SpongeBob Moves In Games App Review (iOS, $3.99)

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  • Publisher: Nickelodeon
  • Updated: Jun, 06 2013
  • Version: 3.09.00
  • Size: 201.91 MB

Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Seller: Viacom International Inc.

Build Glove World Amusement park on the new boardwalk for Goo Lagoon!

Join together with the player community to unlock special Glove World park attractions - like the Heart-a-Whirl and Fiery Fist-o-Pain. You can unlock these special items with the whole community by making special treats for the Bottomites - truffles, cotton candy, and candy hearts on a stick - and earning the Bottomites' love. Earn lots of love to reach the community goal. Also unlock other iconic items for yourself - like the Glovey Glove Statue, Buddy Bounce and Toss-a-Clam.

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Dive into Day 1 of SpongeBob’s life in Bikini Bottom! Move him into his Pineapple house, get a job at the Krusty Krab, and build your very own Bikini Bottom! As your town turns into a thriving undersea city, you’ll unlock new characters, buildings, decorations, and areas like Jellyfish Fields.

PLEASE NOTE: SpongeBob Moves In charges real money for additional in-app content. You may lock out the ability to purchase in-app content by adjusting your device’s settings.
WI-FI: Connect to your nearest Wi-Fi hot spot to download all the awesome SpongeBob content the first time you play the game.

* Watch how SpongeBob arrived at Bikini Bottom
* See how Patrick found his rock
* Learn about Mr. Krabs’ early days at The Krusty Krab

•Build your very own Bikini Bottom!
•Make Bikini Bottom landmarks like Patrick’s Rock, SpongeBob’s Pineapple, and the Krusty Krab
•Perfect the art of fry cooking at the Krusty Krab to feed your Bottomites and earn new and rare recipes
•Play with Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, and many other familiar faces!
•Perform tons of quests to make your favorite characters happy
•Tom Kenny and other voices from the show make it an authentic SpongeBob experience
•Tons of interactive props, decorations and buildings
•Optimized for Retina display, iPhone 5 and iPad Mini!

New characters and buildings to unlock, new areas to expand into, and much, much more!

SpongeBob Moves In may contain in-app advertising.

iOS will keep you logged on for 15 minutes after an initial in-app purchase. Additional purchases won’t require a re-entry of your password during this 15-minute interval. This is a function of the iOS software and not within our control.

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Customer Reviews

  • Need land please!

    by Karenslabs

    When you run out of land, there's basically nothing to do. The town can't grow. I've been waiting for a land increase for over a month. I'm quite certain I'm not the only one. Happy players promote your game. Unhappy players don't! I have glove world. Yay! But that doesn't help my land issue. When land now costs 36000.00 I still need it. That's a bit high don't you think.i mean really! It started at 200.00. You need to reduce the cost of all the items and allow us to expand by playing the game. Please

  • Creepy

    by Joshicathebeast

    You couldn't have found a less creepy App picture for it.that is just not right

  • Wonderful!

    by Not top

    It works great with my

  • First time having issues

    by RedGT40

    Not getting Valentine items after reaching different heart levels. Missing the Kissing Booth. Please fix!

  • Loved the game but...

    by Sassygrl15

    I loved this game but when I got the valentines update, ALL OF MY STUFF WAS GONE!!! I don't know what happened! Please fix this immediately!

  • Love it

    by Toshcaleb

    If you are a Spongebob fan get it!!!!

  • The fist o pain

    by Racerboy11

    The picture in the App Store shows the fist o pain turned. But you can't. Please fix. The way it's turned, it doesn't align with the boardwalk. Plz fix

  • THE PROBLEM YOU SHOULD FIX!!! I MEAN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by abegjura


  • Wonderful and awesome!

    by Lexystar199502

    This game is so fun! I love spongebob and all the episodes! Keep all the updates coming!

  • Finally

    by LittleGooWho

    New update works great!

  • Issues!

    by apc24_13_21

    It keeps crashing. And it goes back and forth to the game saved on my phone and a previous game that I thought had been deleted months ago. Please fix!

  • YAY, it works! :D

    by PrettyLykeDrugs

    It took a day, but finally the story dialogue popped up and so did the quests. I love this update. Hope we all play enough to unlock all the rides and that they'll all fit comfortably on the dock.


    by Ya it works

    The update does work you just have to wait a while today I came on and found out hey!i just got to start making the boardwalk!so it's worth it,although it does cost a lot for a building game.

