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In this version we've updated the audio content.

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The Word of Promise® Audio Bible iPod/iPhone/iPad application contains over 30 minutes of scripture portions for you to Hear the Bible Come Alive in Dramatic Audio Theater™!

Hear audio from The Word of Promise(R) Audio Bible, including both the Old Testament and New Testament. Coming soon - scripture from The Word of Promise® Old Testament.

The Word of Promise® Audio Bible features a star-studded cast of over 600 actors, original music score, and incredible feature film quality sound effects. Experience the Scriptures like you’ve never experienced them before – brought to life and dramatized in a way that will fully immerse you in the experience and leave you wanting more.

Feel like you’re really there with Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. Listen while on the road, in your personal devotion time, or with your family to gain a new perspective of the Bible.

Take the Word wherever you go.

Customer Reviews

  • Superb

    by Piano Music Lover

    I don't understand the poor reviews. Did something go terribly wrong? I paid $39.95 for this App in Nov and am LOVING it. I'm totally puzzled by the comments here....did the developer die or something? Please go on the Net and get in touch with the developer before you give up on this App. Seriously, I was so impressed with this dramatized audio Bible I bought it for several others for Christmas. Do NOT give up....go contact the developers. God bless.

  • What exactly is in the FREE VERSION ?

    by Mom2juldav

    Good quality cast. You get like 13 actual chapters of various parts of the bible. You can buy the whole version of New Testament for around $45 or old for around $36. Good for sampling I personally prefer the app you get 3 complete bible free dramatized versions of the bible as well as the option of plain narrators. "Genesis to Revelation" You can pick chapter by chapter. You can also download parts or whole bible free. It does require data usage for some of the audio part. If you download it then can listen on or offline, lots of different languages too. It is completely free. No joke! Just search in app store bible is or the bible is. The app developer is called "Faith Comes By Hearing" God Bless!!!! Give the "word of promise audio bible" a try. It is well put together, you may like it enough to buy it. I just do not have funds to buy it so I use "bible is"

  • "Needs more work"

    by I.A.j

    Can't tell what book or chapter I'm in,please help.

  • Amazing

    by EB Mike

    This is an amazing preview of what the full version contains. God bless. To those who complain, what are you complaining about? It's free! God bless your service for making this app

  • Wonderful product!

    by Freeman I

    I am really astonished! I cannot put it into words. This is by far an answer to prayer. I was in the process of writing an e-mail to Nelson because the audiobook they released was not organized one bit. Then came this product before I could write my e-mail. This app is WONDERFULLY MADE! You can search scriptures with ease, bookmark, post verses to facebook, write notes, the list goes on. It remembers where you left off, etc. I don't know what to say, except that God's Word is now on the IPOD. God's Word is your map, your GPS for life, your ABNORMALLY sharp sword. Charles Stanley put it best, "No other writing contains the mind of God and reveals the true path to salvation. The Bible's doctrines are holy, and its precepts are binding. This sacred Book provides light to guide us, food to nourish, comfort to cheer our hearts, and an anchor in times of storm. It is the traveler's map, the pilgrims walking staff, the soldier's sword, and the Christian's charter." You have all of the beneficial aspects of the WORD just mentioned on an IPOD, how wonderful is that! You have no excuse to be lost in life and without Hope! Romans 10:17, "So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."

  • Great job!

    by Satisfied Seeker

    Well done! This was thoughfully put together with many people involved. I would also recommend 'Bible Scholar' Great job guys!

  • Make it Full

    by Carl II

    Put the entire collection as a purchase. This will save the time to buy the CD's, convert them to iTunes, and sync up the phone. :-)

  • Great App, Great Content!

    by bobs27

    I really like this app. It's easy to use & looks great, but the best thing is the Word of Promise audio content. There are over 20 clips from the Bible that have great voice acting and special effects. Cool product! Thanks Thomas Nelson...


    by hisdncr

    This is really a blessing to have this app. A+!

  • **Amazing**

    by Day from PA

    wow!! My search is over!! This is by far the best audio bible I have heard to date. It truely brings the word of GOD to life. I think its great i can hear the word of God while at work, running errands or at the doctors office. I recommend this to everyone!! A true master piece!!

  • Amazing Production Quality

    by dklynch

    Downloaded the app to check this out. Amazing production quality. The list of cast talent is outstanding and surprising that this level of talent and product can be under-taken. Be sure and check out both the Word of Promise and the Word of Promise: Next Generation. NG has an all teen actor cast with big names leading the list. WOW...could we possibly get our kids excited about the Bible?

  • Empty

    by CarmelQT

    I tried to listen to all the sections, but there's nothing to listen to; epic fail.

  • Awful app

    by joko360

    "" app is way better. How this publishing company that has been around since 1798 could put out such an awful app is beyond me.

  • Ummmm...

    by Steptster

    When I downloaded this app I thought I was going to get the whole Bible, I just want the New Testament! I really think you should say that it is only PART of the Bible. I only wish it were! Love the background noise though!

  • Not going to purchase

    by A would-be buyer

    Hopefully the publisher reads these reviews and can respond to the complaints because i had wanted to buy this Bible but will not now that I have seen the issues that appear to be included. Sad.

  • So what now?

    by Sir K3

    I was expecting to open this app and enjoy the bible. Instead, I got nothing!? Who's in charge here? I totally feel cheated!

  • Full Version Purchase Not Working

    by Z06corvette

    I purchased the Full Version from within App. Download had about 17 large download sections. However, only the Free Version is available. Same experience on my second iPad. Writing a review is the only way I found to contact support. Suspect this is just a glitch as Thomas Nelson usually does things right. Please help.

  • Misleading

    by LadyTre0627

    The free app itself is exactly the format I want the entire bible in. I click purchase and it buys the audio book (for 45.99 btw) and the audio book is not labeled or sorted properly. You cannot go to a specific chapter, verse or even book that you desire. I thought i was purchasing the same thing the app shows but for the entire bible.. not just a sample!!! I want my money back and can't find a support number or even email!


    by Homayoun


  • Review

    by Casygirl

    Everyone did a great job except the voice of Jesus. Do you really think that Jesus a perfect man a God would be such a whimp? He spoke with authority. In your recordings he sounds weak, scared, almost ready to cry. It's a disgusting portrayal of the greatest man who ever lived.

  • Irony at it's best


    They say it's free but it's not true. Why lie to the masses about an app concerning the words of God himself. How do you think that would go over if it were the Q'uran think about it folks.!!!!

  • Don't use

    by Mindy3

    The recording itself is good quality, except that it keeps stopping in the middle of each selection. Spend the money and get the mp3 CDs.

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