Reviews

  • Haha just what I need!

    by zermac

    Wow what fun!

  • Sound buttons

    by Larois

    A teacher I met said she went to the Hallmark store to buy sound buttons as a novelty item to cheer her students when they did well. A customer can buy one sound per button there. This software, with its hundred buttons at a low cost is a bargain. It works well and is loud enough to be heard by a classroom of students. There are a few sounds that are rude enough that I'll never use them, but on the whole it's a fun program.

  • Fun

    by Daddy dar dar

    Fun little app if for no other reason bit to befuddle others around you

  • Awesome

    by Super smirk

    I love this it's so funny and I love the fact that I can make my own buttons I Trick my friends with this app all the time

  • One of my fav apps

    by Karlie,shaye

    Its fun to create your own sound button, I don't understand why people don't like this app. Although it crashes sometimes but that's all, otherwise it's a great app and fun to use!

  • Love this app

    by Nrddgdfsdffdssgg

    I prank my granfather of that phone sound i like this app

  • Good

    by JJ kaken

    It's good not perfect not horrible just good

  • Cool app

    by Bob Rakoncay

    A lot of fun!

  • Good

    by Kiarakobe

    Very good

  • Cool

    by Donovan1822

    I like all of the sounds.there are a lot of them.to sum it up a great app for everyone

  • Epic

    by Josh hagan

  • :)

    by Beast amsome

    Love saying what the and then hitting the 'censored' button(:

  • ;')

    by Retarted farting cow

    Super lol

  • Awesome

    by I got Justin bieber

    This is even better then those ones you have to pay for!!! 

  • 

    by Vasculardoc

    It could be a little louder the good thing is there is a variety of sounds for pranking P.S there are 101 sounds

  • Just like the guy below me

    by Kind of cruddy game

     Except not as many thumbs up.

  • 

    by vampire


  • 

    by Sophiemm

    Wow everyone else are downers. I really love the app. It's a lot better than some sound apps you have to PAY FOR. Update: please can you make it so we can categorize all of the sounds how we want them please !! Thanks! :)

  • Good but not best

    by ~Anguawolf~

    Update: they Finally give us an update, but what is it? "lets fix the lag when the button is pressed. No? Give them more and improved sounds! No? I know!! Give them ADS VIA ADSENSE! YES! (that is if the update even installs) The bad: most noticeably there is a half second lag between touching the button on my device and hearing the sound. Not terrible but annoying in some cases. A few sounds could be better (coach whistle, DOG, wolf howling, most voiced effects). The good: lots of variety. Some sounds are spot on (fax machine, cuckoo clock, doorbell and more). Some really good effects, but they really should have tweaked this instead of just throwing in AdSense. If you want people to see ads, at least TRY to make your app the better to keep people interested. ~Anguawolf 

  • My thoughts

    by agtennis92

    I like it but I don't LOVE it, get this app for the fun of it.

  • Almost deleated it

    by Hip Hip Hamster

    I have a bunch of different noises but I can not play them!

  • Bad

    by Billy bob556

    It stinks some of them don't work!!!!!

  • by Petrazena

    One word,CRAP, it deserves 0 stars if this stupid thing would let you put 0 stars!

  • This stinks!!

    by Babybug614

    28 out of 101 don't work!

  • Eh

    by NicolePL

    This app is more like 30 working sounds. Only like every 5th sound works!

  • Eh /:

    by Kailani_

    Some of tha sounds don't work . That was dissapointing .

  • Forever

    by Gracie D

    Takes forever to load :(

  • This app...

    by Fashion Freeeaaak!! 567 : )

    Is totally awesome! Get it now!!!!!!

  • Great

    by SLAD rocks

    I love doing all the sounds. They are so cool! One thing, some could be a little louder.

  • They work

    by Blue haviland

    The ones u think don't work is the ones u hold down stupid people!!

  • Pretty nice

    by Travis High

    Best sound app!

  • Would be better if they all worked.

    by Moneygirl1001

    Sounds that work are good but half of them do not work. Disappointed with that. Higher score I'd they worked.

  • Rated 5 stars by a 2 year old

    by bigapplebob

    My grandson adores this app and will sit on my lap and cycle thru the sounds repeatedly. Worth every penny. Sound is quite good but coins jingling could be louder.

  • Pretty cool

    by Soccergurl_27

    I got this when it was free so it's pretty cool

  • Nice update

    by DaveTheBowman

    I like the new look of the app and the sound are hilarious.

  • Do not get

    by Gunner~Palringo~Zombies pro

    Big button box is way better

  • Needs improvement

    by Phoenix2000

    Annoying that have to go to single button screen to play sounds, lots of extra tapping that shouldn't be necessary, 9 buttons per page is plenty big enough. Or have an option for that. Some of the FX are obviously fake, like someone making animal sounds instead of real animal sounds. Needs lots more sounds and better organization.

  • Best sound app out there

    by Cubsrock1236

    So many cool sounds plus it's free!!!!

  • This is the best!

    by BelugaRula

    This is simply the best sound button app out there now! Sounds are crisp there us more buttons than I can press.

  • Very good

    by Reitveld

    Great sounds! I wish I could have the sound play from the small buttons, and not have to bring up the large button each time.

  • Great!

    by Hawkie409

    Add white noise, please, and you'd save me a big spot on my iPod!

  • lol funnn

    by madelineg97

    this is funny although some buttons r S-T-U-P-I-D!!!! although the good part, if u have a DOG, is the dog button. you can make your dog bark. my dog went crazy!! >_< :| :/ :D :) :w

  • fun!

    by word nerd 1

    Please correct the spelling of "Looser" to "Loser"?

  • really good but.....

    by greenwebmaster

    this app is good but big button box is better But this one has sounds big button box does not have

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