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101 Burps. A fairly straight forward application.

No matter how old you get, passing gas can still be funny. Remember that last good belch? Yes, it's true - with 101 Burps, you can relive the memories a hundred times!

A sample of what you can expect:

A Classic, Andies Acclaim, Aunt Ted, Baby Burp, Bee Burp, Been There, Beer Pour, Beer, Belching, Belly Burp, Betty Burp, Big B, Big Old Burp, Blurp, Breathy, Bubble Burp, Burnin, Burp Load, Burperiffic, Burpin Away, Burpin II, Burping 2, Burping Bob, Burpit, Captain, Clubber, Comic, Cough, Croak It, Deep and Wide, Deepen, Deeper, Disgusting, Doing It, Dragon 2, Dragon Fun, Drawn Out, Dude, Easy Burp, Easy Does It, Electronic, Ewww, Farp, Fart and Burp, Force It, Giant, Girl Puke, Gulp, Happy, Hard One, Henry, Hollow, Huge Burps Alarm, Huge Henry, I Burped, Itty Bitty, Joy, Just Burpin, Large One, Lil Fun, Lil Larry, Little One, Load and Clear, Long and Short, Longer, Loud and Long, Low Pitched, Medium Sized, Medium, Mid Sized, Moist, Mole, Monster Burp, Nother Beer Please, Nudder One, Oh Yeah, Ok, Outer Space, People, Plus, Pure Relief, Putty, Quack, Quick and Easy, Relaxing, Short One, Short and Deep, Shorty, Simple Small, Single Burp, Sleepy, Slurping, Small One, So Deep, So Satisfying, Soda Burp, Soft One, T-Rex, Teen Fun, Thats It, Throw Up, Tiny Ted, Toned, Total Burp, Turn, Turner, Uncle Fred, Vocal, Wet Belch, Wet and Long, Wetting, Yucky

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