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Introducing a funny adult joke you can play on your friends. Hide this prank in a secret spot, then wait and watch!

Now you can drive people you hate nuts and no matter what they do, they hear this joke from some secret place. Set a countdown, up to 60 minutes before the prank and then, press the button to start the prank and watch as the screen fades to an innocent off mode silently awaiting your prank victims.

To change a setting or turn the prank off, just tap anywhere on the screen to have the settings fade back into view.

Depending on your skills at slipping this unnoticed prank into the perfect hidden spot, your prey will be searching for hours! Meanwhile, the entire time your iPhone or iPod touch looks as if its innocently turned off.

Make it even harder for them to locate by setting the how often the noises should be made, from extremely often with every second to rarely maybe once a minute more or less. Trick your friends and family members for good!

Customer Reviews


    by BigTimeRushFan#1

    wtf!!!!!???? At first the noise scared me cause my volume was so loud but then I saw it was STUPID!!! Don't get this; it will seriously drain your mood from you for the rest of the day...I'M NOT JOKING!

  • As everyone else has said,

    by KrystalEternal

    Don't download this app. It's stupid and it doesn't even work.

  • Pull it

    by eggman415

    This App and all other Apps made by this company need to pulled! Useless!

  • Warning! ***Phishing Scam***

    by Bang Sue

    Need I say more? Just an okie doke to show you ads. Total B.S.

  • Huh?

    by johnthemon

    Uhhhh really really stupid. Its not funny

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