Talking Gina the Giraffe Entertainment App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Seller: Out Fit 7 Ltd.

- 15 new baby giraffe pictures for you to collect.
- New animation of Gina juggling apples.
- Several bug fixes.

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iOS 7 users must allow microphone access or Talking Gina will not be able to hear you and talk back.

From the creators of Talking Tom comes Talking Gina, your new talking pet giraffe!

Play Patty Cake (U.S. Patent No. 8,360,881) with Talking Gina the Giraffe. This original and addictive reflex-building hand clapping game is fun and challenging for all ages!

Say anything to Gina and she will speak your words back to you the way only she knows how. Take good care of her and she will be the best friend you ever had! Make sure not to neglect her or treat her badly or she won’t be as cheery.

Not to worry though, you can be sure to keep her happy by playing 48 levels of Patty Cake, an addictive hand clapping game that will improve your reflexes, your hand-eye coordination and your friendship with Gina!

- Play a hand clapping game with her (48 levels, three speeds per level, and original music).
- Feed her any of her favorite snacks including carrots, strawberries or ice cream.
- Give her water or lemonade so she doesn’t get too thirsty.
- Don't poke her too often. Be nice!
- Don't neglect her. Play with her every day and get a daily BONUS!

- When Gina’s happiness is at 70%, she can juggle 3 apples.
- When Gina’s happiness is at 90%, she’ll give you kisses.
- When Gina’s happiness is at 100%, you get a new baby giraffe!
- Keep Gina active by completing all 48 levels of Patty Cake with her, and collect medals for each completed speed!

- Make sure you subscribe to push notifications, you will get 3 FREE items for every push notification you receive!
- Buy a supply of ice cream cones, lemonades or strawberries.
- You can also buy an unlimited supply.
- Watch a video and earn a free lemonade or strawberry.
- Download other apps and get free lemonades, strawberries or ice cream cones.

- Gina will not die if you don't feed her, she just won't be too happy.
- To unlock the next level of the hand clapping game, you must successfully complete the current level OR feed Gina an ice cream cone.

Customer Reviews

  • Ok application

    by Cutest baby egg in the world

    This is a very cute app but there are a few problems. Gina gets upset even if I make one tiny mistake in Patty Cake. Though it's so cool to she her juggle. Though this app does cost money if you run out of food.

  • Eh

    by Cutie Rater

    I can't complete lvl 2 and I can't get any farther in paticake.

  • Love it

    by 7:56

    It is so fun

  • New update

    by Heligzdydydydyfu

    New version is better because it lets u have 5 ice creams instead of 1

  • My daughter loves it

    by anarchocap85

    I play this with my 1 y/o daughter and we have a blast.

  • good

    by Lulu

    not bad just dont leave gina alone for a long time

  • Fun but Hard

    by Mr. Stosh

    So fun but it's hard to get very far in patty cake. Also when she's on speed three her tongue is out and she looks like Miely Cyrus. Who cares? FUN!

  • Gina

    by Ajdj123407

    She gets baby's you can play patty cake I got to admit It's really awsome :)!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gina

    by Juninholeinig

    Massa :)

  • Scam or is it

    by Maddy Dana

    I had to uninstall it because it won't let me get past 75%ok it's great I downloaded it again and wow

  • Yes and yes

    by Tehyalatchman

    I love it.. It's so fun

  • Very cool

    by Seth Mankin

    It answers you back!

  • Is Gina 100 years old

    by Gothamshake

    Is Gina 100 years old cause she looks like it

  • Cute

    by Abla123

    Great but I have to pay real money to keep Gina alive

  • Giovanna754

    by Nana754

    Love it its cute

  • االاباب

    by تزدحم تازرر


  • Love it!

    by DaddyslittlegirlHD

    I luv it i use to play it when I was little.

  • Awesome

    by Dana giraffe

    The best

  • Talking Gina

    by Belieber2002

    Amazing, cute, funny, & fun!!! You'll have a blast with talking Gina. Get it today and you'll be saying awesome!

  • 90%

    by Ilovezinell

    I can't get her happiness over 90% I've tried every thing nothing will make her happy!

  • HELP!!!

    by Snowbell101

    When you finish a level on patiecake it usually makes you get closer to get another baby but something is rong and every time I get past a level and give Gina carrots and water it won't let me get closer to geting another baby!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!

  • Bad

    by Madisonalldaylong

    Wish I could give it no stars. This is a bad app and not worth your money

  • Hopeless Giraffe, cant do the fun things

    by Rogenas Daughter

    WHA? I'm one of the ppl down below. can you make it better? Can we do what WE want? Like the bib thing?

  • lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll


    This app is boring!!! All you can do with Gina is talk to her and feed her. I think more things should be added to this app.

  • Waste of money


    You can't watch videos to get more ice cream, strawberries or lemonade so it's a waste or time and money

  • Ripe off

    by Ojenja

    It's a ripe off

  • I am a hater of this app

    by Best kill app

    MARK MY WORDS: DO NOT GET APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • by Gigi-M.❤

    Dumbest game in the universe. 0 stars

  • Boring

    by Comet 4411

    A waste of my time.

  • Trinity crazy town

    by Hdubyb

    It sucked the patty cake was so stupid

  • Worst Game On Earth

    by OK

    I hate this game!!! If I could rate zero stars then I would. You have to pay for strawberries,lemonade,and ice cream for Gina to get to 100 percent if you like losing money than this is the game for you!

  • Eh...

    by Kookajooka

    Patty Cake with Gina = IMPOSSIBLE!!!!! I'm stuck on level four!

  • Talking whatever

    by _ betty

    She's stupid

  • Horrible

    by Julianemanuelalex

    I don't like it , it so boring that even my baby brother goes to sleep!

  • by Futureangelofgod

    Love the game it's just we purchased it and it has in-app purchases!? SO MAD!

  • Who's idea was this?

    by Unicorndude10

    Worst app ever. If you like boring apps than try this out. Otherwise try something else. BORING!!!


    by Game review gal

    It doesn't make sense and the giraffe looks stupid. You have to pay a lot to feed Gina. And one more thing... -deletes app-

  • Tear e bull

    by Bob the sandwich killer

    :( :( :( WORST GAME EVER :(

  • Horrible !!!!!

    by Mayabarth

    When I first got this game it looked Fun and cute! I was really really wrong this game is horrible I hate it ! Do "NOT" buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gina

    by Lime 2004

    It is a good app but it could be better a lot better

  • What theee

    by Arilikesjeisksk

    Why the heck is there such bad apps? It's so cute, you can't expect the app to be perfect but it's really good! I love this app, get it!!!

  • I like it

    by Aya ossaily

    Very nice

  • I enjoy this game

    by pursuinghappinessin2013

    I grew up playing patty granddaughters and I love this game

  • Love it!

    by Awesomeness but I mean it

    Very fun app love it!

  • Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stipid

    by Animal jam2010

    If i could i would give this stupid app a zero stars cause of how babiefied and stupid thus app is I'm deleting it right now

  • Horrible

    by Drunken Dailor

    Of all of the "Talking" apps this is absolutely horrible. I had it on my phone all of two minutes before deleting it.

  • Love it

    by Plzgoaway

    My grandchildren love these apps! Thank you!!!!

  • Gina

    by Roz7001

    I like the game but Gina doesn't repeat my whole sentences. It may not be her fault. I have dropped my phone 2 really good times.

  • Gina rocks!!

    by nygina66

    She's cute- she's fun!!! Love sending my friends " gina the giraffe" messages!!! Thanx :)

  • Bad

    by Niki new

    A vending machine has better gameplay

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