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An 8-bit soundbox app featuring some of the best sound effects from retro video games, made with LSDJ. Relive the excitement of every beep and blast! Try your hand at mixing and mashing these classic sounds together.

Coming soon…clips featuring Atari, commodore, NES and more! Stay tuned for that. Still the sounds here are second to none!

Customer Reviews

  • Epic

    by Fbcshbxfsakvxcj

    Love mixing beats on this

  • I like it

    by Arick Hilamuse

    It's cool and all but I would like more sounds.

  • :/

    by Rick James :)


  • Cool

    by Mr. "Q"

    Cool retro noises. Looking forward to updates!

  • Ew

    by AlienDev

    This app is pretty bad, and by that I mean in the worst possible way.

  • Complete waste of time

    by Whiteangel97

    It said video game sounds, which I had on my old droid phone and miss. This is just retarded beats that sound like those sound mixer keychains. Stupid. Deleting right after I write this review.

  • Horrible

    by HardLuckHarvey

    Two sounds playing for 4 seconds. Don't waste 30 seconds like me.

  • Terrible

    by DavisBowl

    Worst. App. Ever.

  • Don't bother

    by the original ianoid

    I thought maybe the other reviewers were overly harsh. Wow, this is terrible. The sounds are really some person's 8-bit loops and songs just playing over and over. They are 8-bit game derivative, not bad, but just not what you are expecting when you hear this. Don't bother.

  • Only 15 sounds

    by Super smash bros super fan

    only 15 sounds are included. I listened to each of the 15 sounds then immediately wrote this unfortunate review. I've downloaded better sounds.

  • Horrible

    by Jbizzydizzyjizzy

    Complete waste of time. Immediately deleted it.

  • Shays

    by msh007

    14 sounds and 11&12 Are the same.

  • One of the worst!!

    by Dakurlzz59

    There was only one good sound and also there two duplicate.!!!! Deleted it within 2 minutes!

  • Crap!

    by Scorpion9977

    Horrible app. The 15 sounds are garbage and a couple are duplicated. Deleted it right after trying it. Don't waste the time with this one.

  • Dum

    by Mario,s 1# fan


  • This is gay

    by Stoneder

    One time I saw two gay guys kissing in the park and that was the gayest thing I ever saw, until I downloaded this app....totally gay

  • Piece of s h I t app

    by 1zzl3

    That is all

  • It's a good thing this app is free...

    by RKiller31

    Awful... Only 14 sounds (13 really, there's a duplicate.) this is one of those apps that makes you ask yourself: what's the point?

  • Weak

    by Reztnulb

    This has to be the worst program ever. I deleted it within 20 minutes of downloading it.

  • Nothing special

    by Valley Skin 818

    Only 14 sounds. Nothing good. Also makes phone vibrate same time sounds play.

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