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The Emmy® award winning Nick app is bringing you the funny, faster. Check out what's new and improved:

-Now available in the UK
-Plus, we got rid of some pesky bugs and made things easier.


Attention: Upgrade your iOS for more updates! Updates are only available for iOS 6 and above.

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The Emmy® award winning Nick app puts the best of Nickelodeon at your fingertips... hilarious original videos, animated shorts, games, recent episodes, polls and more!

So have fun, play around, and prepare to laugh until you snarf milk from your nose.

Explore endless Nick amazingness in this app for kids and kids-at-heart…
● FUN OVERLOAD: Swipe to explore, zoom in and out, and let your fingers point the way to fun.
● LAUGH-OUT-LOUD ORIGINAL VIDEOS: Hungry for funny? Get ready for tons of brand new wild and wacky videos featuring your favorite Nick characters and stars! Videos are updated every day.
● GAMES: Whether you’re replaying your favorite Nick games, or checking out all new games, prepare to be entertained for hours. Play on!
● ANIMATED SHORTS: Watch all-new animated shorts featuring SpongeBob, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Sanjay & Craig and even some characters you've never seen before!
● FULL EPISODES: Missed the latest episode? Now, you can get recent episodes of Nick shows by logging in with your TV provider.
● POLLS: Would you rather have Patrick’s brains or Squidward’s mood? Take these fast and funny polls and cast your vote. See how your pick measures up to other Nick app kids!
● SURPRISING SURPRISES: Keep exploring every day to discover new, hilarious surprises from Nick. Just look out for SLIME!
● DIRECT ACCESS: If you know exactly what you want to watch, pull the Nick string on the upper left and switch over to the main menu where you can access characters or categories.

Download now – let's get APPIN’ already!

This app only works with iOS devices running iOS 6.0 and above. This includes iPad 2 or later, iPhone 4 or later, and iPod touch (5th generation). Be sure to update your device to the latest operating system.

The Nick app collects personal user data as well as non-personal user data (including aggregated data). As needed, Nickelodeon and/or a third party may generate an identifier that is unique to the application as downloaded to a specific device, known as the Core Foundation Universally Unique Identifier (CFUUID). User data collection is in accordance with applicable law, such as COPPA. User data may be used, for example, to respond to user requests; enable users to take advantage of certain features and services; personalize content and advertising; and manage and improve Nickelodeon’s services. When cable television service subscribers authenticate their cable television service to view full episodes, a third-party token is stored on the device.

For more information regarding Nickelodeon’s use of personal data, please visit the Nickelodeon Group Privacy Policy below.

Nickelodeon’s Privacy Policy is in addition to any terms, conditions or policies agreed to between you and Apple, Inc., and Nickelodeon and its affiliated entities are not responsible for Apple's collection or use of your personal user data and information. Use of this app is subject to the Nickelodeon End User License Agreement.

Available in the UK store only for now (Not Available in Ireland)

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End User License Agreement:

Customer Reviews

  • Best app ever but....

    by SuperEmatos

    Best app ever but takes a long time to load.

  • Best app

    by Sissypug

    Idk what to say about this app I'm speech less

  • I used to love it but crashes all of a sudden

    by MarlonM.

    There's a glitch after I've used it for a about 2 months.

  • Just Read The Review

    by Mouseandowl1

    I like the app, but the games and full episodes always crash. It gets really frustrating.

  • Games don't work


    This is a really cool app and all but every time I try to play a game the screen just goes black

  • Love it but may I suggest?

    by Camcam5678

    I love the nick app, but what I like most about it is brain crush lol it's so fun an addicting. And I suggest that nick makes brain crush a real app, not just a game inside a app. If they do make it a real app I think they will make a lot of money and kids or other people will enjoy it and will get addicted to it like all the people on sam and cat!

