I'd Cap That® 2 With Animated GIF Camera Entertainment App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: Iddiction, Inc.

-Bug fixes

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"★★★★★ - Absolutely hysterical"

✔ Animated GIF mode
✔ Gorgeous new design
✔ Hundreds of fresh captions

The sequel to the wildly popular I'd Cap That. We've taken old faithful and given her a major facelift. Beautiful new design! New features! More captions! What are you waiting for?!

→ Snap or choose a pic
→ Let the app pic a caption
→ LOL until you can't feel your face

→ Refresh captions
→ Edit captions
→ Choose from a list of captions
→ So. Many. Captions.

→ Share GIFs and pics
→ Facebook support
→ Twitter support
→ Myspace support

Please use I'd Cap That 2 responsibly. If you are easily offended, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP.

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome

    by Iletumi

    I love it

  • It's da best

    by Natukgh

    Perfect for any sexual and or intimate moment

  • Love it

    by Jswizzbeat

    It's cool and fun

  • Great start, but bugs need to be fixed

    by MKings Studois

    I was trying to upload a homemade gif to iFunny that I captioned using this app, and iFunny said that it wasn't a gif anymore. Please fix this bug so I can caption my gifs fast! _Fruit

  • by Joceygee95

    Pretty Legit.

  • Help!

    by TQMEK

    I am so confused! How do you use the GIF camera?

  • So funny

    by mrmacmark123

    Funny Just funny

  • I'd cap that photo

    by Ethan f bessler

    I love this awesome app because its got great graphics and good picturing and placing of the words. 5 stars. So I suggest this would be the app for u if you like swore words and and great words and picture placing.

  • It is pretty good

    by MarkKotzan

    It is fun getting a picture and then put words with the picture and i think that it is really fun to play and do!

  • /.^

    by Miriamleon


  • But not for kids

    by Hoelzlea

    There's a lot of adult humor but funny, very funny!

  • I hate

    by Sexy cani

    I hate u guys because we can t even take to pictures when u take one losers

  • Awesome!!

    by Five knuckle punch

    Great app lol


    by Tinkynyc

    It's great !

  • Hilarious!

    by Alaina New

    I love it!

  • Cool

    by lbu4life

    Cool stuff

  • Really funny

    by Will-Meador

    You should get more captions though

  • Great

    by Richard Rejefski

    Awesome gif mode, but it won't let me upload to tumblr, I push the button and it does nothing.

  • Amazing

    by Kysabuggs

    I have not have more fun with pics. I love this app

  • User

    by Jyogo

    Hysterical!!!! What a great laugh. Easy to use and

  • Needs bug fix

    by Ryan7251

    The in app pop up advertisement is fine, but you can only minimize it and so it prevents you from being able to use any of the buttons, yielding the app useless. First edition great with fast "capping" while the first minute that I was able to use the new edition (before app banner pops up) it takes too long and there are too many steps to finally get to the "cap" screen A few big fixes would be fantastic making this app as great as the first edition

  • Ad banner removes function

    by CarbonDJ

    When your ad banner prevents you from utilizing the buttons on the app, and said ad banner cannot be closed, and is already minimized, you have a failure.

  • Crashes

    by No way Joséf


  • Junk

    by Matt N. M.

    Locked up my phone. iOS 7

  • Laggy

    by Claytontreat10

    Good app but shuts down every time

  • This app is bad

    by E$7e

    This app has the worst jokes there all childish and not funny they are also corny

  • I dont recommend

    by Hfjdjsjdhcchcjh

  • Does not work with in iOS7

    by J F

    App freezes at launch and will not continue beyond that

  • Awwwwwwwwwwwwww yyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaa

    by Cocacole1


  • App

    by Kiddcuddi

    This app is amazing. I love it!

  • Needs to be funnier

    by UrbanEbo

    Love it needs funnier captions tho

  • Great app

    by J dog big pimpin

    I love this app

  • Awesome n funny


    Cool app

  • Love it!

    by GOTTAKEN13

    Love it...spread some butter on it

  • Love this App!

    by Meandyou000000

    Love it!

  • Amazing app

    by Christopolis 98

    Amazing app

  • Funny

    by Dlicious69


  • Greatness

    by Davevonte

    This is dope must download

  • I love it(:

    by joser86

    It's funny and good for all occasions haha

  • No stars

    by bham124

    It was horrible!!!!!!! The captions don't make sense!!!! I put a pic of a phone case and the caption said it smells like tuna in here!!!! Uh HELLO people cell phone cases don't have noses!!!!! I hate this app

  • Way too entertained to get out if bed

    by Bonfuega

    Love this app. Currently laughing too hard to put my phone down.

  • !!!

    by Toobadiboughtit


  • Excellent!!

    by Bobo Gigio

    Can't stop...

  • G

    by Supertrongabe


  • Please change it back

    by Athena10:p

    Miss the old captions. The ones now aren't funny

  • Doesn't support animated gif photos?

    by Ruin420

    If you try and load one, it tells you to please choose a static photo because it is not supported?

  • I'd cap that

    by Becca_Schr.

    This app is so great

  • Awesome

    by Michael62601

    I especially love the gif maker! Although the captions aren't what they used to be. YOU SHOULD ADD TOGGLE 17+ button!!!!

  • Awful

    by icon22

    Doesn't actually make gifs. It only adds immature tag lines to photos.

  • Do you

    by OtherTanner

    Enjoy French toast

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