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Languages: English

Seller: Iddiction, Inc.

* Bug fixes
Your ballin pics were too cool for school, and the app couldn't handle it. So we beefed up the numbers on the swag-o-meter and now the app doesn't crash.

* Improved stability
We put the app on a constant diet of 40oz energy drinks so it will run faster than ever.

* Enhanced image processing
With our improved HAWT+™ facial recognition algorithm, decorating your dome has never been easier!

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873 Ratings
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4228 Ratings


FREE for a limited time - Thanksgiving Special (Save $1.99)

Pimp My Hair delivers hilarious hairdo’s and hair-don’ts. Go from blah to baller in no time.

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“So awesome” - Faux News
“Totally worth it” - Fawbes
“Hilarious” - President Omaha

Pimp My Hair is the best thing that has ever happened to your face. Snap a pic or choose one from your library and let our revolutionary hair-matching algorithm automagically take you from fugly to fabulous. Then pick from an array of hand-crafted colors created by our professional, in-house stylists. Add your own witty caption and boom -- you are now pimpin.

+ 40 different hairstyles!
+ 8 awesome colors!
+ Move and scale the wig so it fits just right!
+ Add your own hilarious captions!
+ Share the pic on Facebook and Twitter!

This app is perfect. But if for some reason you don’t think so, please email pimpmyhair@iddiction.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/pimpmyhairapp
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pimpmyhairapp

Brought to you by the makers of I’d Cap That -- http://idcapth.at

Customer Reviews

  • Lol lol

    by Ur average shopper

    This was so fun lol

  • This is a cool app

    by versna


  • Billy G

    by Billy Glenn

    Fun! Fun! Like it a lot!

  • Awesome

    by I Love It !!!!!!!

    Hehe awesome but needs more colors

  • Pimp My Pic

    by JTCLARK5

    This is the coolest app!!! You have to get it!!!

  • :) pretty good :)

    by Alanamonstie

    One problem but that's mine, I don't have camera, but problem about it is it doesn't get good face detection. All of all pretty good

  • Kdodsiusjx

    by Pandasaremine12345

    This as so funny! I made the president have bright purple hair! It was hilarious

  • Awesome!!!!!!!!!8!!!!!!!!!&&&&!!!!!!!!$73$.$$.)2$.$ bbshx

    by D32475225


  • Cool!!!

    by Ave watergirl

    Cool, but a problem when you have lighting problems in the picture... there is no blonde color option!!!!

  • Cool

    by iluvskittys:D

    It's really cool not ONE flaw get it ppl

  • Funny buys it all

    by Jb is so hot!

    This game is so funny!! I LOVE it


    by PoopoopantsSpongebobSquar

    I love it get it its awesome !! If u like to humiliate, make one just for laughs, or if ur bored, it's the PERFECT APP!!! U can also make captions too its kinda like snap chat but u can post it too get it! Don't listen to the guy who said it crashed it doesn't for me or the other people! At least try it out!

  • Yep

    by Saxobeat laflair

    I really liked this app but after a while it starts to get boring. They should update it with new styles and colors. Mix it up a little

  • Sizzling

    by Ileah Dawn Hayes

    Wow your asome crazy to styling hair .my friend said you are crazy.

  • Great!!!

    by Bigearl7

    I have had a blast with this app!! Thank you.

  • Fun! And creative!

    by BaiBai24

    Awesome app!

  • new ideas for my hair

    by Silkiesbyname

    sweet .... lets me know which style i shld not go with!

  • Lets wig out!!

    by Briezee77

    Fun to make everyone look crazy and different

  • Get this app!

    by Auqamarine

    This app is so funny and really fun!

  • Conference Fun

    by WannaBCreative

    There were giggles and fun times while at conference. Glad to share these moments with friends and co-workers.

  • My god

    by Gsmnggjpp

    Really? wow...

  • Registration is broken!!

    by UNIX Engineer

    This app forces you to register but then FAILS when you use e-mail registration... so unless you allow it to use your Facebook account, it's worthless!

  • Horrible

    by CheatedOutOfMyMoney

    ...just junk.

  • Cool!

    by KimbersPix

    It's fun to see what you and your friends would look like with such different hair

  • Yay love it

    by Wil.she.is83

    Yay love it

  • Pimp hair

    by Tutu UNO

    So much fun!! I love it!

  • Trying out new 'do's.

    by Grammy*Pam

    This is a fun & easy way to make decisions abt your hair-do. I like to chg it up from time to time & this may provide the courage to do more or different things. Fun! (No particular reason for a 4 rating other than I am a harsh critic.)

  • Fun although

    by Jerry724

    I wish it would give Weekly if not Monthly up dates. ya know new styles of hair to mess around with on your photos then I would rate it 5 stars

  • Pimp my hair

    by fallon queeney

    It is a good and fun app.

  • Fun

    by Jotorc

    This app is fun to use.

  • It's my apinnon!

    by Lilobuggy

    I hate this app!!!!!!

  • Fun!

    by Soozyermama

    It's great that you can zoom in / out to customize face size and adjust. Can use with kids too. Adding some more styles would make it better.

  • WAS great

    by hailey:))

    it WAS great but now it wont let me get into PLZ FIX!!!

  • Pimp my hair

    by Jack vandy

    I get to mail it cool.

  • Pimp my hair

    by Twetede1984

    It's ok needs new things to add to pictures it's got to do something spatacular to grab the people because there's better ones out there

  • Pimp my hair

    by Mhdhdjfjfjdj

    5 star

  • Cool !

    by Teterry

    I love this app ! It's so much fun !

  • Hair

    by Yorkie8

    Lots of fun! I really enjoy

  • Fun fun fun

    by robadkins00

    Lots of hair. Easy to use. Fun To share.

  • Lol

    by Kell~i

    Fun when you're bored

  • Pimp my hair

    by Marmeff

    Lots of FUN!!

  • Pimp my hair

    by Lexi101964

    So funny.love it.best hair style game.

  • Pimp my hair

    by Skjfktfswtg

    This is a good app but it keeps crashing and I have to download it again every time plz fix app and then I'll rate it better I will go to it more if you add more hairs

  • It's beast!!!

    by Letershake 1014

    Love it its the best. January 9,2013

  • Tons of fun!!!

    by Bigbuttsooz

    Good for some great laughs!

  • Quiksilver

    by quikkguy


  • Fun to use:)

    by Ssugibabo

    Fun to use it!!

  • Fggh

    by Qweeruip

    I love this app and trying different hair styles

  • Awesome

    by Ffdvjgsvhkkrewhikqklcf

    I can change my brothers hair and show his girl friend

  • Fun!

    by herbn

    Fun to play with, but not very useful for picking out a hairstyle.

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