  • Okay

    by John hedges

    This app was amazing at the beginning and then it started to crash and take me days for it to fully load and now I can't go on it and I tried everything possible to make it work but it didn't help a bit and now I have a bad app taking up space on my ipad

  • Is brain crush on it otherwise its epic

    by Caitlynn6

    I love the nick app :D

  • Sordov

    by JSK0205

    Dear whoever reading this, it's ok when your device has 5 bars and when it doesn't it always loads up until it gets to the top of the I and then it doesn't work it's soooooooo annoying I wish it worked

  • Love hate thing

    by Lovin' it .5

    I love that you have all my fav tv show but I hate the app because you only have a selected episode have all episode from all seasons so far or if the show cancelled

  • Not loading

    by Sailor Moon

    I really like this app but whenever I get to the load screen the little dot on the i won't load in there. I don't know if it's my ipad but I checked the internet connection and it was fine. I also closed the app and went back on and it still wouldn't work.

  • Like it but it's..........

    by Girl 284

    I love the nick app but when I try to open the app I have to wait a long time.The app has been doing this for a long time and I keep opening the app to hope that it opens but it doesn't .

  • Doesn't work with AirPlay

    by Tempered Level

    Really would like the Airplay feature to be updated. While watching an episode my iPad goes into sleep mode to save battery and the show shuts off. I can turn the auto lock off and the show it does not stay on the screen. I like watching what my son watches and being able to AirPlay it on our big Tv would really make that a lot easier. Please upgrade or even add this feature.

  • Needs comment line

    by Russ100000

    It is a great app but it needs to be able to let you leave a comment so it is really good except for that

  • Buggy

    by xssy

    I tried to play this game and for some reason it's not letting me in. I hope you can fix this

  • Why

    by Stuffed Anomals 4evur

    Why are y'all fussing about the nick app it won't load in your not connected to the INTERNET so go to a place with internet and it might work >:(.

  • Random and fun

    by Wheeze_21

    It is so awesome I love it you should download it

  • Crazy

    by Marcos o5

    When i open the app it does not load to complete so fix it . Have a nice day

  • Awesome app

    by Cooldira

    This is the bed app I've ever had it has all my favorite tv shows and when I touch the "do not touch" button it shows me something funny

  • Good and bad

    by Best game flipping ever

    The app is awesome sauce but when I open it it never loads I always get stuck on the i and I can't play or watch plz fix this bug cuz I want to play brain crush and it never loads

  • Worst app ever

    by nuskankan

    I got this app and whenever it tried to load it never did.

  • FIX IT NOW !!!!!!

    by daniel_mv

    I hate When It crashes i tried playing brain crush but then the screen turns black what is this , a Joke? I hate It so so so so so so so so so so so so MUCH! And If you dont fix It i will tell my whole neighboorhood about It and dont worry theres many kids in my neighboorhood to tell . I will also tell my friends, family, and friends i know from germany , europe, África , Canadá,Florida,nevada,and Eurasia. If you fix It soon i will rate this App 5 stars . But, If you dont fix It you already know what im going to do !

  • doesnt work

    by 103056789

    every time i click on a episode that i want to watch it just goes back to my home screen

  • Brain Crush Crushed

    by 123444v1v

    I hate this app. The only reason I got it was for brain crush. And guess what? It doesn't work like 99.9 percent of the time. Fix that and I'll like it.

  • It needs more improvements

    by MaKrLo1

    I like the nick app but every time I try to go on it never loads all the way to the Dot of the I. The only way I can fix it is by deleted the game then reinstalling it again until it works.

  • Can't play games

    by Mexicanboy2003

    Can't play Games won't load

  • USED to love it

    by Tinkerbellhts

    For about a month (maybe 3 weeks) after I got this app I loved it!!! The only downside is that the ringer had to be on to hear the videos. But about 1 1/2+ months ago it started to randomly crash. Now, I can't get in!!! While the nick thing tries to load, every time it gets to the i it restarts and glitches! I have tried deleting and re-downloading the app, updating it, and deleting it from my list of where I just was but NOTHING!!! I am now very disappointed but I used to love it. Fix this glitch and I will do 5 stars!!!

  • Stupid

    by Clo_Clo_1D

    The app wont even load when ever you try to play a game or do anything on the app it either freezes and exits out of the app or it just takes forever to load.

