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Enhance your night time action with a collection of dirty dares. Dare your lover or partner to choose one from the list and complete it. Who knows, by the end of the game you might be playing something even more fun.

Includes secret bonus features like double dares and mystery dares, plus more to spice up the gameplay. Play alone or with others. See who can complete the hottest dares and who wimps out.

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Customer Reviews

  • Cool

    by Chrissypia

    I didn't play it yet but I read all the questions they are some sexy ones

  • Sweet

    by 57545765

    Awesome I got to have sex naked in the bed all night long

  • So fun

    by sqeekey

    I had sex with this guy soo hot he is the hottest guy in school omg

  • Good txt me

    by Morganlyn3

    It is fun want to tlk txt me my number is (501)-476-6828

  • Sex rocks

    by Gwennie5551235

    Ok it started out as going into the closet and taking my bra and shirt off and it went farther I took my underwear off and we had sex the next day he slept over and we had sex in the shower

  • had sexxxxxx cus of it

    by Shannon McConnell

    took a showr with him <3

  • It felt good

    by Aj jusufi

    I had to take a shower with a hot girl we had sex in there it felt so good!!!!!

  • Pretty good :/

    by ethanthefishman

    The dares are dirty, and at the least it's fun to sit around and read them. For use, it's pretty hot

  • Sexy......

    by pandabea101

    I luv it! got me laid

  • Ya!!

    by b21

    This game got me laid!!! Ya!!!!

  • Embarssing!!!!!!:'( by julie101

    by Juliann112233

    I had 2 flash my friend!!!!!!!:((( I barley know her...... No I'm jk I didn't I refused 2. But I did hav 2 flash my bf. But it's fun :)

  • Sweet

    by Gumby044

    Love this app. So spicy!! Oooooooh! Hahaha I love it! I got to kiss my boyfriend with ten other girls, we were all naked!! Awesome app! Haha

  • Alsome

    by Sexyshyanna

    Awesome app. Love it. But lots of adds! Better with a group of people. But very sexy!

  • Good

    by taw210

    This app is pretty good but it repeats a lot and the dares aren't sexy enough!

  • Love it

    by Marieeezzy

    Played this with my bf and a group of friends. We ended up havin sex!!

  • Love this game!

    by Nativebeauty13

    I caught a couple STDs from this game but that's ok! I got rid of them! I also had sex with a guy who I have been stalking for several months! This game let my friends have a good time, and I finally gave my lover a reason to cheat on his wife!

  • ...

    by Babybubah

    Fun with a big group of people!!

  • Fun fun

    by Calvinbrinksta

    Very fun

  • ads!!

    by joshisadude

    very hot lots of ads tho.

  • Not Dirty

    by Kiwi Knows

    This app is fun but mo dirty.

  • Very wrong

    by Sexy nial

    This game makes me feel sick!!!!!

  • Help

    by BimbiGirl

    My phone won't let me get it. Will some people write some of the best dares?

  • Take off list

    by Take off please

    Take off purchase list please

  • No

    by Max199999999999999000000

    Worst game ever

  • Never again

    by Dhchdgsbgxzf

    Same crappy junk as all the others

  • Wow

    by dancinsmalife

    It's gay it's not good at all

  • Smh

    by Driey

    This game is not for kids i didnt even play but the comments are disturbing

  • Lame!!!!

    by The1cliv08

    This is for highschoolers...

  • not bad!!!!

    by natalee:)

    I thought it was pretty good. me n my boyfriend played it and it was really fun. but there was a lot if ads!!!!

  • Oh no

    by 一休哥

    I shake the iPod like ten times and deleted it...crap

  • Booooooooooooooooooooooo

    by So awsommeee!!!! :)

    Super lame too many ads waste if time

  • Whack

    by Maneezy

    Waste of time

  • Super Funnn (;

    by LocusVela

    haha better when in a big group. super sexy.

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