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FREE for a limited time (Save $1.99). Shrink your friends today!

Face Shrink automatically, accurately and instantly shrinks all the faces in your PHOTOS creating the most hilarious pictures you have ever taken.

“Advanced technology with supremely hilarious results” - Appoday.com

The NEWEST addition to the Face Bomb! and Face Swap! series. Face Shrink! is HYSTERICAL.

▪ Automatically detects faces
▪ Perfect for group photos
▪ Shrink unlimited faces

▪ Proprietary automatic face shrinking algorithm

▪ Select photos from Facebook
▪ Shrink your friends' faces
▪ Share via Facebook, Twitter or email

Face Shrink! automatically shrinks every face in your photo while leaving head sizes untouched. What results is an absolutely hysterical effect. Prank your friends, shrink all of their Facebook photos!

Please email facebomb@iddiction.com with any feedback.

Instagram & Twitter: @facebomb
Facebook: facebook.com/facebombapp
Interwebs: iddiction.com/facebomb

Customer Reviews

  • Almost there

    by Emmybella8

    This app is almost funny every time I shrink my self I never laugh I mean maybe just a little bit it's almost there maybe if you could add a really funny feature you would be there! 5 stars!

  • Makes me look better than usual! : )

    by Orthorock1


  • Haha This is rly funny

    by EmmaGraceFunGirl

    Hilarious. I made won of my uncle and he just roared. Get it if you know what good for you!!

  • Face shrink

    by Annie1223

    Enjoyed face shrink makes you want to laugh


    by DosChi14

    LOL I ♥ it. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

  • Funny app XD

    by April Dean

    Makes you want to laugh

  • Really Fun but one thing...

    by Menckwkfmr

    This app is really addicting and fun and all good. But it would be a bit better if you could face shrink animals. Is there a possibility you can add that feature?

  • Great

    by TobyBossah

    Great app but why is it crashing all of a sudden? Same with I'd cap that 2 is happening.

  • It's ok.

    by Seanthewhite

    I really don't understand why it needs to put a watermark on all the photos, and why it pops up with adds. I payed two dollars for the darn thing, so I should be getting this! Also, it has problems detecting faces a lot. Wouldn't make this purchase again.

  • Best photo app ever

    by Coolcam24

    I love this app. Best photo app ever, works just like it shows in the pics. So easy to use.

  • 10 stars!!

    by Movie Master 3d

    Amazing i LOVE this app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Best app ever

    by Bdhdhnsbakn

    I think that this app is so so good and it is really funny

  • Funny

    by Don't freeze

    I love making fun of people

  • by 1D

    App so awesome

  • Lol

    by (alliso)

    The first time I used it i couldn't stop laughing download it now

  • Great thing to do when bored

    by Gameman101

    I'm sick and i used the app I laughed so hard!!!!!

  • Cool app


    It's fun to play this game. ( I love it )

  • Love the app!

    by Killerxluis

    Love it!

  • Cool app

    by Harold Bernard

    Very funny, funny like a clown funny.

  • FUN!

    by Savy923

    this app is awesome!!

  • Face not found

    by Ghhnghrefhitscbjyfhkkrcvju

    If they were half as worried about making a decent face detector as they are with bombarding you with ads, this app would be a lot better. Can't even use it because it won't recognize any faces at all.

  • Well that sucked

    by Clammmmm19

    Whenever I tried taking a picture an error came up that read "No face found." That's not fun...

  • Such a bad app

    by Apjfltirb

    This app is absolutely horrible. It can't read any faces at all. "No faces found" on every single picture. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GARBAGE

  • Garbage

    by Kateetajsjxhcysihdf

    This app is garbage all it said every time i took a picture was "face not found " total load of poop


    by Alec Fisher

    Never detects face!!!

  • Doesn't work help

    by Pooooooooopiooo

    Every time i take a picture it said there was no face in the picture.the app can't detect my face I tried a million times

  • NO FACES!!

    by Sashentu

    I keep trying but noooo it says no face found no face found.. Plz fix!!!!!

  • Face not found

    by Michael Swartz

    It didn't matter what I tried from my photos no face found , from FB photos no face found and even with camera se result !!!!

  • Hay day

    by Rate$$$

    This game, so after the update all it does is say connecting connecting contacting contacting

  • Junk!!!!

    by Sherpashire

    This app as well as their other does not work. It never detects a face!!!!!!EVER!!!!!!!!!

  • Does not work

    by Munaver

    No matter how many pics I take it keeps saying no faces found...


    by Will_Koz

    This app used to be fun. What the he11 happened? All it says is NO FACE FOUND. IM USING A SENIOR PICTURE! FIX THIS!!!!!

  • Bad app

    by Mdjsjeipl

    Every time I take a picture of my face it says face not found even if the face identification is on my face same thing No face found

  • Eh it's ok

    by My little sharky

    I think it's ok but there is always a blur around the shrinked face and it's so annoying

  • Horrible

    by Catherine5442

    Always leaves a black circle horrible I hate it, it makes me mad I would give it 5 stars if there wasn't a black circle I would give it 0 stars if I could but no u people have to be so selfish BYE

  • Bad app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Isabella pizano

    This app is really bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ads

    by djinfected

    I paid for this app, so why does it have ads in it?

  • Um...

    by vito74

    Yeah this app would be cool if it stopped crashing.

  • Not very good

    by BarisSeker

    Tried on a few photos and face shrinks weren't very good.

  • No editing

    by Rodriguez0515

    Fun app but it doesn't fit to people's face right ... Like face bomb you can edit the picture but this one you cant


    by Micah3434

    I love this app! I also love face bomb and face swap. All the pictures make me laugh!

  • Amazing!!

    by Hatluvr



    by matt90915


  • The best in the Face Bomb series!

    by Andrayx

    Face Shrink! works like magic! The best prank ok my Facebook friends photos ever!

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