Aries the Sheep - Art by Vladimir Kush Entertainment App Review (iOS, $4.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Kush Fine Art Exports, Inc.

New Painting for the title page!

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A magical tale for children and adults. Every page is an interactive work of art you can explore and paint. Every page features new and unique flowing paint effects, voice narration, and original music.

This is a wonderful story, for both children and adults alike, about an unhappy sheep. Once, she went to the seashore and the Ocean helped her. How? You will find out through the amazing art and animation in the app! Help the sheep to be happy again! The destiny of the sheep is in your hands!

More than an app, it's interactive art for the 21st century. Vladimir Kush created all new paintings and sketches just for this work of art. Real pen & ink and oil & brush in the hands of a master, brought into your hands to experience with the magic of the iPad & iPhone.

* For iPhone, this app requires the 3GS or newer.

Customer Reviews

  • Love this1!

    by CrisJoyZ

    For young & old alike! The story, music, voices & interaction is peaceful & wonderful! What a way to enjoy Kush's inspired art too! We want more like this-please!

  • Excellent app

    by Shell_Bell W

    This app is both beautiful and entertaining. I downloaded for a friend's daughter - but both of the parents were captivated by it even before they picked her up from preschool. I enjoyed it even with the sound turned off - but when you add that it makes it an excellent educational app for kids.

  • Beautifully Done!!

    by NevadaTC

    Both the artwork and the story are beautifully done! I sincerely hope that Vladimir and Oleg Kush will create additional interactive stories of this caliber. I am a huge fan of Vladimir Kush's art with its brilliant colors and fascinating attention to detail. This app is worth every penny. Highly, highly recommended!!

  • Absolutely amazing!

    by Captains 16

    Put totally in the moment as I read and colored the story. I want to share it with all my friends. Thanks for this sweet gift of love to the universe.

  • Beautiful

    by drtbao

    My kids absolutely love coloring the pages, and really enjoy the story. The artwork is amazing, very good job. Hope to see more!

  • Amazing

    by Orthodox26

    It is the most incredible art I have ever seen.

  • wow!

    by Needles696

    This is gorgeous. What a wonderful production. Thank you. I'd give it 6 stars if possible.

  • Aries the sheep

    by Coolkeyslori

    Absolutely beautiful book. The artwork is captivating for both my children and myself. Sweet story as well. My 11 year old has read it over and over. I entertained a friends 1 year old for quite a while Lovely. One of the best app-books I have seen. Well done.

  • Great story and beautiful

    by technolingua

    My kids had a blast with this one, I enjoyed it as well. Each page animates differently when you paint over it with your finger. Very well done!

  • Enchanting

    by Missirby

    This app is breathtakingly beautiful in its art, story and creativity. I like to color/read it over and over just for the happiness I feel as the pictures magically color themselves at my touch. My only suggestion would be to be able to pick up where I left off when I sadly had to close it the last time instead of having to start the story over again.

  • Lovely

    by tntritz

    Beautiful, relaxing and engaging

  • Fabulous!

    by Indoquilter

    Thank you for this beautiful experience. Zen-like, everything working well, beautiful watercolors by the artist to "paint in" by yourself. Wish I had a grandchild to share this with. My daughter (now 36 years old) would have loved this as a child - it combines all her favorite things - music, books and art. Highly reccommended.

  • Beautiful

    by Rvwer

    This is really beautiful. Uplifting story. Unique interactive points. Love that you can have a male or female narrator. Thank you for all the thoughtfulness.

  • Absolutely beautiful!

    by Pigtailgoddess

    The illustrations would have been lovely enough in static form, but the effects and music used while coloring in the pages make this book breathtakingly enchanting! Superb! I will buy other books by this artist in a heartbeat!

  • Simply amazing

    by LilMansMom

    Both my children, age 7 and 5, love the app. The coloring they do on each page helps them appreciate the art so much more and the different effects keep them engaged. The puzzle feature is a surprise and they go through the story over and over. Very brilliant app. Please make more like this!

  • What a beautiful story

    by Crafty11

    This is a beautifully written and illustrated book - delightfully fun to read and play!

