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It's late and little Ginger is getting ready for bed. He needs to shower and dry, brush his teeth and go potty. Will you help him?

Every time you get him ready for bed, you unlock a new piece of Ginger's dreams. There are 65 mysterious dreams to be unlocked. Make sure you collect them all. :-)

Ginger also repeats everything you say with his cute kitten voice and reacts if you tickle him, poke him or pet him.

You can also record videos of Ginger and share them with friends on Facebook & YouTube or send them by email or MMS.

- Talk to Ginger and he will repeat.
- Poke or tickle him.
- Press the toilet paper button to start the mini game.
- Press the shower button to wash him.
- Press the hair dryer button to dry him.
- Press the toothbrush button to brush his teeth.
- Press the toothpaste button to get more toothpaste.
- Press the timer button to start the 2 minute toothbrush timer.
- Press the jigsaw puzzle button to see all the puzzles you've collected.

- Every 24 hours roll the Wheel of Fortune and win free toothpaste.
- Subscribe to a toothbrush reminder and get 1 free toothpaste per day (you will receive a push notification at 19:00 local time).
- Watch a video or choose one of the other ways to earn free toothpaste.
- Make an in-app purchase. You can even get an infinite supply of toothpaste and never worry about it again.

Customer Reviews

  • FDIC

    by Johnpaul mm


  • So cute!

    by Dreu 2

    This app is adorable because Ginger I so cute!

  • Talking ginger

    by Truck52

    This game is so much fun and I think everyone should try it

  • Time for bed

    by Pink557

    I love tg! It encourages me to get myself ready for bed!

  • Soooooo adorbs

    by Diamond dazzle

    This is so cute and you pick if it's for kids or adults it's soooooo adorbs and when you dry it it puffs up get it oh and my baby tom is cute to

  • 5 stars!!

    by Mexx07

    Love!! My 4 year son loves this app && I do too!! His favorite part is when Ginger Copy's what he says! SUCH a cute app!! 100 percent recommend for kids!!

  • Great app

    by DabombBr31234

    My daughter loves this app!

  • Love it

    by Fjsdjxodkdkdkxkckxlckfifodof

    I rily love it hes sow cute

  • The best game

    by Nicest app right

    The game is really fun

  • 3DOL

    by drive 92


  • Talking ginger

    by FluffyAlpaca03B

    This game is soo cute!! I love the toilet paper game!!! It's so funny

  • Awesome

    by Jesuslovesme13311979

    It's so cute

  • Cute

    by PTC Punjabi

    I love this game this is so cute I love giving him a shower

  • Talking ginger

    by Sam f 10

    Good but u need to be able to unlock the whole puzzle

  • Ginger app

    by Sadie bot 2000000

    Perfect game

  • More puzzles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Ipodplaytoday

    I love ginger. It's so cute. When are you going to put more puzzles????

  • ILoveMyInmate479

    by NG479

    My kids and I Love this app. My 2 year old knows how to get to the app from the menu and loves the puzzles.

  • Awesome

    by Kevin Krisher

    Funny fun

  • Awesome app for toddler!

    by AlreadybeatAngryBirds

    My 19 month old LOVES all of the animals! Best app for keeping her busy when needed. ;)

  • It is kind of fun

    by Fun pant

    This game is fun but the game should let us have everything when ever we want. But other wise it is cool

  • Kothin game

    by Redwanur Rahman

    Joss game

  • Love it

    by Dory loo

    I think it is a great app I love it :):)

  • Kaleigh thinks

    by smclynch

    It is awesome !!!

  • So awesome

    by DjSwagMasterJ

    Ginger is so cute.this is a must have game

  • I love it

    by Puppylover74

    I love this game I also love talking Tom Angelina Ben Pierre I hope you guys love it to


    by Sddvvhywcjgbx

    Wow I love this app. Best app ever lob love it #1 game.

  • Miau

    by Mextlax

    Gato cagao

  • Ginger

    by DV rockstar

    This game us awesome I just love ginger he is so cute. Get the game

  • Talking ginger

    by Grace Schifer

    It is really cool to have! It is one of my favorite talking animal app.

  • I love talking ginger :)=D:):):):):)

    by Best artist gal ever

    I love this app

  • Fun

    by Rachel Mcoy

    This Game is fun for me because it teaches me how long to brush my Teeth and it is fun to figure out The puzzle.

  • Ginger

    by Ma48e11

    My two year old son loves to brush his teeth with Ginger and is now more interested in using the potty. I love this app!

  • Talking ginger

    by Flowers and cupcakes

    It is a great game it is fun also it is great for kids have fun kids playing this game

  • <3

    by NTruong0279

    It's so cute.

  • Ginger!!

    by Maddyhoida

    I love when you blow dry him and his hair gets fluffy

  • Cool

    by Cool-kid-76

    I love it

  • My Tom

    by Lex0403

    Live the app it is an amazing game

  • Fgujt

    by Sergio3490123456789


  • Awesome

    by Shea :) ;)

    I love it I get to wash ginger blow dry His hair which is really funny because he gets really Fluffy and brush his teeth There is this one game Toilet paper that's really unique you have to Unroll The Tollett paper as fast as you can it's really cool and you talk to Ginger and she repeats you With a squeaky voice what ever you do I suggest you get this game it's awesome!!!!

  • Cutie pie

    by Hanufasi

    Love it flat on it

  • Awesome

    by shello313

    It's awesome and I love it!

  • Awesome

    by Lgcglamgirl

    Super fun game!

  • Talking ginger

    by Crazycat4455

    My kids love it . You should download it. My kids fight over it because its so good.     

  • Love it

    by Starbucksventi

    I use this app everyday. I love it!

  • :()

    by 11lexi

    So CUTE

  • AsZv

    by Iris Octavio

    So awesome my little brother play for hours

  • Onions

    by Joebobmarshboom

    I loooooovvvvveeee onions!

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    by AlexPKitty


  • Cute

    by Mimi_dezignZ

    My 3 yr old loves it!!!

  • Talking Ginger

    by Slow Water

    Cute app, love it!!!

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