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This movie looks at the life of the youngest member of the Beatles. It explores his complex nature and his life journey with interviews with those that were close to him, and using rare film footage, examines his time with the Beatles, his undoubted musical talent, and his long held spritual beliefs that were a comfort to him. The appMoive provides rare insight into the man of music in his own words.

George Harrison was always regarded as the quiet one of The Beatles, but his talent spoke for itself. After the Beatles split, he was the first to make his mark, by scoring a number one hit single.

Customer Reviews

  • Video

    by Rdkendrick

    First of all: declan, it's nobody' fault, but your own that you don't know how to search for and read about an app before you buy it, so quit whining. What you are basically buying in this app is a not too good, fair, 57 minute video about George's life, as a person, not so much as a musician, as told by the people who knew him. Not too much video with George, and what there is, is often repeated. Stories of George by a schoolmate who knew him from age 7-20. Most of this has already been covered in other videos.

  • by GeorgeHarrisonFreek1

    This app/movie is great 4 george harrison luvrs!!! So shut the f$!k up declan poehler!!! Its got info id never heard be4!!

  • Rip Off!!!!

    by Declan Poehler

    I thought this was the george harrison guitars app and its just a movie don't waste the money unless it updates haven't watched the movie but it better be worth it


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