  • Awesome but.........

    by nrficklen

    This game is awesome but I installed the new update and I had to START OVER. Please fix so I can enjoy this app more!

  • Update needs to be fixed

    by nicsirois

    I love this game. There are some glitches where my app crashes and restarts but you can overlook it. However I was so excited for this update but it doesn't work. I don't know how to get hearts or place anything on the boardwalk. I saw the scene with the pirate and parrot ending the Christmas theme but after that nothing. Please fix soon!

  • Now What?

    by DoctorWhoU2

    I finally dowloaded your overdue update on my iPhone and iPad. I received the Patchy end of story scenes. I see the new beach and boardwalk area. But that's it. What launches this? What do I do to access those areas? What character is needed to start this update? For Halloween and Christmas, it was automatic - so what's missing? Please let us know of fix the game! I enjoy it, but it's becoming questionable.

  • Awesome

    by Gdcgfj

    This game is awesome.

  • Yay-ish V-day update.

    by PrettyLykeDrugs

    Needs the /full update. Cute new load screen, music, and game style. The snow and most of the elves are gone except the fat old one w/ glasses and SpongeBot for some reason. You get Goo Lagoon Boardwalk which would house Glove World, BUT, right now none of the quests even pop up and the boardwalk is just covered in boxes that don't do anything.

  • ?

    by Littledevil2551

    How in the hell do we start the valentines day quest.Fix this god dam problem

  • Update doesn't work

    by NoMoreElves

    So usually when we get a themed update, the new goals show up right away, but with the Valentines update this hasn't happened. The dock is new, but so for no valentines characters or buildings or anything have appeared. We waited so long for an update only to have it not work? Please fix it, I really enjoy this game when it works properly


    by AliceMGriffin

    I hate this game! I had it up to over a million points and got the lagoon when it decided to reset back to the beginning! I just found out I can't even get my money back!!! A ripoff!!!

  • WTH?!?!

    by SDM2012

    My entire city is gone. I have purchased all available land, including the dock area which cost 20 thousand to clear.... I was 4 thousand away from getting Patrick, one item away from that Glovie character that came with this update, and I had 4 thousand and a half earned cash. Not to mention almost 600 hearts and 103 Jelly Fish Jam Jars. The game has recently continually asked me to log into the Game Center every time I open it. This time it destroyed me entire city. I hope this can be fixed. If not, I want my money back, and I'm done with this game!

  • Here we go again ugggg!!!

    by Cindy Y.

    I have been working on this game for a long time. It restarted the game 3 times on me. I was on level 28,when i lost it all again....SERIOUS!!!

  • Problems for days still

    by Night worker

    We been playing game long time. Like other post it very busy and no room to build. But that not biggest problem it will not load right. I have removed it and add again trying get load right. 2 times. Hours apart after 2 day nothing working . It has has happen before. After the " updates ". Something not right and wasted time and money over it. Please fix ASAP. Thank you

  • Crash!!!!

    by CW28

    Latest update caused Everything to crash and reset to day one. Lost all Halloween items and all Christmas items! Apple iPad air.

  • Valentine's update

    by Ocean dweller

    My grandson and I have been playing this from the beginning. Right now Bikini Bottom is so full that there's no rom left for ANYTHING. My inventory is overflowing with duplicates of all kinds of things. Now, with the Valentine update, things are so slow that the game is almost unplayable! We're playing on an iPad 3. There has to be some sort of memory problem going on. Another mess. I can't believe what I have to put up with so my grandson can play this ridiculous game.

  • Bad.

    by Minecraftluver122738303753

    Every time I try to play this game it starts to load and then kicks me off! So I can't even play it, and I payed money for it that I could have used of other things like different apps. They should fix this and it would be a 5 star.


    by Djarosz

    Lost everything.. All that progress gone?? Waste of $4, so glad I never spent any money in it. Stupid updates.. They're idiots!

  • Can't clear kelp

    by George robotgm

    The kelp on the edge of the new land expansions won't let me clear it, so I can't place my trees there.

  • Not saving

    by cptyesterday

    Game not saving on servers. Lost days of progress twice!

  • Valentines update won't work

    by Missy Morgan poohsmama

    There is no way to make the chocolate!