  • Such a Disappointment

    by VZY25

    Games, videos, etc. do not load the majority of the time. We've tried closing out of the app & re-opening it, uninstalling & re-installing with no luck. The homepage is a terrible layout. Difficult to find what we're looking for. Expected much more from Nickelodeon. Very disappointed.

  • Crashing, and crashing, and more crashing

    by Curlie

    I can't watch any shows cause it keeps crashing. Please fix this. If it wouldn't crash I would put five stars. And PLEASE add new episodes to spongebob!!!!

  • Don't get this app crashes

    by Kiki0921

    Always start to watch a show and then it crashes. But 30% is adds.

  • ...

    by Richard Nixonl

    I can't watch degrassi?

  • Nick

    by Trip43

    My son love this app when it will load. It don't work more then it does. This app need some serious attention.

  • Keeps Crashing!

    by Jared Lee Everman

    So I just download an app and open it and start playing,this is nothing like that.With this I open the app and tap something and then it crashes.I am sure that this would get more stars if people could actually DO SOMETHING on the app.What good does all the advertising on Nick if the app is bad?Please fix my problem for the IPod 4th generation.Thank You!

  • Bad

    by Fhrdhgjsmfbafgb

    I hate this app dosnt want to laod and it is stupid I would recommend not to get it

  • Kid loves it, won't always load.

    by Wooday87

    My son LOVES playing on the Nick app, but a lot of the time when he goes to play it, the app won't open. Very frustrating for a 6 year old who is trying to play on his favorite app during his iPad time. Getting to play a game is a reward for him, not something he gets to do all day every day, and I know he would really appreciate his favorite app actually working when he goes to use it.

  • It was great the 1 time it worked

    by Smile3579

    This update did nothing. The app just stays on the loading page. It's the worst.

  • HATE IT!!!

    by wpfvnpj dpvjb0iurbvpaoscda

    Do NOT get it you'll thank me even if it looks amazing on the ad. ❓❗️⁉️❌‼️

  • Omg it crashes

    by Happygal38

    It crashes sooooo much it works till I try to watch the vid then it goes to my homescreen!

  • The app dose not open

    by The app guy 12


  • Really good

    by Skiingfrog46

    It's a really fun app but for some reason it won't load even if I have internet connection. But when it does load it's really fun, there's episodes, games , and really funny music videos. I love this app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Issue

    by Hello kitty 44

    This is my 2 time writing this your app is not working it keeps on shouting down can you please fix it please

  • by LogoM8

    End the Show of Breadwinners! Plz Do not start!

  • Works...doesn't't work

    by B*dub*

    Since last update program has been hit and miss...mostly miss. Nick: please fix bugs ;)

  • I love it and hate it

    by Cheese cake lover123

    I love it because u can watch all the shows u want but every time it ends a commercial it shuts me out it just sends me right back to my home page! So I have to start all over again and watch the commercials again so please just take off the commercials the app will be SOOOO much better

  • It dosent work!!!!! Don't get the app waste of storege

    by C of C :):):):):)

    It dosent work! When you turn it on, it loads for hours and it still dosent finish loading on ipad 2!

  • Love and Hate

    by hahahahhaja

    I like the episode but when I play the games it crash on my like I want to play a game then it crash and I have to wait an HOUR

  • Hate it

    by #TrustmydogI'mawesome

    They need more teen nick shows like degrassi.

  • Never loads

    by Goodgameman

    I can't even get into the app because it never loads :(

  • Nick app

    by 1dgirl4689

    At first when i got this app it was amazing but then it stopped getting new episodes more often. Now it wont even work!!! This app is a big waste of time!! Dont even bother!! It keeps crashing and wont let me sign in!!!! I hate this app

  • Love Nick But Too Many Problems

    by Happy bunny rules56

    I love watching Nick but on the app is slow and sometimes exits the app. It sometimes lags and won't play the show. It also is very,very slow when you open app and is loading, I keep having to delete it and download it again.

