Burping Whistle Entertainment App Review (iOS, Free)


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Seller: IntroWizard LLC

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Unleash a wicked fun burp with every whistle in the palm of your hand, have the fun of whistling to your other friends with this iPhone and iPod app. Simply follow the instructions to rip one out. Perfect for a funny introduction, pulling a prank out on an unsuspecting victim, and showing off what cool things your iphone or ipod can do! Lastly, if you can't hear any sounds or sound effects make sure your handset's volume is turned up and the silence switch is off.

Customer Reviews

  • Tottally Stupid

    by By:Christine Nguyen

    At first I thought that this was going to be fun.Then I found this is tottally stupid.I don't get how it works.For all you folks out there you would not like it.But if you do then i don't know what the heck you are thinking I mean face it!This game is boring,lame,and tottaly stupid.Who in this world would like this game?I know I wouldn't!This is the stupidest thing I've ever saw in my intire life!If I could I would give it an F- and no stars at all!This is a wastemof my time!And who made this up i would like to give you a zero or an f-.I hope i dont see anything like this ever again!!

  • Crap

    by Hurtonk

    I thought this app would be funny but it is completly STUPID!!!!!!!!!

  • don't buy it

    by Magz1027

    omg not even close to 1 star. the whistles sound so unrealistic. dont waste your time buying it. totally not worth it.


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