  • Valentine update = very bad :(

    by Sharkinkc

    After running the update a screen came up in a language other than English, after "x-ing" out of that box all the coins I had went into negative amounts, like -25,000! Now I can't buy anything and can only make drinks, don't know how long it will take me to build up my bank again, but extremely frustrating, if my son did not like it so much, I would delete it.

  • Update ruined the game !!

    by Nastusha1079

    I loved Christmas version. Got lots of Christmas coins. With new update all 300 of my Christmas coins disappeared. Also app has major glitches. I spent a lot of coins and jellies on boardwalk and challenges today and during the evening game restarted without crediting me back coins and jellies. Plus I spent a lot of money on jellies before the update and after update purchased jellies disappeared.

  • So unhappy right now!!

    by Catmom06

    I loved this game but after the new valentines day update, I lost everything!!! I am not a happy camper right now!!!


    by Ca0112

    My Bikini Bottom is gone. I've been working on it forever. AND all my progress is gone from my iPhone as well!! I'm just sick. I really liked this game. PLEEEEAAAASSSSEEE FIX THIS....or if someone is thinking of downloading this game...don't.

  • Update

    by The Princess

    Since valentines update I can't do anything valentines related. I have a dock and nothing else. There needs to be a better update.

  • What happened???????

    by Ca0112

    I guess it crashed. My Bikini Bottom is gone. I've been working on it forever. Please fix!

  • This new update is horrible

    by Spongebob_not_the_same

    Wow thanks guys just lost all my game progress. Awesome update cause I wanted definitely wanted to start all over again

  • Fix the game

    by tinkerbebe

    Was half way done collecting everything and now it's all gone after the update. Not happy. Thinking about deleting game now, unless it's fixed ASAP.

  • New valentine update won't work

    by Grammie085

    Please fix game

  • The update

    by WarpSonic

    You program era should have converted the snowflakes to harts, because we work so hard to build this special points, and hate to lose them over and update.

  • Update needs to be updated!!! Please fix!!

    by Karimilr

    I have a partial update, but there is still Christmas recipes, I have no way to get hearts.

  • Fix

    by jhon Borrero

    Please fix the update just took the christmas stuff no new challanges have apeared

  • Broken update, expensive, frustrating

    by Fompea

    Game is missing a lot like Plankton, Gary, The Chum Bucket. Missing Kung Fu and Reef Blowing games/missions as all of this says are in the game according to their website. Christmas patch took forever to be replaced, now with a broken Valentines Day patch. Their customer service is non existent, they don't care. Shame on these developers and service staff.

  • No valentines game

    by Ricky Castillo

    I had the update for valentines game but no real introduction on what to do. How do I start to earn hearts??

  • Updat

    by Pumpkin8282

    This update is terrible

  • Crashes and erases the memory of the game

    by Ctf101o1

    Spongebob moves in is awesome but when I updated the game i lost all my memory on my game .THIS GAME IS NOT WORTH THE MONEY

  • So how do I build Glove World?

    by Duffgirl1986

    There's nothing in the stores for glove world with the new update and how do I get hearts? There should be some kind of prompt when the game starts to explain something

  • Fun

    by RSFonville

    I bought this game 1/5 and today 2/6 I've reached level 19. I haven't had any issues with this game on my IPad 3rd gen. I still have 5 more plots to purchase at $24,000 each before I start on the $36,000 plots. Note: Spending money on jelly fish (characters and extra baking slots) does not improve the engagement\anticipation factor of this game. I've been playing SB Moves In for about a month. It's not as fun and engaging as I hoped it would be. There isn't a real story line in SB Movies In. The updates are based on episodes and that's a fun approach. I like the look of the dock. There aren't any quests at this time, only collection goals. For example, collect 10 apple juice or build the high school. Completing these quests will bump the xp a bit (25xp) but it is slow progress and costs you money. After the Valentines upgrade (ver I didn't experience any installation issues and everything I purchased with the snowflakes coins remained. The previous recipes are there and the correct totals of everything I baked, money, and jellies are there. New recipes are hard to come by. There is very little information about this new update. The developers are very vague. The Christmas items tab (purchase items with snowflakes) is gone. I expected this but there aren't any Glove World related items to purchases (with hearts) to take its place. I'm now unable to decorate Bikini Bottom with Valentines items, Is this correct developers? I assume so. Saving snowflakes coins to purchase Christmas items helped to keep my attention. Is there a way to interact with other SB Moves In players with in this update?, So far no. There is no real direction but to keep feeding the characters,

  • Awesome luv it

    by I'm awsome!!!!!!!!!!