  • yes it werks in the UK

    by wiserdmaster34

    UK the best part in the wold :) Kappa <3

  • Blow off

    by CaliYoung91

    This game is a blow off because it's so slow and on mine the I is not loding

  • Very angry

    by Best game ever !!! So fun

    I have been trying to watch one of my favorite shows every witch way but every time I try after the theme song it goes black and never goes back to my show

  • No.

    by Bangerzzzz xD

    This app just got worser. It still takes me to my home screen every time I try to watch an episode. The app still stinks. I would love it if you guys updated and fixed all the bugs so I would be able to watch atleast one full episode of something.

  • Glitches

    by Parmm

    I need you to fix a glitch when it loads it stays on the screen for me can you fix it?


    by Imaawesomegurrl

    I LOVE THIS APP! You can watch NICK shows anywhere anytime with this app. It also has hilarious shorts. I recommend this app for any NICK LOVERS.

  • Nick app

    by Reverse Spinzz

    I got this app because I love Nick but I gave it 3 stars because I was surprised to see they didn't have the Cox tv provider because it is a very common provider even though I can't watch full episodes it is still a pretty good app.

  • STILL doesn't work on iPad mini

    by Demon don

    It was fun at first but now it doesn't connect 2 the internet on this app, I can't believe that this stupid app actually got an award, thanks 4 nothing nick X( X( X(

  • Stops at the I

    by P Fav

    When it loads it stops at the top of the I. Please fix it. Please make bug fixes! I used to love it but it just won't work!

  • Nick app

    by 1dgirl4689

    At first when i got this app it was amazing but then it stopped getting new episodes more often. Now it wont even work!!! This app is a big waste of time!! Dont even bother!!

  • Needs Improvement

    by TomBoyWildcat20

    1• Takes FOREVER to load on the bubbly NICK loading page. 2• Always get frozen a a navy blue screen on a TV show I absolutely love the app. It is the only one with DirectTV as an option, but all the crashes and bugs make it so that there are barely any good TV app. Please update

  • Fix Please?

    by Mokame

    Umm.....well it keeps crashing when I get to the commercial part and goes to my home screen and when I'm watching to episode during it it crashes.Soo.....not to be really but fix it please?

  • App doesn't open!

    by Jmmstash

    This app rarely opens. Almost always it will get stuck loading. When it does open it does not operate properly (ie. not all games work). It makes my daughter really sad and causes her to ask many repetitive questions about why the app will not work. PLEASE fix this app for my sanity.

  • Dont recommend this app

    by Princee7788


  • Great ... When it works

    by Awesomegirl0812

    Usually it plays a video for a certain amount of time and then it stops and doesn't play it's so frustrating ugh!!!!

  • by

    Make it work

  • Screen

    by Shade Scarfire

    The screen goes black every time I try to play a game!

  • Ugh it WONT LOAD

    by e_gvs

    When I first got the app, it worked ok... Now the app WONT EVEN LOAD! On the little nick like orange water screen when you first open it, IT WONT LET ME IN AFTER IT LOADS ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP! The app is horrible. Please fix it or I will delete it.

  • Great app!!!

    by David Bowers98

    It is handy as ever except it is slow loading.

  • App

    by Random girl00

    I love the shows except that i hate the commercials like it fezzes after a commercial and goes crazy im about to delete this app if u dont fix it

  • Horrible.

    by AwesomeGuy1234512

    Fat ugly smelly poop

  • Please Fix

    by Dc11234

    Cant get past opening page

  • Works when it feels like it

    by Frustrated 11 year old

    This app always crashes. Every time I try to play a game on the app it never comes up. I try 6 times and it never loads. And it's not with 1 game it's with all of them. I thought it was the iPad but it's app. Please try to improve it.

  • The worst app in history


    Every time I try to watch a video it goes straight to my screen and there needs to be about a million fixes and the network is crap don't get me started about the W FI it's like a skunk giving u a shower imagine that horrible right then all the cormercials it's lke every two miniuys nEVER G ET This... NEVER

  • Loading

    by Gameman101

    This app never loads it goes up to the tip of the eye and just sits there please update this or I'm deleting anyway great app

  • More

    by Fbcxgjfsehmmnbfwqqdhji

    Needs more

  • Needs an update

    by Bloom is too cute

    This needs an update because it's very frustrating when I can't get my cox provider because they need that all the providers to join well I don't care I want a update or I am going to Explode

  • Dont download

    by Nubey Nubes

    DONT download this crapy app its dumb and it crashes and it steals the ideas of others really nick

  • Never loads

    by Goodgameman

    I can't even get into the app because it never loads.:(

  • Blacks out

    by Soccer Mann

    When u go to play a show it gets 5 seconds into the ad and blacks out. Disney apps work a lot better than this horrible app. Needs MAJOR WORK to be done if you want people to like this app. My opinion.

