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• Addresses issues when launching streams from other applications

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We’re proud to bring the Twitch experience to your iOS devices so you can watch your favorite gaming video on the go.

PC World: "The quality and selection simply blow most of the other live-streaming apps out of the water... "

Mashable: "If you’re ditching cable, there are many alternative content destinations online. If you’re a gamer, one of those is probably TwitchTV."

Twitch is the largest video platform and community for gamers with more than 34 million visitors per month. Our mission is to connect gamers around the world by allowing them to broadcast, watch, and chat from everywhere they play.

- Your favorite gaming video - whenever, wherever
- Fully-featured chat functionality
- Airplay compatible (works in background)
- Browse by game, channel
- Follow your favorite channels
- Push notifications so you know when your favorite channels are live
- Choose between video resolutions to optimize your experience
- Share to Twitter, Facebook, via email and via text message

Customer Reviews

  • Great

    by OfficialCarter

    Works soooo gooood

  • awesome

    by Nonononono !!!!!!!!!!!

    good way to check out games and ask question

  • Awesome

    by TheRealBoneJovi


  • This app is alright

    by Hunterpal1

    This app on gets 3 stars because when I try to type something in,it won't and how come you can broadcast on google but not the app?HUUUH

  • The app works great

    by This_Is_My_Account_Jtom2015

    This app works really well when I don't want to sit at my computer all day watching live streams. There is one thing that if added would make this the ultimate app, the ability to view and watch previous broadcast.

  • Great App!

    by Kreggar

    Thx for the continuous support on the app, nice to see improvements over time. The video quality settings seem to work well, I can leave it on Auto to watch games while doing the morning paperwork at work. I would love to see an audio only option so I could listen to SC2 broadcasts while driving. The idea being that audio only would require less bandwidth and be more stable while driving.

  • better than the JTV app

    by LOLZ ☠

    lol jtv app is garbage, even after these years this app works like a champ, but the search is dumb, it doesn't find channels when I search for their specific channel name, even though I know they are live..

  • Re

    by Blitz0823

    Great App

  • Love it

    by Willman335

    Great app. Love it. Watch my fav streamers on the go! At work and anywhere else!

  • Really good!

    by Hitheroak

    Only problem is that you can't see your own dashboard for those who don't have a 2nd monitor while streaming this is a good app to have! You can watch your own stream but you have to search yourself.

  • Zero problems with the app

    by Eliscio

    Awesome app does what it needs to do

  • Great App

    by Spongyboy9

    I just recently started using twitch so I was like "hey I should get the app" and so I did. I love it. It's really simple to use and fun and time flies way faster.

  • Boss

    by nickolas peterson

    Good stuff #pyah


    by Michael1577

    I love this community! One of the best get this app and ill see all you Kappas later

  • It's awesome!

    by Meagan Vanderlinde

    Watch HBC_Fancy_Pantzz stream live :D

  • Great way to watch streams

    by Luc Gollwitzer

    I love being able to watch my favorite streamers on the go thanks twitch

  • Love it

    by Nova_Rush

    This app is the epitome of game streaming.

  • Great

    by apple fan boy7

    It great it works like there is nothing to it. I hope other things like it come out.

  • Love it

    by MRJEFE #1

    Straight up

  • :)

    by TwitchTvFan

    I love it enough said <3 Shout out to syndicate

  • I've tried it on my friend 5s

    by Bader Al Bader

    It's Bad on there! Keep crashing

  • Great! But...

    by C5892

    This is a great app! I love it! Except for one small issue, it sometimes won't remind me when someone I'm following goes live. So I have to check like every 10 minutes and it gets annoying after awhile. Otherwise, I recommend this app it is great!

  • Good

    by I J KooL MaN

    It's the only twitch app, so there's no other choice. Sometimes it stops the video randomly, or lags really bad if the chat has too many people posting. Otherwise it's okay though.

  • Amazing nothing wrong

    by Star

    I love this app! It's so gooooood!!!!!!

  • Well designed, but no profile editing.

    by Shreds McGee

    Best app for streaming, hands down. However, if you have a Twitch account, you should be able to edit your profile/have a better user interface for editing. Other than that, it's awesome.

  • Freezing


    All of a sudden the streams are freezing constantly so I'm unable to fully watch and enjoy it. Overall a great app

  • It good but need stuff added

    by Slick_trickss

    I like it but I don't always have access to the computer so I can't change the title of my stream. If you can add it to where you can make changes to your stream that would be great!

  • Love it!

    by JimmyTheeHat

    Great app. I love gaming and Twitch allows me to keep up with new betas and gameplay, also I can watch old games that I miss playing. If you're a gamer you need this app

  • Twitch review

    by Yelatech

    Twitch is just good for watching ur favorite live streamers and live streaming urself. It's the best out there

  • Great

    by Me2345053

    The app is fantastic almost as good as the PC version (almost).

  • What all Video-Streaming Apps Should Be

    by Ongatron


  • Excellent

    by Melli85

    Great app to see live streaming of your favorite games

  • Great app for gamers!

    by Cod cb l

    Always great to know I can watch my favorite streamers on my phone, plus it'll let you know when they're streaming

  • Great

    by Acachalla

    This app is great and sub to syndicate

  • New

    by PryingAa

    I just got this app a few days ago and I'm highly impressed :)

  • Great

    by Fitness go

    Good quality

  • Chromecast

    by Gruvaaa02

    Should totally make it so you can hook up your mobile device to your chromecast?! That would be awesome!!

  • Audio only multitasking please?

    by Tellow Krinkle

    The app is great except that it only plays in the foreground. I would like to be able to listen to streams while in other apps. Also, an iOS 7 interface would be nice.

  • Awesome

    by modern warfare2 fan

    Loving the new update. Keep it up twitch!

  • Not good

    by IlikeStickers.

    I've been trying to go on a channel that I recently subscribed to but it won't show at all

  • Very impressed

    by Vonslamstone

    Though I am new to twitch the GUI is very easy to use and the streams are strong enough to use well on even bad 3G/4g

  • Review

    by HeWhoDroppsBeats

    Amazing just amazing

  • Great app

    by eRa Motta

    Its a good app to watch people play and chat!

  • Wooo!

    by Adam Chandler

    I love twitch app! It's da best. (Nacho Libre voice)

  • Great app

    by Addded moose 101 juinor

    Watch the pros play LOL great learning tool

  • Can't stop twitching

    by Park and sends

    I can twitch everywhere now. In the bathroom, at work, in the bathroom at work. I literally can't stop twitching, I'm twitching so much I'm giving Michael J. Fox a run for his money.

  • Twitch

    by Edward Corona

    It's the best streaming app in app store

  • Ótimo

    by Kakakakakaka_fav

    Ótimo para ver streams.

  • Very good but..

    by Mariois25

    If we could have inbox access that would be very very nice but so far this is the best that it could be. So can we get inbox support to make it even better??

  • Love it

    by SirFluffsalot

    Works great, I Love it.

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