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Languages: English

Seller: Iddiction, Inc.

- iOS7 compatibility
- Bug fixes

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I’d Cap That takes your normal photo and selects the perfect, most hysterically crude caption and slaps it on top. If you don't LOL right away, refresh the caption for optimal hilarity. You and your friends will have an absolute blast capping your pics. Never before has anything ever made you laugh this hard.

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Hundreds of absurdly hysterical captions to turn your iPhone pics into hilarious works of art! Humiliate your friends and family -- share it on Facebook and Twitter!

• Hundreds of hilarious and crude captions
• Refresh captions
• Choose from your library or use your camera
• Share the photo on FB and Twitter

Tell us what you really think. Email support@iddiction.com with caption suggestions and feedback.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/idcapthat
Twitter: @IdCapThat
Web: http://idcapth.at

Customer Reviews

  • by Sydney__________________

    Some of them aren't very "appropriate" but they are always hilarious. Love the app! Needs more captions though.


    by  MrBluSkies

    This app is probably the funniest app I have ever come across!

  • Awesome!

    by JayGCee 

    Great app

  • So awesome

    by Rawr17651976

    Hours of endless fun!

  • Cap it

    by Smart girl (Michala)

    This app is awesome cuz u get to cap bad things abut ur enemy's

  • F***ing Awesome

    by Iletumi

    I love it! Hilarious

  • Boob

    by Slut76

    It was awesome and addictive I would totally tell my friend about it

  • Good captions

    by Ice baby 33

    Great app

  • Funny

    by Pookster361

    Wow first tome using it and it was the funniest "cap" i read for a while literally made me laugh to tears


    by Roll tide22jt

  • Great!

    by Xixlovexpiex

    Hilarious. A bit inappropriate, but still fun!

  • Loved it!

    by Margot_lol

    Gosh it was freaking awesome! I laughed like a lot haha really cool ;)

  • Awesome!!

    by <3 this book (amazing)

    It's really fun and easy to use! It makes reallly funny posts for social networks like Instagram or Facebook:)

  • by Sarazeen

    I laughed my head off! Brilliant! Absolutely, outrageously AWESOME!

  • M

    by ..::mo::..

    Simple fun! Love it

  • Review

    by JayelleHB1977


  • I'd cap that

    by  Ninjakiller8889

    Id cap that is awsome

  • LOVE IT!!

    by Frandiego33

    I can cap random photos!!!

  • Funny But....

    by DoNotBuyThisAtAll

    I love this app! It's hilarious! But... THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY ADS! Please fix that or it would be a 5 stars

  • Hilarious

    by philadelphia_pa1818

    Super funny

  • Gets old fast

    by  Biggest Winner O

    First 30-40 captions are funny then they just get stupid not worth the money

  • Not so great

    by Nerdygirl17

    I think this app is outrageously horrible. I at least clicked on the app 10 times and every time it turned off I definitely think this app could be a lot better

  • Meh

    by ozzijish

    Not user friendly

  • Was cool.....Now CRAP

    by Coryfisher

    I used to have soooooo much fun with this ap but I'm now deleting it due to the EXCESSIVE number of ads. Won't even risk upgrading either due to the reviews of excessive ads on the paid version. Why can't things just stay cool?!?!

  • ADS

    by Urnom:))))

    too many ads!!!!

  • Weak

    by miggiesmalls

    icaption is better

  • LOL

    by Youcanttouch_this

    It's not bad but is really funny

  • Stupid

    by GravitykingWes 

    Why would I want to read random captions. I downloaded to create my own but instead I got a random caption generator that makes no sense

  • Ads...

    by Me llamo llama

    If it weren't for the in-your-face ads this would easily be 5 stars

  • Ok

    by Maker5,000

    I like it but I hate the ads- no ads=awesome 5 star app

  • Good app

    by kira cook

    App is good

  • Too many ads

    by Cb_132

    The "in-your-face" ads greatly detract from the fun of the app.

  • Bored

    by Habbubika 

    Some don't make sense

  • Fun app

    by Caboomer

    Love the premise and most captions are funny but would like more that are not as crude.

  • Awesome

    by  alexanddder


  • Apps

    by I'm a zebra lover

    Good app!!

  • Nice app

    by rabid music listener

    This app can now caption your Facebook photos, this is now a great app.

  • rockn

    by rh3r33

    i like it

  • Awesomeness

    by Shush chucked shehdcijrveffgt

    Hilarious every time

  • Pretty good ⭐️⭐️⭐️

    by Donna haugh

    This is really funny, but the reason why there is only 3 stars is because of the ads. If there was no ads in this app, then this would easily get 5 stars.

  • Just cuz it's vulgar doesn't mean it works.

    by Grateful Nerd

    To be fair, the app showed a warning it might not be appropriate for ages less than 17yrs old. Anyways, I was expecting some sort of algorithm that would guess the content of the picture and add a caption that would match the content (as seems to be the case in the app's sample picture in the App Store). What this app seems to be doing is simply putting random vulgar expressions as captions to the pictures, regardless of what the content of the picture is. I tried it with a picture of a sandwich, a little kid, an elderly person, two people walking together, and a butterfly. I want to say that just because the captions use vulgarity and talk about being drunk does not mean it works the same way the name and picture imply (found a couple so wrote a funny/cute caption about it). Maybe the app deserves a name change or something less "perfect" for an App Store picture. Anyway, not worth my time & storage space... Deleting.

  • Update ruined this app!

    by Caption fail

    App worked great before the update on 11/10/2013 but now, there's only two captions that continue to display

  • Shah

    by Shahleeg laser

    I love it so much

  • Awesome

    by Xisionvision

    This app is worth getting for making homemade funny memes

  • I'd cap that

    by Jennasonico

    I can't be believe people are offended!! This app is awesome! I love to take pictures of my kids then read the caption. Lol

  • Wow

    by moinique102

    Nevr had so much fun

  • Hilarious

    by Young swag6

    It's amazingly funny!!

  • Grrrrreat!

    by Vernykj


  • Offensive and expensive

    by MarciAxsor

    They want to charge for everything and 90% of the caps are offensive. Not worth it!

  • Good

    by Kbear254


  • Stupid.

    by Amy Lynn0907

    Most of the captions are stupid or gross. Didn't even have this app for 5 mins. Maybe I have s terrible since of humor.

  • I LOVE IT!

    by Pizza LOLOLOL BOOM

    I had a pic of someone I hate and it TOO FUNNY!

  • Crashes a lot

    by Grass clipper 

    Great app! But it crashes very often and when it does it crashes at least 3 times in a row.

  • Perfect

    by jenthehairchick

    HOW DOES IT KNOW? The captions seem to bring out one particular feature of the pic. Often offensive, which is why I love this app!

  • Awesome

    by ELFlobes


  • Funny but inappropriate

    by Razor1701

    There are many funny captions, but the warning for mature audiences should be heeded.

  • Hate it!

    by David Ragusa

    This app is SO stupid it doesn't even work! I hate it! Worst app I have ever tried!

  • Don't waste your time.

    by AxelXeron

    This app is riddled with ads and is not worth the time of closing them. Find something else.

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