  • SO MAD


    frustrating trying to explain to your 4yr old that this app doesn't work. PLEASE FIX. games do not load, or if they do they kick you or just stays black. PLEASE FIX!

  • Update this app

    by Tinititi

    This app is needs to STAY open longer than 2 minutes cuz it always logs out of the app and it's SUPER annoying!

  • It's awesome when it works

    by jand@

    This app used to fantastic. It hasn't worked properly in a couple of months now. Please fix!!! Our kids love and miss this app.


    by Abc I on po

    Horrible app. Whenever I go to watch a show the dot on the i doesn't load. I wish I could do no stars.

  • Never loads

    by Cottoncandi336

    When it actually loads it's a great app. Please fix it. iPad user

  • Okay

    by I_luv_bread

    For some reason when i try to play a game it will not let me. I click on a game, it loads, and then the screen turns black. I can still ho back but i want to play games on here. So please fix this. But overall it is still kind of fun.

  • It's okay

    by Cocoface2245

    I think this would be great if it did not take so long to load then once it finally does which never really happens but if it does in the beginning it will crash and won't work but has all shows on Nick and its a really good idea but you need to fix this problem everything else is great and the whole app would be awesome if this didn't happen!


    by Parent of a sad 6yr old

    I downloaded this app for my daughter onto her iPod. She is a huge Nickelodeon fan.. especially for Spongebob & TMNT. She was so excited to play the teenage mutant ninja turtles games this app offered, but to no avail. NONE of the TMNT games actually work.. they will say "loading" & then freeze at a blank screen & never open.. not one of them... & many other games on the app don't work either. Please.. update it already.. & work out all (or most) of the bugs before this defective app results in too many more disappointed kids.

  • The games

    by Eliseo263

    I like the app....kinda but everytime i try to play a game it never works i think you should fix that


    by Doggy_lover_152

    Stupid. Keeps crashing

  • Very upset

    by Zamyyy

    This app is very slow when loading and crashes constantly if you fix ill rate 5 star

  • It's ok

    by Kokoa37

    They should have older TV shows too like Full House or Avatar the Last Air Bender.

  • Can't find it

    by Matthew Oravez

    Nickelodeon please add Live TV then i'll put 5 stars

  • Sponge bob

    by Kelly Pittman

    I love sponge bob it is my favorite show but my other favorite show is Timmy turner and the other is Sam and cat I love you all you can call me at 704-822-9955 just ask for Kelly Pittman say I am a friend thank you so much for your great ideas and call me

  • Never works

    by Angelnany1

    So dissapointed for this app it never opened its stuck in loading all the time so frustrating for my kids and myself they drive me crazy because they want me to fix it ,,,,,

  • Don't waste your time!

    by Somebody who reviews

    First of all, most TV providers are not there. The shows are also very slow and stop every minute. Secondly, whenever you try to play the games, they either make the app crash or ignore your taps. Same with the blog posts. Do not waste your time with this game.

  • Good work but have some fun

    by Girlscout212014

    Good app but it is not fun and this app needs more fun shows like zoey 101 and full house and more

  • Nice but...

    by Michelhanna71

    Why there isn't a LIVE TV in this app. Because i don't know my tv provider and i don't know where to find it. Please add the LIVE TV and thanks.


    by K.16.B

    when I open the app it works until I try to load an episode. when I try to load an episode it shows and advertisement, the crashes and I am on the home screen. It seems like nickelodeon wasnt ready to have 10-15 people on their app at the same time. you guys need to fix this! plz put up an update soon to fix all the crashes.

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