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Ho-ho-ho, we refilled Talking Santa's glass of milk and opened a new box of cookies!

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Talking Santa is packed with countless hours of holiday fun for the entire family! Speak into your microphone and listen to Santa repeat your special holiday message aloud.

Joined by the lovable characters from the Talking Tom and Friends collection, Talking Santa enables you to create and share joyous 3D video animation greetings and Christmas cards that will warm the hearts of everyone on your wish-list!

Share customized Christmas cards by MMS, email, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube!

AWESOME NEW CONTENT: Talking Santa now features a whole new shopping mall scene where Ginger, Talking Tom's little nephew gets to meet Santa.

You can unlock this shopping mall scene with an in-app purchase. Talking Santa meets Ginger is not just in-app purchase, it's like having a whole new app!


- Talk to Santa and he will repeat your words.
- Poke, swipe or tickle Santa to see his various reactions.
- Run Santa over with a huge snowball.
- Give Santa milk & cookies.
- Touch the bag to see your gifts.
- Press the card buttons to send customized Santa Christmas cards.
- Press the Ginger button to switch to a whole new app (available as an in-app purchase).

- Poke or tickle Ginger and see what happens.
- Poke the toy train and make it go off tracks.
- Ring the bell on the Christmas tree by shaking your device or by poking the bell.
- Press the train whistle button to hear the whistle blow.
- Press the cat paw button to see Ginger annoy Santa in different ways.
- Press the fire button and see how Ginger lights Santa's hat on fire.
- Press the gift button and Ginger will give Santa a ticking present. ;-)
- Press the card button to send customized Ginger Christmas cards.
- Press the Santa button to go back to the original Santa scene.
- Record videos and upload them to YouTube & Facebook or send them by email or MMS.

Enjoy countless hours of holiday fun with Talking Santa & Ginger.

Customer Reviews

  • Santa fantastic

    by Brookie

    This game is so funny because there are silly pictures and you can make Santa show his underwear and sometimes the cat takes Santa's milk!

  • Review

    by Supermands23


  • Awsome game

    by Fgfdfgg

    Love it

  • Silly fun!

    by ToadMama

    Fun app to entertain yourself and get your friends giggling. Overly mature (boring) adults might find it dumb, but life's too short to let those folks get you down.

  • by Love pizZA 484

  • I don't care I love it

    by Lay Lay 2002

    This game is awesome I love it

  • Awesome

    by Pandorabanana

    You can play to apps in one game that is awesome. Yay! Gifts from Santa on a game. It is also really funny it's the best game I've ever played

  • Santa

    by Wwwonka

    Love the app. - just forwarded it to my adult daughter - wish I had seen it before Christmas - I give it a 10 stst

  • This game

    by Triggacghfghch

    This game is funny

  • Caitlin

    by Cococaitlin

    I am 5 star worthy!!!!!!!

  • Awesome!

    by Cheeseburger Kitteh

    This app is hilarious.

  • Awesome

    by JAPCANJ

    The santa pulling down his pants is the best part. It is a great game.

  • Cool

    by underpants16

    My kids have a blast with Santa. But, they are starting to do what Ginger does on Santa.... So I recommend fixing that.

  • Talking santa app

    by kflooz

    Well it is sooooooooo boooo....BEAUTIFUL FUN!!!! IM HYPER!!!!!!!!

  • Best game ever

    by Alvarez1231

    Weird but cool

  • We love it

    by Embrcdnheaven

    It's fun! Love it!

  • Santa and the underpants

    by Christmas time!!!!!!

    Santa put his pants down and it was funny

  • Talking Santa

    by Riplinred

    I had fun playing with Santa

  • Great game

    by Btube

    It's hilarious and it's great for Christmas cards!!

  • Se adelantó la navidad

    by Vajito

    Este santa claus es muy tonto

  • Boo!!!!!!!!

    by Bug afraid girl

    This the worst app ever give this to a baby because to me it is just (yawn) it's crap I tell who plays this 2 year olds so to me this boooo,crap, stupid game . Who made this game as an Iq (smartness) of a piece of a potatoe so don't play the game unless you are a 2year old that is really dumb

  • Stupid

    by Melrose poopy butt

    This is literally the stupidest game EVER! Don't get it it's a IMENCE waste of your time!

  • Dumb game

    by Fries rule

    Doesn't even sound like santa he sounds weird .

  • COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Cat

    Kiss you're hand 5 times and wright this on 5 other REVIEW then see what is under you're pillow??????????

  • So good

    by 信手拈来酱油瓶

    I liked it very much, very interesting.

  • I love this game

    by Aukmed444

    This game is so funny

  • Fun

    by Sbpup


  • Good enough

    by Digitek 1

    Needs more features

  • Cool app

    by Tegaandy

    Nice one

  • Cool app

    by Tegaandy

    Nice one

  • Talking santa es el peor

    by Sharrufi

    Es el peor app del universo no se lo descargen

  • Cool

    by Cyrtje


  • The moonin' Claus

    by Ms.Pumpkinguts

    Santa mooned me. I wrote:"My Butt" on his BUTT.

  • Santa

    by Kathi F-B

    Fun app

  • Picture

    by Stallingblock2

    Santa looks scary on picture for the app xD

  • Love ittttt

    by rawa73

    Cute as can be

  • Great app

    by Paul from buffalo ny

    Wished there were more pictures to pic

  • Great App!

    by Sweet CM


  • Awesome

    by Katvm

    Fun app to goof around with. Love all these animated characters.

  • Awesome

    by Funydihcguvk

    It's a lot of fun

  • Talking Santa

    by Philforeit

    It's a lot of fun to play with it

  • Talking santa

    by Rockerguy30

    It is a nice app that makes you smile and laugh becuse it is funny, especially when you can type in his butt xD

  • Santa oh Santa

    by Gffbhgfv

    I am in love with this app my fav

  • Caiden

    by Cw4373

    It is so awsome

  • Fun

    by Kngskd

    Great app lots of holiday fun

  • Santa fun

    by Imurnightmare

    Fun app

  • Install and delete!!

    by Sarah Foley

    Couldn't they have picked a better voice for Santa? I do a better Santa voice than this thing. Creepy!!! I definitely won't be letting my boys play with this. Not unless I want a night full of nightmares. Deleted.

  • It is a cool game

    by coicer

    It is a cool game

  • Talking Santa

    by Cad808

    It's so funny u can type on santas but it is so funny

  • Teka

    by One too you

    It's a lot of fun.I give it two thumbs up

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