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It's late and little Ginger is getting ready for bed. He needs to shower and dry, brush his teeth and go potty. Will you help him?

Every time you get him ready for bed, you unlock a new piece of Ginger's dreams. There are 65 mysterious dreams to be unlocked. Make sure you collect them all. :-)

Ginger also repeats everything you say with his cute kitten voice and reacts if you tickle him, poke him or pet him.

You can also record videos of Ginger and share them with friends on Facebook & YouTube or send them by email or MMS.

- Talk to Ginger and he will repeat.
- Poke or tickle him.
- Press the toilet paper button to start the mini game.
- Press the shower button to wash him.
- Press the hair dryer button to dry him.
- Press the toothbrush button to brush his teeth.
- Press the toothpaste button to get more toothpaste.
- Press the timer button to start the 2 minute toothbrush timer.
- Press the jigsaw puzzle button to see all the puzzles you've collected.

- Every 24 hours roll the Wheel of Fortune and win free toothpaste.
- Subscribe to a toothbrush reminder and get 1 free toothpaste per day (you will receive a push notification at 19:00 local time).
- Watch a video or choose one of the other ways to earn free toothpaste.
- Make an in-app purchase. You can even get an infinite supply of toothpaste and never worry about it again.

Customer Reviews

  • Cute game kids luv it.

    by By mall gril

    Like it

  • Kinda love it

    by Crazy love it awesome

    I was trying to make it radio active and it wouldn't work!

  • Good game!

    by Momomo1246789

    Love it

  • Awesome and cool

    by Gboyuno

    Awesome and amassing

  • Awesome cute

    by Tuttifrutti3248

    Awesome and cute totally recomended

  • Talking Ginger

    by Austin Wayne

    My 5 year old grandson loves how ginger repeats everything he says.

  • Cute game

    by Addie is awesome!!!

    This game is cute and funny and really fluffy may need some bug fixes though I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fun

    by Nightmare dust

    Wow this is so cool like I must tell pinkie pie about this and Apple jack and Luna and flutter shy!

  • ليلى

    by No Mercy at all

    الله على هدي العبة مرة حلوة للاطفال

  • Cute

    by Haleebug112

    Ginger is the cutest cat me and my sisters love it!! Never gets old don't take it off people don't hate on ginger he is a beautiful kitty!! Love u ginger!

  • Best game ever

    by Nini0201

    This is is awesome make more

  • Hello kitty

    by Annoyed about stars

    GINGER!! It,s the adorable kitty I love this app sooooo much I wish I coud hug ginger he is a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. he is gust son toooo cute ): I want to hug ginger

  • He's so cute and fuzzy!!!

    by Awesome cupcake!*

    I want to take him home with me!

  • Ginger talk

    by Justin195

    This game is awesome

  • Llaga

    by Nzhz

    Muy bueno

  • Talking Ginger is so cute

    by Iwbyds

    I have a lot of talking friends but ginger was my favorite !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  • It's very nacelle game thanks App Store

    by Reza_kept

    It's very nace game I love it thamk's App Store

  • Baby Logan

    by Bryzy28

    My son loves this game ,it is so amazing

  • Love it!

    by Chio8026

    Great App

  • So cute

    by Itsagirl

    I LOVE this game. Ginger is so so so cute I wish I had her in real life

  • In-apps are scams

    by GrrrrrrImMad

    Despite making it necessary to use a password for any and all purchases on the iPad, my two year old managed to buy a $15 pack of infinite toothpaste. The fact that this exists is a scam. No adult would purchase this. They make these things just hoping a little kid accidentally purchases one. And then they hope unsuspecting parents won't check their receipts. BEWARE!

  • Talking fun!

    by Lover cute

    You should love it it is so AWESOME ! It is so cute!!!!!

  • Adorable!

    by Moomer12

    Ginger is so adorable! So cute great job making the game!

  • Talking Genger

    by Nickadoooo

    This is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome

    by Batiste the Beast


  • Talking ginger

    by Saword

    I love this games it is awesome it's cute funny teaches u some stuff. I just loved it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gingerlishous

    by Uno96645323


  • Cutest thing ever

    by Aug1182

    This is soooo cutest app ever. Super entertaining for all ages.

  • This app is funny

    by Kmart kids

    I really like it really funny hope you get it

  • Awesome

    by jhernandezgarcia

    Awesome for kids to play

  • Kitty

    by DocMolar

    I love this app because it is so cute to play with

  • Eh

    by Peanut nyla

    Horrible never buy this it's a wast of space it's not as good as the others

  • Awesome

    by Sisanailiabgdk

    This game is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ...

    by Moon star 567


  • Loves cats

    by Pam8635

    Love this app!!

  • I LOVE it

    by Aio146

    He's soooo CUTE! I let my younger cousins play with him, and they are always asking if they can play with him. My favorite part is when I can blow-dry it's hair and it gets all puffy:)

  • Ginger is a hit!!

    by BarrBeast

    Ginger is now a member of our family for my 2 & 3 yr old!

