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Customer Reviews

  • Hd

    by Siajchhfxwequ


  • Good

    by Basketball Baller104022

    This app is amazing I love it.

  • Game

    by Shawnman4397

    This app is amazing

  • Good apps every day

    by Kszpek

    Very nice app

  • Needs a silencer like CNN & FreeAppMagic

    by Kplan23

    Update. The sound can be turned off, but not from within the app. Go to settings. Go down past the regular settings and you'll see an alphabetized list of some of your apps. Find App-o-day and the option to turn off sound is there. No more irritating sound. I've raised my rating to 5 stars as promised. This app delivers one highly rated daily. Too many games for my taste, but it works flawlessly. My only issue with the app is the startup sound. It's very irritating to me and those around me. I usually try to turn off the iPhone's sound switch, but have missed important calls and alerts because I forgot to turn it back on. FreeAppMagic has a mute mode. CNN bowed to public pressure to install a mute mode. Please give us that option and you get 5 stars.

  • Pretty good

    by Weasel tron

    I wish there would be some fps games though like call of duty zombies or something. O.K.!

  • Great

    by Ashcjck13453


  • Appaday

    by Lego lover damian

    This is the greatest app a day ever.

  • Okay?

    by Banana132789

    They should have more deals like there should be like more apps maybe 3 or 4 there's an app like that so app of day should do that... Just a suggestion but it will help

  • Nice

    by Aiden gamer


  • Ommpaloommmpa

    by Kissmmybutt

    Great app. And it isn't even a cheat app where you do have to pay for your apps!!

  • Frosty

    by frosty ruiter

    It good

  • My thoughts on this app

    by Pho3n1x 15251


  • Appoday

    by Shayshay0209

    I give it 4 stars beacuse it only lets u download on per day any it notifies you

  • Good

    by Austinmcadams


  • Me

    by Gera cupcake


  • Muy conveniente.

    by AnaDuKristal

    Rara vez tengo la oportunidad de comprar aplicaciones, así que queda excelente para buscar apps útiles y divertidas.

  • More apps

    by Jesus Martinez 38

    More apps!!!!!!

  • The app is great

    by Cab1019

    Please, please, please fix the set up to connect to Facebook. There's always an error when I try to connect to it. Says the developers haven't made a way to connect to it.

  • Not bad

    by RFD83

    Many applications like it…

  • Bad no good games

    by Oh tawdry


  • Cool

    by Centonforever

    I think this is really good

  • Cool

    by 12489280836423806424

    This is awesome I now know what stuff to get

  • Not bad

    by MythicFritz

    Not a bad app but I'm deleting it because I've never downloaded one of its suggestions in the two months I've had it.

  • Appoday's games

    by 135705036

    I like appoday I just think appoday should get better games...

  • Amazing

    by Jerron S

    Awesome app

  • Appoday

    by Blah blah blah awesome

    Best app ever and great personalized exclusive deals

  • Amazing

    by Mnfao


  • Jgh

    by Abi342


  • Great app

    by 75th ranger regement

    This is a great idea of a app

  • Awesome

    by Ladievà

    So cool I love how it doseint download by its self

  • Awesome

    by Wildsd

    This app is the best

  • coooooooooool

    by nnnnnnnnn mmnmmmmmmm

    Very cool game

  • Awesome

    by TRafaels

    Best app I have!

  • Fine

    by Thatapptho

    It's an ok app but the problem I have with it is that it's picks random apps that are paid at least let us get a genre list but its fine 3 out of 5 stars

  • Good

    by Cameron56

    Recommend you buy this.

  • Amazing

    by -jocey

    I love how u can have a peek for tomorrow's app and it saves u money! Havnt had any problems with this app. So far so good!

  • FU#K this app

    by MikeyJEF

    Do not download this app it is basically just another GENUIS that is already built in to the App Store it's BS

  • Appoday

    by Parker aka: white furry

    I recommend this app to every one

  • Ab

    by Sj skidded


  • Great App

    by Sonics 3DS

    It's a good app

  • Great

    by Paolamahone_

    It's a good app..

  • I like it

    by Jacobnealo

    I like it

  • Awesome

    by Duckstooooory

    A awesome app

  • Awesome

    by Lil Shady 233


  • Good app

    by Bryce Kennedy

    It's really nice

  • App

    by Mana321-123


  • Cool

    by bf4player37

    This app is cool

  • appoday

    by Atklbrown

    best app for getting even better apps!

  • Appoday

    by Im crazy all day


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