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Ben is a retired chemistry professor who likes his quiet comfortable life of eating, drinking and reading newspapers. To make him responsive, you will have to bother him long enough that he will fold his newspaper. Then you can talk to him, poke or tickle him or even have a telephone conversation with him.

If you get Ben to his laboratory however, he becomes as happy as a puppy. There you can do chemistry experiments by mixing a combination of two test tubes together and see the hilarious reactions.

HINT: Record a funny video of your telephone conversation with Ben and send it to your friends.

- Poke Ben's newspaper to make him fold it.
- Then you can talk to Ben and he will repeat.
- Poke or slap Ben's face, belly, feet or hands.
- Tickle Ben's belly.
- Poke or swipe Ben's graduation picture.
- Press the phone button and have a conversation with Ben.
- Record a funny video of your telephone conversation with Ben.
- Press buttons to make Ben eat, drink or belch.
- Press the chemistry button to switch Ben to the laboratory.
- Mix any two test tubes together and see the hilarious chemical reaction.
- Record videos and share them on YouTube, Facebook or send them to your friends and family by email.

Customer Reviews

  • Talking dog Ben for ipad

    by Sweetiedear

    Very cute and lots of fun.Delightful.Thanks.

  • Luv it

    by Leah12345567

    I luv it it is so much fuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Could be a bit better

    by Cookiestarz90

    I love the app. It is so much fun. However, I really think that there should be more stuff to do on it. Like on Talking Tom and Talking Angela, they have these coin things that you can spend on cool clothes and accessories. That kind of motivates me to get onto the apps a little bit more. I think they should include this in the update.


    by legoironman101

    So much fun

  • Good

    by Funny happy girl

    I love this game it's so much fun

  • Talking Ben is amazing

    by Paisleey

    I love it

  • Awesome

    by BobMarley... A LEGEND


  • This is a great app

    by The wonderful game

    Love it

  • Good

    by Viscidartimus

    It good the end

  • So fun

    by Get this app so cool

    I love this app

  • Dana

    by دانة الحلوة

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته اللعبه مو مرة حلوة احسهـا مالت يهالوه واتمنى ان ماحد يحملها صج انها تونس شوي بس يمكن تشوش عل الاطفال واي تعليقات على كلامي على طول تبليغ مايمشي علي هالكلام وشكرا

  • Good new Ben

    by Benapaple

    This is the best game ever

  • :)

    by Coffeemare

    Awesome game

  • Games

    by By tayhary4567

    I love the game it is so fun and funny get the game I want number 2game and more on it

  • Takin Ben

    by TomPDX

    So cool

  • Talking Ben

    by Popping pop diva

    It's a funny game

  • So fun

    by Dream576

    You have to get this game is so much fun

  • Needs more stuff to do.

    by Tyler1117


  • Ok but I've seen better

    by Puppy's rock101

    This game is ok but talking tom and talking ginger are so much better . So if you hate this game get talking tom and talking ginger . So hey

  • HE

    by Coke smiles :-) :-) :-)


  • Gross

    by Dgchhjmhdjhjkv

    I want to not put any stars.Do not download.

  • Boring!

    by Mickeyfishweb

    Ok, this game is ok but it's really boring! There is nothing to do, all he really does is science. Please fix that!!


    by M man 04

    It is awesome

  • Talking Ben

    by Saga mala

    I love this app I makes me laugh when I play with Ben I love the telephone.

  • Awesome

    by Hawk4847

    Cool apps

  • Sweet

    by Asome like the steelers are

    This is fun need more thing to do

  • I like this app but I wish it was like talking Angela

    by Creepthegame

    Idk what to do right here do u know

  • Ben

    by Grouchballz

    Ugly voice

  • So... Cute,fun best game ever

    by Music star 2020

    I love this game so does my little brother I can't what for a new game to come out it is so cute and fun to play

  • Inappropriate

    by Art unicorn543

    Ben should not be in a app he burps crazy and he copies what you say in a bad voice do not get this app if you do delete it when you get it

  • بيلا

    by ناتة

    اجعل بن يحبني في الهاتف

  • Talking Ben

    by Sugarbabygirl0606

    It fun but I'm not a kid I'm a preteen

  • Very fun

    by GreenLefty

    Good way to pass time and you'll never have to be alone again! :)

  • Jeremiah

    by It's Whatever11223

    Totally awesome it gets me every time !

  • Wowz

    by I'mamcool

    Much test. Very enjoy. Wow.

  • The best

    by asiryam

    I like science also talking friends!

  • Bin

    by Eric Winn

    Love it

  • bob

    by Bob2019


  • I am going to die

    by Tara and Sarah

    We're like It

  • Awesome

    by Ben oh Ben

    It is a great game to play. When adults talk it soundly really funny . It is really cool because the drink and the black beans like what he does to them is really funny too. He throws the glass bottle on the ground and with the beans he eats them then does funny stuff. His burping is really funny too. He burps really loud and long. Get this FUNNY app.

  • Awesome

    by Jerrymgrman

    It's so cool

  • Best game ever

    by Pasahiou

    I think it is fun

  • Funny


    Dec:8 2013

  • Talking bem

    by Vadahr

    i love talking Ben but I like my talking Tom beeter

  • Taking ben

    by India-marie

    I Love it because my voice sounds like a boy

  • Awesome

    by DrNadica

    My daughter loves it.

  • Pretty good!

    by Tricia Gorden

    It is okay but it needs more updates

  • I love ):

    by Uchuhggygyrfh

    I love ):

  • by Manle adgf

    This app is the best mix pink and blue to create fire

  • Tom and Ben

    by ,!.?

    This is the prank dog from talking Tom 2!!!!!!!!!

  • Me gusta

    by AnixAA

    Me encanta esta aplicacion

  • Talking Ben

    by karlaw1

    It's AWESOME and it's FUN you should totally GET IT!!!!!!!!


    by Kol12345678910

    This app is AWSOME it is fun to play and perfect for little kids

  • Game

    by Super coshka

    I like this game,too!!!

  • Talking Ben

    by Icecream7171

    This app is soo cool and fun good for iPad and I phone check out different talking animals out

  • What I think

    by Yaelybelly

    I like it it's cute I love it

  • Fun

    by Quynhtaylor

    It's great

  • Talking Ben

    by 16dell

    Talking Ben is fun for your kids he burbs makes potions and more

  • I like it a lot.

    by Hanjoun

    This is about Ben talking like Tom there both games and they also are funny and fun.

  • Always Makes me laugh!

    by Badger Benny

    I can never stop laughing in this game! I can never wake up in the morning without laughing the other day. So funny and fun. :D

  • So awesome

    by Frenchy1992

    It's so fun I think you should add in more potions

  • A shout out to ben

    by Daniel Rojas

    Out fit 7 thank you for making this app it is so fun thank you very much.

  • Good games

    by MRvRKOvksa


  • Bam

    by Mikefives

    So freeing awesome I love it <3

  • Hello

    by Gwcynthia

    It is awesome

  • Funny

    by Lytffygf

    Then app is funny!!!

  • Awesome

    by Max-M-P

    It's funny.I like how I can go on the phone

  • Amazing

    by Scoler

    I love this game and I have all the talking friend games

  • awesome

    by kjkjkjkjkj64


  • Yh baby yh

    by Toya2227

    Funny, and family friendly

  • Tal king Ben

    by CruetJLCruetLuna

    It very fun, I like it.

  • It's awesome

    by Alexey Bieber


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