  • Amazing and so relaxing

    by Lexusisam

    I got this app free and thought it probably isn't much, but wow was I in for a wonderful surprise. The music and the colors are magnificent and I am a senior in years and I enjoy this app. I am an artist and can appreciate the beautiful work.

  • Enchanting

    by WBumbolow

    This is a wonderful, enchanting, delightful work of art!

  • Это лучшее приложение для дитей что я видел!

    by huivam

    Моим племянницам очень понравилось... они его проиграли несколько раз подряд... Спасибо типа...

  • Pretty cool

    by FattyAcid23

    I got this when it was free, and although my kids love it we would not have spent any money on it. The narrator is very hard to hear over the music, and the story is just too short. I hope a second chapter will be in a future update. That being said it is very cool how each page colors in a different way, it's very fun for my 3 young daughters.

  • Beautiful and fun to play with

    by Ellenceleste

    My 4 year old grandson and I love this, and I would give it 5 stars except that it keeps crashing. Hopefully that'll be fixed in a later version.

  • Super!

    by SQL1979

    My daughter kept saying this is so beautiful while she was reading this book. A 5star book!

  • Fantastic!

    by Thellamalover

    A cute little kids story that is made great. By the beautiful artwork and good music. The only nit I could pick is the brief moment of silence and white is jolting on each page turn, but I loved this little book and the coloring mechanic.

  • Beautiful, Magical and Whimsical!

    by ILUVU92

    Oh my what a wonderful visual journey! As a graphic artist who spent many an hour as a child enjoying paint with water books, I found this to be wonderfully calming and entertaining. I can see how this lovely book could be so helpful in distracting a child waiting in a doctors office or soothing an upset elderly adult in a nursing home. I'm not one that often takes the time to review an app but I could not pass on this one!

  • Terrific !

    by Retirefree

    What a pleasant surprise this app was. I have over 500 apps on my IPAD and this is got to be in the top 10. The painting animation is great. The background music is so soothing and the paintings are gorgeous. I was lucky to get this for free today. I will definitely support future apps from this developer. Perhaps a free lite version first might draw more interest for the regular version. For $4.99, people would like an idea of what they are getting into.

  • Beautiful art, fun interaction

    by Curt Clifton

    Kush's art is amazing. It’s wonderful to have it on the iPad. My friends’ 2 year old is enthralled by the interaction in this app. She “paints” the pictures over and over again.

  • Beautiful !

    by Malibumoe

    Beautiful app! Beautiful art! Very well done.

  • Beautiful

    by prezli

    Thank you! This is magnificent!

  • Never Boring, Good for all ages

    by Homebodyatheart

    I played with this on a friends Ipad, and bought this when I got ours. Even our teen likes to play with the pages, and we find the music and readings peaceful and relaxing. The animation is incredible, the art so beautiful. It is always a bit different depending on your mood and how you play with it. I almost never pay this much for an app but this was SO worth it! we highly recommend this book!

  • Amazing

    by Ariesthesheep lover

    Aries the sheep is the best app ever I am 9 years old and adore it it makes me feel all mushy inside.its the greatest app ever totally worth 4.99 it makes u

  • Your children will enjoy the interaction

    by H2olite

    Our family has collected Kush's art and love his work. This app is really enjoyable for my 1 and 3 year olds. My kids love the interaction with the animals and their sounds. the coloring features get them really excited about the book. We look forward to more books in the future. Great job Kush and team!

  • Truly Unique and Outstanding

    by Ander80426

    I own a couple pieces by Vladimir Kush and love his work. This app is truly unlike any other I have seen. The artwork is amazing as I would expect, but I was especially impressed with the cool way the app functions as you interact with the story. My 3 year old son loves this app!

  • Magical

    by Sub-b

    First, I am not impartial. I have been a tester for this app. It is beautiful and I bought it as soon as it was available. The drawings and story are exquisite. The music and narration are inspired. Everyone I show this to is amazed by the detail and the magic of it. I continue to go through these pages and they bring a sense of wonder to me. Enjoy.

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