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Ben is a retired chemistry professor who likes his quiet comfortable life of eating, drinking and reading newspapers. To make him responsive, you will have to bother him long enough that he will fold his newspaper. Then you can talk to him, poke or tickle him or even have a telephone conversation with him.

If you get Ben to his laboratory however, he becomes as happy as a puppy. There you can do chemistry experiments by mixing a combination of two test tubes together and see the hilarious reactions.

HINT: Record a funny video of your telephone conversation with Ben and send it to your friends.

- Poke Ben's newspaper to make him fold it.
- Then you can talk to Ben and he will repeat.
- Poke or slap Ben's face, belly, feet or hands.
- Tickle Ben's belly.
- Poke or swipe Ben's graduation picture.
- Press the phone button and have a conversation with Ben.
- Record a funny video of your telephone conversation with Ben.
- Press buttons to make Ben eat, drink or belch.
- Press the chemistry button to switch Ben to the laboratory.
- Mix any two test tubes together and see the hilarious chemical reaction.
- Record videos and share them on YouTube, Facebook or send them to your friends and family by email or MMS.

Customer Reviews

  • Awsme

    by Brandon Gentry

    Cool fun and good for kids

  • Elijah

    by ELIJAH 1994

    Funny app

  • Funny

    by Fjsdjxodkdkdkxkckxlckfifodof

    It sow funny my mom pesd her self

  • Gbcgxiufcoyciyc

    by :():66¡Ł

    He call doze science

  • I love this game

    by Jazzykeys

    Love it

  • Awesomest game

    by Angelina's awesome life

    This game is the best I like this better than talking Tom

  • Talking Ben

    by Valeriapr009

    This app is awesome

  • Funny

    by Zeligp

    Kids can play with it for hours.

  • Sup

    by Selena mkenzie ricarte

    Fukien awsome

  • Fun

    by Fugggdg


  • Talking Ben

    by Hggjgdvnbdfj

    Do you like this game

  • Very funny

    by Jasmine Hallock

    It's so funny and a great app to use if ur upset

  • It's fun

    by Dragoncat30100

    I love this app my little sister loves to go to the lab and make him burp

  • Talking Ben

    by Kenziew1234

    I love this app the dog is so funny!!

  • Love this game

    by Candy caio

    It's so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!(;(;(;(:(;(;(:(:(:(:(;(;<3 i love the science!!

  • Talking ben

    by Erick kevin

    It is a good thing that make me so happy this app that i am playing and you can play

  • Awesome like really awesome I can't even say it

    by Allie+:)=#1


  • Juliana

    by Juliana cute girl

    This is cool

  • Best app

    by C+love

    This app is so cool.I really like the lab were you can mix potions.I like how he talks.Its also cool how he copy's you. This app is cooler than cool its double cool. Sincerely, Chloe

  • Good

    by Moo moo luv

    Shows you everything it awesome

  • Racist

    by Adambobmb

    Not all dogs are white or deep voiced. ABUSE

  • The best game Eva!!!!!!!

    by Danglitzsy!1234

    This game is not only the funniest it's fun too!

  • Amazing!

    by SKWWTLU

    Very nice app! The only problem with this app is when you have a conversation with Talking Ben over the phone he repeats the same thing over and over.

  • Hs

    by Badasshector

    Is super cool

  • Just this?

    by Macey. shayne

    I love this game, but i would like it even more if the game was more like my talking tom. All you do is call, mix chemicals, and feed him. When you call, or use the phone, you should be able to choose what he says. I have to repeat what i say until he says what I want! Sometimes ben never does and I give up. Please update this game!!!!

  • Love it.

    by Nic081

    I do wish the potions didn't run out without having to pay for unlimited but it's a lot of fun. Love this dog.

  • Winter

    by Winter1423

    This is a fun game

  • Talking Ben the dog

    by Two kid mom

    Fun funey siesey

  • Great

    by Xhsjsjxjdmsnz

    It's great for kids and adults ,because it will make them Laugh

  • Talking Ben is AWESOME AND FUNNY!

    by I'

    I like on child mode that he whistles when you're in the science lab. I also like it when you can make his magazine move. Talking Ben is just GREAT FOR ANYBODY!

  • Talking Ben

    by CeCe Duck Dynasty

    My brother loves playing this app!!! He thinks Ben is a real dog!!

  • Ben is so cute

    by Baby Drea 24

    I got the Talking Ben app today and I already love it.

  • OMGOSH it ben

    by 777fun Ben

    It's fun but I wish it like where you put him to sleep:)

  • ❤️

    by Lpsqueen

    I love Ben and all the others

  • Odds

    by Tec lover1090


  • I love all of the talking animals!!!

    by ResAwesome

    I love talking to Ben and all of his friends! I love using the science lab!

  • Taking Ben the dog

    by Marry lou

    This is a awesome and amazing game ever

  • Funny

    by Jack “Steve” Zeuner


  • Ben= Grumpy and Cute all in one

    by Gamer app Reiewer

    Ben is grumpy and cute all in one this app is cool and fun! :D

  • Love

    by Toe<

    Best game

  • Good

    by Alexander11834

    Good app

  • Nice app

    by Togat 7-11


  • Good but one problem

    by Sciencelover1314

    I like this game but I wish it had more chemistry stuff!

  • Love it

    by Allysonpaigemswiler

    Works good on any touch screen device

  • Talking Ben

    by BENjerman Franklin

    I love Ben he is like my real dog

  • Best game ever

    by Bre493

    I think the talking Ben app is wonderful and the positions are so fun I can't wait to get back on and play

  • Hi

    by Kiwimumma13


  • Awesome

    by Jhonyboy01


  • Ben

    by Little bit 145

    My family and I loves Ben

  • Talking Ben

    by NikkY3531

    It's awesome

  • Hilarious

    by Woofwoof25

    Funny only one glitch in beginning

  • Spam

    by citydog

    All the five star reviews on this thing have go to be fake. The app offers maybe 30 seconds of novel content but is just a vehicle to push ads for other apps. It's not a game, it's just a lame animation with extremely limited interactive ability and a voice recorder. Don't waste your time with this crap. Seriously.

  • Best game ever

    by Ivey rickles

    It is the best game because ,the features look great ,it is good for kids and I just love it

  • :)

    by Carcar129

    It is good

  • Awsome

    by Chase the guy

    Really love this.

  • Dog

    by Rex Dew

    Cool beans

  • gdihvjkyokig

    by hgaming


  • Mason

    by cass0385

    He talks

  • Cool app

    by Julian Douglas


  • Koolade

    by Xanman 54


  • Love it

    by Emily cutes

    I love this app by putting blue and purple potions together its fire and all kinds of fun things I would highly recommend this app to children +3 and up love it!

  • Awesome :)

    by Rigby 2000

    i love this app but i miss the picture frame in the living room

  • Talking Ben

    by Dayshawn 227

    Great grame

  • Ben's awesome!!

    by BensAwesome113ghfvgf

    Get this, he talks in a gruff voice and sounds like Grunkle Stan on Gravity Falls! In a way... Anyways, it's really fuuuun!!

  • Hilarious

    by MizzJ24

    Great app it makes me and my sister giggle so hard that I can't breath although I think they should give u more than 2 test tubes a day that gets annoying

  • Wizzing Noodles

    by fusrus

    I love this app it's awesoooome

  • I ascended

    by Demi Lovato Rules

    I dc

  • Great game

    by More bingo

    I love this game , Ben is really fun!!!!

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