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Seller: Iddiction, Inc.

- Bug fixes

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“The most HILARIOUS face cloning technology on the market” -Appoday.com

Face Bomb! automatically, accurately and instantly clones all the faces in your photos creating the most hilarious pictures you have ever taken.

"Must-have for the prankster in all of us" -iPhone App Review

PRO TIP: Tap to rotate and resize each face

BONUS: Prank your friends and clone faces from THEIR Facebook photos

▪ Automatically detects faces
▪ Perfect for group photos
▪ Clone unlimited faces

▪ Proprietary automatic face cloning algorithm
▪ Pinch, zoom, scale, and rotate
▪ Zoom-in for horrifying accuracy

▪ Select your or your friends photos
▪ Swap your friends' Facebook photos
▪ Share via Facebook, Twitter or email

Jealous of how attractive your friend is? Repulsed by someone's ugly face? Why should they get all the attention? Face Bomb! takes his or her face and clones it over everyone else. Now everyone has a chance at the limelight.

"If you get a kick out of turning cute and sweet photos into abhorrent nightmares, I can’t recommend this app enough." -The iPhone App Review

This app is perfect. But if for some reason you don’t think so, please email facebomb@iddiction.com

Instagram & Twitter: @facebomb
Facebook: facebook.com/facebombapp
Interwebs: iddiction.com/facebomb

Customer Reviews

  • So Cool

    by TyHol718

    Sooo AWESOME I did one and my brothers face became a karate punching dummie's!!!

  • Ja

    by Nsjshevedksowpakadbdbdndjejh


  • Bomb

    by NatashiMui

    Pretty funny


    by MonsterCatMedia


  • Ok

    by He is not into you

    It's ok. It can be very funny with friends and family but not paying actual money.

  • Cool

    by gregory blake

    This is awesome but the adds are getting tricky.

  • best app ever

    by Abdulrahman mushriq

    best app ever

  • Getting better!

    by Brytur

    Super happy the no face found problem is gone, but the ads are being weird now and they make it tricky to use the app!

  • funniest app in the App Store!

    by AnjaCota

    best $ I've ever spent!

  • Crash

    by Rljdajis

    It keeps crashing

  • Crashing issues

    by Ian teh conquerurr

    Usually an excellent app. However, I'm not quite sure if it was the update to iOS7 or an update to the app itself, but I'm experiencing issues with the app crashing when Facebombing photos in my picture feed or accessing Facebook photos. If these issues could be fixed, that'd be A+

  • Crashing issues

    by Ian teh conquerurr

    Usually an excellent app. However, I'm not quite sure if it was the update to iOS7 or an update to the app itself, but I'm experiencing issues with the app crashing when Facebombing photos in my picture feed or accessing Facebook photos. If these issues could be fixed, that'd be A+

  • Crashes a lot

    by Fbcrash1247

    It is pretty funny and entertaining but tends to crash when I try to open Facebook so I can use some of my friend's pictures. Overall it is pretty fun, but seriously need to fix it. It is getting annoying.

  • Horrible

    by DSCT1230

    Save your money! This doesn't even work! It says that I need" two or more faces" when I do,waste of Money

  • The first pay to PAY ap I've seen

    by Beta0412

    First you have to buy it. Then while using it you are bombarded with ads. Oh then you have to pay again if you don't want their stupid watermark in your photo. Idiot developers. I hope they lose money on this trash.

  • Save your money.

    by LindyBelle

    I usually don't review anything, but this is so bad I decided to. The game would be fun if it actually worked, but everytime I want to facebomb it fails to recgonize more than one face. Even when the picture CLEARLY depicts more than one face. Fix this, or else people will keep giving bad reviews. A shame, really, because this game had so much potential.

  • Sucky

    by 1,0007,454,321 tons of awesome

    I would put zero stars but I can't and it is a waste of money

  • Terrible

    by Dndman

    Doesn't work

  • Horrible app

    by illiniweck

    It doesn't work because every time I take a picture it has an error box pop up. Waste of my money!

