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  • Updated: Oct, 13 2011
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Get the news that matters to you with our free IMDb Buzz App! Now you can get daily updates about your favorite celebs, movies, TV shows and news sources by creating a news feed tailored to match your interests. Share your favorites via Facebook, Twitter, email and text message.

Daily Entertainment News

* Get up-to-the-minute entertainment news from hundreds of great sources all in one place
* See breaking news stories immediately
* Explore the people and titles mentioned in each story
* Check out the latest images from red carpet events, movies and TV shows
* Browse all the latest news from IMDb's NewsDesk partners and easily visit their websites

Customize & Share

* Follow your favorite celebs, movies, TV shows and news sources to customize the app
* Rank your news feed to get the information you want first
* Share your favorite stories, celebs, titles and images easily via Facebook, Twitter, email and text message

Explore more

* Check out daily celebrity birthdays
* Browse the most popular celebrities, movies and TV shows of the day
* Search IMDb, the world's largest collection of movie, TV and celebrity info, with over 2 million movies and TV shows, plus 4 million celebrities, actors, actresses, directors and crew members

IMDb is the world's largest collection of movie, TV and celebrity info. Now, with IMDb Buzz, you can get daily entertainment news on the go.

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Customer Reviews

  • Lovin this!

    by Zoë Nightshade

    All the latest gossip in the palm of my hand! Unlike gossipopolis and celebrity parade all the newest stuff is here! On them u get stuff from last year as newest. But not all is important to me.

  • Works GREAT!!

    by Harvick29rcr

    A welcome add to the original IMDB! Nice work!!

  • Very good

    by Teewilliamson

    It's news... It tells you the star name and what movie it been on...

  • Ok

    by Princess3740@

    It's ok but I don't use it. A lot

  • IMDB Buzz

    by D. Hill

    This is a great film news app in that it is many different ones all rolled up into one. The app covers daily headlines such as a Screen Rant, covers the industry such as THR, provides photos and details on film festivals such as the multiple festival apps and provides links to all other types of film sites such as Cinema Blend and many others. It separates itself from the pack though with social film actor elements, photo galleries of film events, and the ability to easy tap into IMDB. The design is clear, navigation is smooth, and the app seems mostly stable. A must for film lovers.

  • Love it but having problems


    I would give it five because I love this app, but all of the people I'm following say "no articles found" even though one is mentioned on the latest news page.

  • Wow!! I was enjoy the reviews more than the app

    by OkieGirl813

    Between, Jetta basically wetting herself over @Boring or the possibility of John Travolta being gay! Wow, which one is more engaging?!?! Gay or not people do have the right to love!! So that being said, this is a great app to catch up on juicy celebrity gossip!! For those few, moments that we can indulge in "guilty pleasures"!!! Jetta??? I almost feel sorry for you, that you have so little of a life that your post almost sounds like you are a little nervous chihuahua dog loaded up on espressos and doing (the gotta pee like really bad, doing the holding your 'pee-pee' area dance) gotta pee type thing!! So ya take all that nervous, little shaky dog, espresso energy, mixed with the possibly of exploding bladder out on some poor schmuck that was just speaking their right to their "freedom of speech"!!! (I can almost bet who ever posted the @boring comment is way past you (and will always will be) in crayons on the basement wall and education level!!!) "because to me. Jetta, ya seem a little to (lot) self involved, to make it past , let's say high school and therefore, I really don't think that besides make-up and whining you won't have much of a career!! So sorry, hon!! ANYWAY!! STILL IT WAS ENJOYABLE TO READ EVEN IF IT WAS LAST YEAR!! CHEERS TO ALL!!

  • Great app

    by tommy caviness

    This app is very good a. Lot of radio stations to choose from

  • Good app

    by Evanmav

    I love the app but sometimes when you have personal shows that you add to get news to or celebs the info is either not for the show or not up to date. There have been many times when I've read something about a show that's big news and it hasn't showed up on this app. I mean overall I love the app it just needs some fixing

  • Mrs.

    by KB92646

    Wow Jetta calm down seriously

  • Awesome app!

    by Jetta J

    @"Boring" you're an absolute idiot for thinking you could watch movies on their app. Plus, you gave them only one star because you are evidently incapable of reading the app description??? Nowhere in it does it state that you are able to watch movies using their app. You would do humanity a huge service if you would please stay in your mothers basement scribbling on her walls with your crayons. Seriously, you are a moron.

  • Love it!

    by Is this name taken yet?!?

    Good companion to the regular imdb app.

  • Great job!

    by Beewad

    Slick app, good use of info

  • Finally!

    by ddenisa

    A good source of movie news! Yes!!

  • That APP is good

    by Anthony in MD.

    I really enjoy checking this app out almost everyday for my entertainment news, also like how you can send a story to a friend via SMS message.

  • The

    by TerrellYutzie


  • Great new entertainment app

    by Hadetbra

    Love that I can do all my guilty pleasure catch ups with one app from IMDB!

  • Why Only 4.02???

    by GRJR721

    Hello IMDb why are you only making Apps with 4.02 or later Updates!!! Not Everyone on the planet.... wants/afford/needs/affords the update software/hardware!!!!

  • Fantastic!!

    by Drew Pisano #10

    This is easily the best entertainment news app ever! I love it

  • Love this app!

    by Jesse Guajardo

    IMDB should have done this earlier. It's easier than having to search for your favorite celeb. The news comes to you.

  • Tacky

    by Ke dollar sign ha ROX my sox

    To promote "Crash Landing" as a companion piece to the tragic plane crash in CT where lives were lost is absolutely tacky ... deleting this app immediately.

  • Doesn't work!

    by Saralb24

    The app works fine as long as I am in the "buzz" section, but as soon as I try to go to the "more" page to read more articles from various news sources, it gives me a network error and says that I can't connect to imdb at this time. Once I go back to buzz, everything is fine. If this doesn't get fixed, I'm going to uninstall because I downloaded the app specifically for entertainment news, and there are always only a few stories under the buzz section. Please fix!

  • Network Error

    by Echoespf

    I love this app but for the last 2 weeks it's giving me a Network error and I can't read any stories. I've deleted and reinstalled a few times and still not working.

  • Boring!

    by Kajlol

    Boring so bad. I thaught I could watch some movies on it

  • Great app

    by vertigo2712

    Sleek, functional, efficient. Another winner from IMDb.

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