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Customer Reviews

  • Great for kids

    by Lizziefeet2002

    My 4 yr old and 2 yr old love this app, they'll play with it for a long time- great for keeping them entertained if we're stuck waiting somewhere.

  • How much I like this game

    by Agustin Martinez

    I like all these game I even have talking Tom Angela all the games that u made 1000000000000000 prusent cool how they repete what u say and play games keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!

  • G

    by Boodi2013

    Nice game

  • Fun

    by Polly packeit

    I love this game and it is really fun

  • LOVE

    by Reptile girl :)

    I love the animation it's beautiful there is many things to do and Pierre is so cute !!!!!!!

  • Head people

    by Head people

    It is so awesome in fact it is more than awesome

  • A lot of fun

    by Lucky Walt

    He watches sports with me lol. What he says is funny $:&@


    by Amelia10102

    This app is extremely awesome u should really get it

  • Death to the throne

    by Donkey VCR VHF gvs

    It's a nice guitar

  • So cute

    by Cohennaava

    He is so funny to play with! And so cute!

  • Hcudy

    by Jfihfj


  • Love it


    Very funny

  • Banana

    by Bree123456789breebob

    I live this app my self its so funny when he repeats u he says it so cute i have talking tom and talking tim 2 but out of both if them i love this app :) so fun

  • Cuteeee!!!!

    by Clodia1

    I love Pierre , especially when he repeats what I say and laughs.he is awesome.

  • I

    by Owl girl

    It's so awesome!!!!

  • Talking perry

    by Texas BigDaddy


  • Awesome game

    by Kkspawpaw3182000

    It so cool

  • Very Good

    by Eddi Morales

    Nice App

  • Awsime

    by Apple love me and you

    Best game ever

  • He is funny

    by Lilcountrygirl1983

    This app is pretty funny!!!!

  • Stupid

    by Baelen Yay

    You basically do nothing I wish there was more things to do like with my talking Tom this is so boring honestly you won't have fun

  • This game is weird

    by He's ugly

    I don't really like the game because he all ways say the word many times its annoying so I don't really like the game

  • Head soccer

    by Aubiejr


  • Bad app

    by Hfdknxjsksn

    This is a horrible app. There is nothing to do and the parrot won't even repeat what I say and it specifically says that he will in the description! Very disappointed!!

  • Go birds

    by Fryfjgfjvtkbgjb

    I. Like it is cool

  • Great app


    This is way too much fun. It'll keep you laughing for literally hours on end.

  • Yeah

    by Soviet DM


  • Loving this app

    by Bluezlady 65

    This app make me laugh Tom and Pierre so cute and happy /. We have them on our phone I am 65 years old)this app have us really liking it

  • Best talking friend!

    by Joshb1983

    My Nephew LOVES these apps, and this one is his favorite by far! I've never seen him laugh so hard!

  • Talking perrie

    by Starr mom of the fab three

    I love this game and my favorite part is when Tom comes up

  • Best app:)

    by Super Nat-A-bug

    I love this app it is so fun when you say something Perry the parrot repeats it in an adorable voice and you can switch it to child mode or adult mode you should definitely get this app!!!!!!!!!!:D

  • Awesome game

    by Banana1000000000000000

    Me and my friend love this game best game ever :)

  • Pretty good and pretty bad

    by Racheldash

    It's kinda fun when you start but then it gets boring after a while

  • Pierre

    by Dj versy

    Foarte tare mai ales chitara dar si tom!

  • ؟؟

    by ابصر

    Love it

  • Epic!

    by Fathead30000!

  • Best game

    by Aiviator


  • Game won

    by López Herrera


  • Talking piere

    by Spike436443


  • Un poco tonto

    by Giancarlo Rey Garro

    Este juego al principio lo vi como una porquería pero cuando use todo estuvo muy gracioso

  • Daisy

    by DB7605

    I love this app I even showed it to my mom,Dad,and little bro they loved it and they downloaded it on there iPhone. I <3 this app

  • Very fun app to use all time especially during holiday

    by Ahavsfjashc

    Very fun app to use all time especially during holiday

  • Funny

    by Reagan warren

    I love this app it is so funny and cute

  • Horrible

    by Kylie strong

    I don't like it.

  • Funny like stupid

    by Girgirl23009

    This is the most greatest app ever! The parrot copy's what u say and Tom the cat from Talking Tom corrects it. It's super great:D

  • Funny!

    by Moya 25

    Like it !!

  • Awesome

    by Monkey :) ;) :)

    Extremely funny and awesome

  • Talking pirre is awesome

    by Apple shooting

    I love it

  • He's sweet

    by A girl called chloe

    I like petting him :) and I like when he throws stuff out of the sink Pierre is so awesome and cute :) so ya u would like it I just wish he didn't repeat things over and over but yeah ANd I have like all the talking friends apps

  • Cool

    by Offtheclock

    Not bad but I like it when Tom hits him and stuff

  • Awsome

    by Pottsy2247

    Love it

  • Rocks

    by MBA toke

    Plays a gutar like a boss

  • Talking review

    by brwv

    This app would be a five star if it had the splash thing already in it

  • Yeah

    by Goatman83

    This is a fun app to play tricks on people

  • L


    Love it

  • Talkin Pierre

    by Priyange

    Fab game I liked it a lot :-)

  • Talking Pierre

    by Cameron Aceves

    So cool.

  • Not bad

    by Creampuffmyprrfectpupy27

    It was an ok app not much to do

  • Absolutely Bananas!!!!

    by Monkeydoodlewho

    Thoroughly enjoy Pierre. Everyone I show him to just luv's him! Tx and keep em coming!

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