    I love the game it's so much fun!

  • Glitch!

    by Kmdicarl

    LOVE this game! I loved every part of the Christmas version! After I downloaded the valentines version and bought a piece of the boardwalk then started making chocolates the game glitched and restarted the app. It still looks like the valentines version and went through the end of the Christmas but it hasn't gone through the whole thing where spongebob tells you what to do! So I'm in the valentines app but can't do any of the challenges!!

  • I love Valetines Day

    by Angieeeerr

    Yeah we got more land! Can't wait to see what gloveworld is.

  • Losing Data

    by MadinahHart

    I was on level 20 and i got on today and everything was gone.

  • Amazing!

    by AudiR8107

    I love the new valentines day update! How come I can't build the glove world rides.

  • Very unhappy

    by PattyNest

    Ever since the Christmas update my file has been deleted and I had to start all over again… I haven't touch the game since because I didn't want to risk me having to do everything all over again… Now that the new version is here it's still like that. I'm very unhappy that once again my profile is gone and everything that I've been doing has been deleted I would like this to be fixed ASAP


    by Noen76

    After seeing how well The Simpsons city builder game is doing, I've been wanting and hoping for a Bikini Bottom city builder. Please keep the updates coming with new stuff to build!! Playing on iPad 2 and iPhone 4S and I've had no loading or crashing problems. Runs great on both devices. UPDATE: I love the new update. I'm glad the dev team is keeping up on this game. My only issue is that it's really slow earning coins. It's taken me weeks to earn enough for a plot of land and the coin packs are too expensive for what you get. It's still a great game.

  • LOVE the update :)

    by BuenosNueva

    Glove World is so cool! The Community Event will be fun. Let's go people!!

  • App

    by Dj Es

    Please fix the game



    There was supposed to be an update to replace the Christmas edition on Jan 31st. Totally disappointed!!!

  • Needs update!!!!

    by Call me anything

    No update as promised! Xmas theme is getting pretty boring.

  • Update already and too expensive!!

    by Karimilr

    It is now Feb 5th, according to you this was supposed to be updated on Jan. 31st!!! Also in app purchases are way to expensive. Take a few pointers from the creators of the Smurf game. They are always updating to keep the game interesting and the in app purchases are reasonable.

  • €£¥

    by B FCC

    Stupid!!!!Christmas? What is that

  • Love the game but needs updating

    by Garza116

    The game is good and fun but I don't like the Christmas theme anymore please change thank you

  • Update

    by Chass06

    Please update I'm tried of dis Christmas. It's da 4th of Feb n still no update...

  • It's ok

    by Javajoy01

    even though you pay for the game, you still have to make in game purchases to really make a difference. Here is an issue I am having that I did address with support. I purchased the game a little before christmas and I have been stuck on the last holiday challenge for a while now. There is 11 holiday recipies you have to collect and you get them by feeding the residents. Well, I have 10 of them unlocked and the holiday version goes on the 31st. I have NOT been able to unlock it. Other recipies have unlocked but not the one I need to finish. I have been feeding for 2 days now and nothing has unlocked. Come the 31 I will have finished all but this one challenge and will loose all that time and hard work beause I could not get the last recipie to drop before it was removed. Let me add the cook times are crazy, I just reached the cool 13 tomato bisque challenge. Each one takes 1 day and I only have 3 cooking bays. This one will take me 2 weeks to complete in order to cook other items for gameplay and the pay off is not worth the time and effort.

  • Boo

    by Bitsy1964

    For the cost of the game, I expect better. The game keeps shutting down after a couple of moves. My guess it won't be fixed anytime soon since they got the money already. This game is giving SpongeBob a bad name. Very disappointing.

  • Game started over!!!!

    by Hdjgdfbnfcvnfadngwfnhfc

    My game started over it didn't update it just restarted my game started over again I had so much stuff!!!


    by Jdwtlf

    I'm sick of Christmas. Update it. You guys get enough money from all the things we have to buy so you can afford to take Christmas away. Enough is enough. It's February!!

  • Update??

    by Acebrosns

    When is the Christmas update going to be over it said Jan. 31st, but yet nothing happened?