  • Garbage

    by Enoclaf

    I paid for this and it's littered with so many ads that it's unusable. Deleted right away. Technology doesn't even work well. Stick to face juggler. DO NOT BUY

  • Paid app, loaded with ads

    by Traps McGee

    Seriously an app you pay for that has ads? Not just some ads at the top or bottom, this thing bombards you with them. I want my .99 back

  • Not working

    by Razorsoure

    Still not working !!!

  • Where is the update!

    by Sux2much

    Bought this app thinking it would work. Where is the &@?!ing update!

  • Junk

    by Sherpashire

    Never detects 2 faces on ANY photo!!!!!!!

  • Doesn't work at all

    by Leathal86

    I tried uploading any and all pictures to swap any faces and it says their aren't any faces to be swapped... Getting a refund

  • Not that great

    by Sara bear

    I do not like how it reads Faces. I tried to do it with 3 people but it does not work so good.

  • Still doesn't work iOS 7

    by Bulk Hogan

    Every picture says that 2 faces are required. They clearly are. Happens on every pic. How can you release an update that doesn't fix this?

  • Doesn't work

    by Andre is Listening

    Even though it is a paid app, it's full of ads. Oh, and it DOESNT WORK.

  • Awful

    by Tyler harwood

    If I could put 0 stars then I would

  • Does not work on IOS 7.0.3

    by fkanellis

    Stopped working after the upgrade. It fails to recognize any faces on the photos (photos that worked before) and gives error that there are no faces available to swap. I can't believe they have not addressed this issue and issues an upgrade yet!

  • Won't work

    by Jcas92

    It says you must have 2 faces in the photo, when i clearly do. Don't waste your time, i wish there was a way i could report you guys for this piece of trash app.

  • Won't Work

    by zacharyy_your_face

    No matter what picture I select, I get the "at least two faces required" message. Every. Single. Time. Waste of $2 until they fix this.

  • Stopped working

    by portorikan

    And it obnoxiously promotes their own apps with in app pop ups. Every single time you open the app. Every. Single. Time.

  • keeps crashing!!!

    by Hehehehehahahahahohohoho

    every time I try to use this app it opens for a couple seconds then it just crashes

  • Crashes!!!!

    by Cool gu7

    Used to love this app but now it crashes on all of my Apple devices!!! Please fix!!!

  • Still doesn't work.

    by Smoosnews

    Still doesn't work. Error that it needs more than one face.

  • Still just as bad as before

    by kdhackett

    Concept is cool but this app have never worked for me. No matter what picture I choose it always comes up with an error message stating that two or more faces are required when there are clearly 2+ faces in the photo. This message appears on every picture I select.

  • Absolutely horrible

    by Unknown6327

    This app crashes on startup every time and is unusable because of it.

  • Crashing

    by Carrie Sweet

    Fix the constant crashing, it very annoying. Never works

  • Crash

    by None of ur business12 10

    I downloaded a long time ago and it worked fine. I recently downloaded it again and it crashes a lot

  • Crashing and advertisement

    by Chedderdie

    Before you even get to check out this app you have 2 pages of advertisements and the you can try and make some magic... Oops, it crashes once you get to editing. Keep trying, I'm not impressed and feel like I have wasted my money.

  • Lame

    by NoLuv4Hoz

    Paid money for an app that doesn't work.

  • always crashes!!!!!!!!!!!

    by the toys

    i can't do it because it crashes!!!!!fix it

  • Bug

    by Jumpin' Jehosaphat

    Crashes on access to library on iPhone 5s.

  • Crashes!

    by txbird74

    This crashes immediately.

  • Crap

    by Tuckylove2848362

    Crashes every time I try to face bomb a picture.

  • CRAP!!

    by Brandonzilla5

    It's horrible can't do anything without it crashing and way to many ads and pop ups I HIGHLY SUGGEST NOT GETING IT!

  • Does not work

    by Needs pancakes

    App crashes when configuring. Needs fixing!!!!!!!

  • Stupid

    by TheSiIentSniper

    It's crashing like a b#&$@

  • Crashes, don't buy it

    by SuperMarioBrosss

    It doesn't launch using iOS 7.. I'm so upset cuz I paid 1.99$ for this crap, I feel cheated, you guys need to fix it!!!!!! otherwise I want my money back, don't buy it

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