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Unleash a sickening shiver of chalkboard nails down your spine with every whistle in the palm of your hand, have the fun of whistling to your other friends with this iPhone and iPod app. Simply follow the instructions to rip one out. Perfect for a funny introduction, pulling a prank out on an unsuspecting victim, and showing off what cool things your iphone or ipod can do! Lastly, if you can't hear any sounds or sound effects make sure your handset's volume is turned up and the silence switch is off.

Customer Reviews

  • So dum

    by Bullcute731

    This is so dum don't ever get this app it sounds like whistling ago boring I rate 0 stars but I have to rate one POOP APP

  • Cool

    by Tfulton

    This is so weird but I can scair my mo And friends with it

  • I agree

    by Patty_Cake101

    STUPID!I should not get apps like thar ever again.Tell your friends to read review because after this review you will carefully CONSIDER what you download.First of all,WHAT?!?!? I mean I ask for nail screeching and I get a girl on the screen and whistling.I REGRET DOWNLOADING THIS.Ugghh…… worst decision of my life.remember this:apps will deceive you.that is all I will say

  • Don't think about getting this!!!!!

    by Cjhjdbajkahjsjhhvjbhdnfj

    This is NOT at all what you think it is. I thought it would make the noise of when you scratch your nails on the chalkboard but instead it makes the noise of when your trying to call a hot girl!! DOn'T BuY eVEr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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