  • Update Please

    by NoMoreElves

    I've been playing this for a while and I absolutely hate the elves, they were supposed to be gone January 31st and its February 3rd, when will there be an update? I'm tired of my regular characters only asking for Christmas treats, it's way past Christmas. Please update this game. Also, I'm hoping Jellyfish Fields will soon be ready because its been saying "coming soon" for forever.

  • No Star Performance!!!!

    by SDM2012

    So it's now the 3rd of February and there's still no update! The update that was set for the 31st of last month! January, which would have brought an end to your endless Xmas theme! It's said that imitation is the greatest form of flattery.... you people need to start imitating Smurf's Village much better! You and Simpsons Tapped Out as well! Smurf's Village came out with their Valentines Day Update today!!!! You people should get out of the City Making game while you're ahead! This app still randomly crashes even with your suggested reboot technique, and your prices are ridiculous, specifically for an app that doesn't offer much in the area of independent creativity! If you're gonna recycle others concepts, one would think you wouldn't find it so hard to do it the right way!!!! Great job Nickelodeon! Your app is as much of a letdown as all those retched new cartoons you keep crapping out!!!!

  • Worst game ever!

    by Funny monkey1

    This game is the worst!i hate how ever 10 seconds the food bubble pops up its so annoying.i can't figure out how to get my money back!

  • Amazing Game!

    by Worldgab2012

    I have played other games just like this one but nothing like spongebob's village! I do wish & hopefully they will give us more land to expand so far because I have purchased all the lands available. So excited to to leave christmas section and move to the next update!

  • Update?

    by Musselbobbuffpants

    I love this game!! When is the next update I'm just curious.

  • Boo

    by BB9HP

    I love this app, its great, until I lost all of my progress! I spent about 3 months playing that game and that's 3 months down the drain!

  • Fix this please!!

    by LeMaster09

    I LOVE this game! But for the past few days it hasn't been letting me play, every time it launches it'll reload and tell me I don't have an internet connection, but I do! Fix this please! And PLEASE update already!

  • Fun

    by RSFonville

    I bought this game 1/5 and today 2/2 I've reached level 19. I haven't had any issues with this game on my IPad 3rd gen. I still have 5 more plots to purchase at $24,000 each before I start on the $36,000 plots. I find the game fun but repetitive. Spongebob Moves In lacks holding my attention. I can play for 20 minutes in the morning or evening and still level up. Beeline's updates for Smurf's Village keep things new and entertaining where as Spongebob Moves In lacks in this department. Now I don't mind spending money on IAP as long as I truly enjoy the game. The characters are a great way to draw you in but the game is lacking and needs improvements.

  • So Aggravated!!! Waste of money for this app!!!!!!!

    by Dustinnikki

    I have played this game for a few months now. It was great for a while and I really enjoyed playing it. It's actually pretty addictive and fun to play. The only problem now is that there still has not been ant updates to get rid of Christmas. It is now February!!!! I'm so sick of it! But the worst part is, I now can't play it at all because IF it actually loads, it immediately crashes!!! I haven't been able to play this game AT ALL for the last 3 weeks. It DOES NOT WORK and it's ridiculous that I have spent money on junk!!!!!!

  • Disappointing

    by Menace86

    This game is not worth $3.99.

  • Fun game!

    by Ilah grimes

    This is a great app! It does have its issues, and the Christmas update needs to happen! (Kinda tired of all this Christmas stuff, it's February!) people complaining that "you can't build bikini bottom without using real money" aren't playing right! Slow down! If you get everything at once you'll lose interest quickly! You CAN build bikini bottom without using any real money :) just take your time!!!

  • Hope there's a V-day update.

    by PrettyLykeDrugs

    I'm tired of Xmas and the creepy elves and serving nothing but time-consuming candy. I hope there's a Valentine update based on the ep where Patrick goes nuts. Having to cheer him up and delivering new flowers, cards, stuffed animals, and hearts would be good. :D Pink and purple and red buildings.

  • Please....

    by LittleGooWho

    Please for the love of god end this eternal Christmas nightmare and update your game. It got old on 12/26.

