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Languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

Seller: Out Fit 7 Ltd.

NEW ANIMATION: Wrestling, ear pulling and a good old cat and dog fight in one single animation!

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Breaking news - Talking Tom and Talking Ben are even chattier and more entertaining as TV news anchors!

Join them in their TV studio, talk to them and watch them take it in turns to repeat what you say. Poke or swipe the screen and have them fall off their chairs! You can even create the news by placing your own video or photo on their TV screen!

You can express your creativity by creating the news or just enjoy watching the two tease each other. Either way, you'll have a bundle of fun!

Check out all hilarious animations by getting the full app now!

- Talk to Tom and Ben: See them take turns to repeat what you say.
- Watch them interact with one another: They tease each other in a hilarious way!
- Co-create the news: Upload your own video or photo and see what happens.
- Send videos to your friends: Record your own news story and share it on Facebook, YouTube or email!

IMPORTANT - To remove all ads within the app you will need to make an in-app purchase.

Customer Reviews

  • Good job

    by Pudpullinhouse

    Funny when you play rap music an will talk back to you my grandson loves them he talks an they talk back to him makes him laugh or they beat each other up real funny

  • Love the game but wish u did not need a mike

    by By CoolDude

    By CoolDude Love it make a vergan were u don't need a mike I mean really not every body has a mike!

  • Talking animal NEWS! WOW!

    by Unicorn060210

    I think this game is funny,kids love it,and it is the perfect thing for kids.I love that the characters fight with each other,and they mimick you when you talk.Well,of corse talking Tom and the other animals already do mimick you,but you get the point.How I would know that kids love it is because I am a kid myself.

  • Talking Tom and Ben newa

    by DDEMA24

    I love this

  • Fun

    by Brandon Gentry

    Assume cool fun

  • Wwwhat

    by Fcbfdggbvcffb

    The best funny. Animal game ever

  • Tanner

    by Jsmit246


  • Nagger issues sucndhdhhcnsb b. Jannhrhfhfkfkkfkekkidjfkjfgskmxgwkabhrckalbabsadadagxflhagsjxjfjdm

    by Me QERRC


  • I love it

    by Fjsdjxodkdkdkxkckxlckfifodof

    I love it sow much i laft and laft

  • Funny

    by Lover2063

    It's so funny I could act like I was the weather women or men.

  • tom

    by La Cynthia

    love this game

  • Awesome

    by Meowthlover03

    This game is awesome!

  • Fun!!

    by Notch71538

    You did a good job making This app

  • Tom and Ben news

    by FlyingPastaKitty

    So awesome!!!! It is so awesome that it I always play it day and night!!!

  • Entertainment makes good devices.This app will give charm to your children and they really have fun.

    by Entertainment is COOL


  • Awesome

    by LuvButterfly15

    Very fun and amusing app

  • Love it

    by Zip app

    This app is so amazing perfect for kids I love it so much it's funny cool and very interesting

  • Fight

    by Yazninja

    Sword fights. Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv it. I got 5 bucks on Tom. Sorry Ben, he looks scrawny. Ben and Tom, the my 2 fave apps put together. Adorbs!

  • Tom and Ben news

    by Wahdah wahdah Wit mee swellah

    Hey guys this is a fun app Lol!!!! Get it

  • G2507

    by Love20980@

    Lol hella funny

  • Angry

    by Carissa-thegalloper

    I love the game and I bought the full version but I don't know how to restore my purchases

  • Love it!

    by Boo flappy bird

    I love this game!

  • Tom and Ben

    by F.adner

    This is the best

  • Funny

    by Jacob ggggvddrf

    So fuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnn I can not eaven explain

  • The best one by far

    by The bossing Byrd

    It's really good and funny

  • رااااااااااائع جداً فقط يجب أن يدعون الصوت يئتي عندما نضع الفديو على شاشة العبة الموجودة أسفل الفديو

    by أوامر

    أرجو لشركة talking اتنفيذ

  • The best app ever

    by Move Starr saida

    I love this app

  • Tom ben are awesome

    by Hxjjdujrjtt

    Tom and Ben are awesome

  • Epic

    by Dumbit2000

    I love this app awesome

  • Talking Tom and Ben

    by Dealfan

    I love this app because it is very funny and it keeps updating new stuff and I also like the future that you are able to talk and make funny sounds and they will copy it in their voice. 5 STAR!!!!!!

  • Funny

    by Lollypop9000

    This game is funny the way the cat and the dog hurt each other. This is a very funny game. I also have the my tom app were you have to tack care of tom and the other my talking Tom app were you play with him and I love scaring him.

  • Fun

    by Dog lover 167

    I love the game

  • Cool!

    by Theflame99

    I like this app, they are so cute but if only they could talk to you like Angela does that would be epic.

  • I love this

    by Claudia2012/2002

    This game is awesome it's fun. Not as fun as the funnest stuff, but u could say it is pretty g00d so. If u have a child you can put it on child mode if it is to scary for you

  • Tom and Ben

    by Mceagle1

    Great characters.