  • نوف

    by المشدلي

    ي لبيهه يجنن

  • Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Yahso


  • Nice game

    by Karydesi

    Love it!!!!!!!

  • Talking ginger

    by Saga mala

    I love this app

  • by Ce'Shell

    I love this he is so cute!❤️P.S the puzzles r cute too!❤️❤️❤️

  • It is AWESOME!!!!!!!

    by I cool107$$

    I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!L

  • Awesome

    by Cepjr1993

    Awesome, amazing,wonderful,get it right now

  • Cutie cuddles

    by Cutie 56


  • Great app

    by Sport lover 365

    This app is awesome!!!

  • Great for kids

    by Love it ferguson

    It is awesome and when I'm bored I always have a cute friend to play with

  • Ginger

    by Reo4ever

    So amazing I could burst into pieces.

  • I love

    by Kaylaboo8

    I love this app my daughter is learning from it but she unrolls the tolit paper all the time I ❤the fact that you could put the game in child made or not so parents I recommend this for your children

  • Grace Go

    by Gracie&Angel

    I really like this app so much my little sister wants to play it every day but she can't get passcode I just did today

  • Omg ginger

    by Angel505116

    Ginger is so adorable

  • Good

    by Nana 24577

    It's really fun and cool

  • I hate it


    You ugly ginger it is so stupid you don't even do that much!

  • Good game

    by Carlyking615

    This game is so good for kids I love it yolo #ginger

  • Awesome app

    by You are gonna love it

    This app is just so great I play on it with my little 1 year old brothers he loves it I love it we are both happy with this app we love it

  • Amazing yet,BOO!

    by Clinton Shrum

    It's fun but just one thing could change,the tooth paste wheel never lands on 6!BOO!

  • Ginger

    by Marymerry90

    My grandchildren love ginger. She helps with brushing teeth daily.

  • Ok

    by Ginger is ok

    How am I supposed to get toothpaste when the stupid spiny wheel thingy won't ever give any?!

  • WOW!!!

    by Mirea 2005

    I love this app! And I want to get all of Outfit 7 games! I love all of them!

  • My talking ginger .

    by Sophie 34.

    If I could give this game any thing I would give it Five stars!!!

  • Super cool

    by Cool-girl6059

    It's really fun but I wish it he more to do on it.:)

  • My app is amazing

    by Chelsea Speranza

    I love this app

  • Cool

    by Give us are game

    I do get bored sometimes it is not a app you spend a hour on I would still get it I guess

  • My child

    by Just not cool!!!!!!

    My child loves this game. The toilet paper roll is her fav. Plz fix the crash that goes when u do it..... I bet ginger is sad

  • Paris mo mo

    by Lalalimimi

    Love this app

  • Jaepe

    by Marly man

    This app is a cute app and fun for kids!

  • Love it!!!!!

    by Biloxian

    My 2 1/2 year old son loves this app. He can perform all the activities and loves the puzzles. Loves the teeth brushing timer and even is encouraged by the potty activity to go potty "like the kitty".... Now if I can keep him from unrolling all of the paper in real life in the real bathroom I'll be all set! Awesome!

  • Love it!!!!!

    by Biloxian

    My 2 1/2 year old son loves this app. He can perform all the activities and loves the puzzles. Loves the teeth brushing timer and even is encouraged by the potty activity to go potty "like the kitty".... Now if I can keep him from unrolling all of the paper in real life in the real bathroom I'll be all set! Awesome!

  • Ginger is so cute

    by Lolgolicious

    Omg the cat is so freaking pretty!:)

  • Awesome

    by Lala,and lele

    Me and my smaller brother love it,so you should really get it.

  • Love it!!!!!!!!

    by rxf2

    Ginger is soooooooooo cute! Buy it! By Coco

  • My little sister likes this game

    by Lilianna <3

    My little sister love this games she like to do the toilet game and at my aunts hose and pull all the toilet paper all over the place

  • Gregg

    by Tdddxf

    Fy cyurciyfciyrciyfyrcyrdutc

  • Rating the game ginger

    by Sweets8⃣0⃣8⃣

    My daughter really loves this game. She really loves the puzzles. Also the brushing of ginger's teeth, putting water on ginger, blow drying and playing with the roll of toilet paper. This game is totally fun and awesomely cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cute

    by Sparkle bottoms

    This game is so cute, whenever I am home alone I a,ways bring this up, if you don't get this shame on you

  • Простоквашено

    by Shnur

    Номер 1

  • Cute!!!

    by Olay yoshi

    I think it's great but maybe for little kids. If it's for little kids it should say in the description or just add more play options!


    by Cpp lover

    I'm sad because I wanted you to buy this app but I had to stop PLAYING IT!!!!!! ;( but anyways great app my 8yo loves this app :) she also loves my Tom

  • Okay

    by LimePup27

    I think it's fine it just needs more play options

  • Awesome App

    by KOsgood

    My 5 yr old loves this app! It's fun!

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