  • Won't let me play

    by A-T-T-I-C

    It only works when I play with no internet but when I play with internet it won't load and won't let me play! Fix the Bug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love you Spongebob

    by BaraPooty

    I really adore Spongebob I love the app it's so hilarious and fun. Thank-you Nickelodeon

  • Where's the update?

    by Duffgirl1986

    I kept getting messages that the Christmas Spongebob would be over the end of January and it's not over! Please take this game more seriously Nickelodeon some people want to play it and paid for it and please open Jellyfish Fields in the update it says "coming soon" apparently y'all don't know what soon means I've been playing almost a year and that's not very soon!

  • Downloaded OK

    by Newplayer17

    This is a change from 2 stars to 4. The game has improved overtime with the addition of events. I had stopped playing the game since there was originally little way to make your town your own with such limited buildings and decorations. This seems to now be better. You can buy multiples of buildings now and there are many more to choose from. The events have added some characters to the game and some new items. There are daily prizes now too. I do think they should add rotation to the items. At the moment everything must face the same direction. I am also surprised Jellyfields has not opened yet.

  • Christmas is over !

    by emtram10

    It's February 1st, get rid of the Christmas theme! The game over all is fun!

  • Slow

    by Sockmonkeys10211

    I got the app and was very excited but it turned out to be so slow I can't use it


    by Jenn_321

    This game would be fun IF IT DIDNT CRASH ALL THE TIME. I've had to restart the game FOUR times in the last five minutes. Not to mention it takes forever to load. I'm so done with this game

  • Slow play

    by Stoner70

    This game is really starting to get boring baking time just way to long 24 hours come on ace's 15.00 dollars to buy just sandys tree dome 450 jellies I play the Simpsons tapped out everyday for a year now and have dumped at least 200.00 hundred in it but its not a rip off spongebob has no staying power just another rip off crap app u will get none of my money see how long u can pay your programers if u lower the price for jelly u will get more money in the end but hey let's get rich quick. Here is the quest I have at the moment. Collect 7 friendly flower bouquets that will cost me 700 coins to do and my reward is 10 coins and 25 xp what is that can u spare the coins why bother doing the quest right ??? Also why do u not post this review I paid money for this crap

  • The game keeps crashing

    by TheDerpFace

    I got the game today And realized that it was a total waste of money! The game takes forever to load, and the second you get on to the game, it crashes. Spongebob is great, but his game is not.

  • What happened???????

    by Ca0112

    I guess it crashed. My Bikini Bottom is gone. I've been working on it forever. Please fix!

  • Okay okay I get it

    by GiannaTitone

    So the game is like my best friend and it's awesome BUT it glitches ALOT and it moves to the side of my iPhone 5 like If move to uncover more land it sometimes I have to close the game and open it again but other than that I'm LOVING THIS THING!

  • Fix this please!!

    by LeMaster09

    I LOVE this game! But for the past few days it hasn't been letting me play, every time it launches it'll reload and tell me I don't have an internet connection, but I do! Fix this please!

  • Is it still Christmas??

    by SdsdvIvuae

    First off, it's almost Super Bowl time... Let's change the whole "holidays" theme. Secondly, more slots to make things (like treats, etc) should be added with leveling up, not just by jellyfish currency. Other than that, not bad at all!

  • Do not bother with this game!

    by Concerned Mom of two

    I have been playing this game for several months now. It is a lot of fun. However, I have spent a lot of money getting established. As of today, my level 36 is gone, my 300,000 plus coins are gone, the jelly jars, 3,344, are gone. The game just started completely over. Fix this or give my money back!!

  • Still on Christmas!!!!!

    by Bianca Buchanan

    Update soon or I will be forced to stop playing!!!! It's almost February and it's still on the Christmas update! Ridiculous!

  • I love it! But....

    by Tristan Deleon

    I love spongebob moves in but why is Patricks rock so far away in the levels and you guys should put planktons chum bucket in the next update but other than those 2 i love it.

  • Fun but many problems

    by Not top

    When your playing the game, a few minutes later it will get out of spongebob moves in and go to the home screen. It will freeze sometimes and I have to get back in the game. Sometimes the people walk up the hill and sometimes you will have to get out and get back in.

  • Needs improvement

    by Lisaott86

    Like a lot of other people. I really like the game but am EXTREMELY aggravated at the fact that to level up is ridiculous amount of time it takes. I am in level 17 I have 4700/8100 for happiness and I still have to go through 2 rounds to get anything new as far as characters and shops! You need to lower this!!! And get rid of Christmas already!!!

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