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Ever need a fart on the go? Wish you could have had that fart unleashed on that elevator ride you just got on? Have a sudden urdge to prank everyone in a meeting with a silent but deadly fart?

Enjoy farting with Fart Express, simply start up and unleash the powerful prankster gas upon your co-workers, friends, family, kids, and even parents. Quiet elevator rides? No more. Quiet classrooms during boring tests? No more. Bring a farting machine into your life for that perfect funny joke and prank! Show your appreciation for someone's show, performance, friendship, presentation, or smile with your own fart mania.

Customer Reviews

  • Lame and awsome

    by Preciousngnosse

    The only I don't like about this app is all it does is makes fart sounds.what I like about is that I get to play pranks.

  • Fart

    by greg1999tomassetti

    This sounds exactly like da 1s I lay on my couch

  • Fart express

    by Jesa cutie

    It was ok!

  • Funny but boring

    by Meriden bush gumm

    I tried it I couple times then I got bored I barely get bored of farts cause I am 7 and have a lot of potty humor

  • Farts !!

    by Mindlessneahviorlover

    It's awesome !! U can fool your friends an family any time !! I did it to my brother an he thought I was actually farting it was funny

  • Funny

    by 273638ndnsn

    When I shook it my g-mal said "what was that." by Alyssa

  • Cool

    by SuckySocky

    Shood hav a timer

  • Awesome

    by Bigbeefchicken


  • Not bad

    by Ipg9

    It's pretty funny

  • Soo fun prankzzzz!

    by SongzWeezy

    Lol haha I just tried it out on my mom and she was so grossed out but at the same time laughing like crazy like I was. Best random prank app! Love it

  • Good

    by Rabbideerkiller

    Needs more and it would be.  it is not

  • Hahahahah

    by Appgirl101 10101091

    Haha this is awesome I uses it in class and wow did people stare hahah it was awesome love it!!

  • Surfer Dude103

    by Surfer Dude103

    Funniest app ever, I tried it out on my mom, hilarious

  • Kentut

    by Fartlover pffffffft

    Best fart app ever! You will laugh so hard until you cry. Best fart is lingering bubble pop one with a juicy ending.


    by Tshdhd

    I have never seen a better farting app I laughed so hard when I first got it

  • Fun but needs 1 mini update

    by Nsane1972

    Its really fun no lie but theres only a couple farts the same after the same of duty smell.

  • This app makes me =)

    by Kaykayism

    Hahaha I love this app. Every time I listen to that thing fart I laugh. I probably won't do this as a prank, but just to show my friends that iPods can fart too.   :)

  • LCMs

    by Jfkrjfjx

    It's great

  • Fart-aculloulse

    by Gwynnie girl

    It is so cool

  • it's good

    by pirategame

    more farts,hahahahaha

  • :P

    by Stupidity game

    Don't get this app it is just a waste it is really stupid you can tell it is a fake I tryed to pull it on my brother but it was dumb so aka dont get this app!

  • Dumb

    by Kenzi 1180

    I thought this was gonna be fun but its not.....they need to fix this

  • Very very very domb

    by Fart express

    Me and my sisters hates it

  • Ugh!!!:-(

    by Cool Girrrrrrrl

    I can't get it to work! What the beep! It's supost to say no stars but it won't let me!!!!

  • Fart

    by Tiuhdyjdyn

    It's a joke I tried it on my brother and after 2 seconds he noticed that it was the ipod

  • Um...

    by Luvy duty tlh

    Hello I'm nine so... NO CUSSING! Kay' its puny. Sounds like lips to me. I LIKE PIE!

  • Not so funny

    by Amy Ashman

    It was not the best game it was fun for maybe 5 seconds

  • Disappointed

    by :(:(:(:(sad!!!!!

    My sister knew right away that it was my iPod!! See what you did?? You made me pinch her....!

  • Lame

    by Omg ruff ruff

    Bad game want a good sound app search sounds:(

  • LAME

    by Awsome201

     this app is 

  • Oh wow

    by Codaheart

    Ok lol It's funny but wrong in the same way like I don't know any one who farts like that haha so wrong but so funny.

  • lame

    by LMuhrez

    doesn't work

  • Fart express

    by Hdjdjhdk

    I do not get why this is even an app because it doesn't even sound like real farts

  • Hi stinks

    by Bsjdrkndrkgstg

    It doesn't sound real at all

  • Fart express

    by bubbletop7


  • fart express free

    by coolguy5833

    groos discusting and dull

  • Wasted app

    by ideaWho

    Just farts when u move it...thats it, nothing , boring.

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