  • Awesome app

    by awesome man 999

    I like this game but sometimes it will not open sometimes. Please fix this game

  • Cool guy

    by Seung Park

    This app is awesome !!!!!

  • Love this

    by ......35678

    U have 2 play this it is so aswome!!!

  • Zuleika

    by Zuly (Bubu)

    Love it.! ❤️

  • Ben and Tom newsmen

    by Mommy_Cannon

    It is the best game ever. The best game ever you should probably try it App Store but if Tom and then talking to Bob and Tom New See it today

  • Awesome

    by Spencer 007 2010

    This app is cool and funny loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love this game !

    by Country girl loves it !

    I give it 5 it's awesome

  • Polijuytgkbh

    by Butmuncher 45

    We're cool sounds funny

  • Such a cool app

    by Super girl 5678

    It's so cool but whenever I try to post a video it goes strait to home pleas fix

  • Tom and Ben news is funny

    by Volzfan2003

    Very very funny and cool

  • Great;)

    by Jaleeya13

    I think it's a game that I think you should get. Ok , bye!;)And I'm 8!:)

  • Martina Stosell

    by Tini stossell

    Es algo increíble y me encanta

  • Tom freezy

    by Weeeeeeerrrrrererere

    I love tom I have a pet tom named freezy

  • Fun

    by Vivila19

    I like this app and it's really fun. I also live the animations because it's super funny!

  • Five stars app!

    by Джерманотта

    Love it

  • Mhmm

    by DougRattman

    I love this game

  • No no no

    by Seed 121223

    I got this app and I hated it all you do is click a button and watch tom and Ben fight. My younger sister started playing this game now she's very rough and I just don't like it at all.

  • Totally amazing game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Hello kitty is funny!

    This is so amazing any one can do it!!!!!!ps woohoo!!!!!!!!!!

  • Doesn't work on my iPhone 5c

    by 'Aukele

    The app doesn't work on iPhone 5c, really want to play it but the app won't even open

  • Talking Tom News

    by Denny Poo

    Pretty cool app. Just to play with!

  • Funny

    by Cute but mean


  • Me encanta

    by Kristeen bieber

    Este juego es de lo mejor pero hay un fallo para venganza de del perro hay que pagar hay es to es lo malo

  • Nice

    by Redwanur Rahman


  • Good app

    by Hannah 10/07/03***

    I like this app

  • Awsome

    by Aria-1234

    This game is like real news that u make

  • Awsome

    by Swagmuffin09

    This game is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Horrible

    by E star 9800

    It is great and all but on an iPod when u download a video it goes back to the home.

  • Cool

    by $$Lexi$$

    I love it but it needs more Pizazz. I wood Like more things to do on the new update!!

  • Crazy news

    by Crazy hog race

    Tom and Ben are crazy to tell the news

  • This is a really cool app but the grafics arnt so good but it should be like $1.30 cause it is aweso

    by Awesomegirl712

    This app is a really cool app but the grafics aren't so good I think it should be $1.30 cause it is pretty awesome

  • Great

    by Cutegirl12345@

    Good game

  • Awesome


    Best talking Tom game ever


    by Leslymalik(: < 3

    It's so cool I love this app it the best

  • Preeeeecool

    by Gsjejsh

    This is funny

  • review

    by stargameexpert

    I notice its the same all the time and it take long to convert photos on news but it's fun but a little...;-( :)

  • Cat

    by Shyianne

    Talking news funny!

  • Talking Tom

    by 25443

    This the best game ever I love it

  • Best game ever

    by Soccer !!!!!

  • Talking Tpm

    by 2ball cane

    I like it,I give it 10 stars

  • Tom

    by Killer على

    Ok good

  • Love!

    by YOLO (you only love Olaf)

    This app is amazing it helps time pass by!

  • Awesome

    by Swiftygirl18

    This game is awesome but they should add some stuff to it a new update

  • Tom and Ben talking news

    by Tom and Ben talking news

    It is funny because Ben can hurt tom

  • Gffg

    by Saajfgsdffffgfffggfgg

  • Hilarious!!!!!!!

    by Dooders101

    I sit with my dad and we just laugh an laugh!!!

  • by Cvgvbgvccvvvcvccfffvvvcvvvv

  • Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Milan cheerleader

    This game is the bomb!!!!!!

  • What I think

    by L.O :)

    Pretty cool app

  • Funny

    by Awesomeness 8769

    This app is hilariously funny!!!!!!!!!

  • I hate ads >:(

    by Devin loves Minecraft

    It needs no ads but I love the app. I just hate the ads if you hate ads say I.

  • Fun

    by 14 awesome

    I think this app is fun!

  • reyn

    by Xoxoxz. CA


  • Dang sooooo fun and awesome

    by Cool kid

    Omg Iove this app so much

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