I'd Cap That® 2+ With Animated GIF Camera Entertainment App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Iddiction, Inc.

-Bug fixes

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I'd Cap That 2+ is the best way to add HILARIOUS CAPTIONS to your pics and make your own ANIMATED GIFS. What are you waiting for? GET IT NOW!

▪ Animated GIF mode
▪ Gorgeous new design
▪ Hundreds of fresh captions

The sequel to the wildly popular I'd Cap That. We've taken old faithful and given her a major facelift. Beautiful new design! New features! More captions! What are you waiting for?!

▪ Snap or choose a pic
▪ Let the app pic a caption
▪ LOL until you can't feel your face

▪ Refresh captions
▪ Edit captions
▪ Choose from a list of captions
▪ So. Many. Captions.

▪ Share GIFs and pics
▪ Facebook support
▪ Twitter support
▪ Myspace support

Please use I'd Cap That 2 responsibly. If you are easily offended, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP.

Customer Reviews

  • Cool but ...

    by Chartab

    Cool but a I was expecting better caps.

  • Cool app

    by Mauriceswife

    I like the app it was fun but I had to change the listed captions. They are a little nasty. The gif program is a fun way to text my friends.

  • For the immature teenager

    by ButtLurker

    Dirty jokes, bad humor, but wonderful for a good laugh if you're in the mood for it!

  • :)

    by Endorsedname08

    (That's it)

  • Not to bad

    by Djstickem

    It's pretty cool for the GIF photos but the red banner keeps getting in the way of the photo button. I don't think when it shares to Facebook it shares as a GiFF


    by @)))))))))))))))))

    great app

  • Good app, ads in the way

    by Marco d'Andorra

    This is a great app, don't get me wrong. It serves it purpose, but the ads get in the way. If I'm paying for something why are there ads? Every time you open the app you have to watch a three second ad or look at Today's Featured App. It gets really annoying, especially because we are paying for this app. If these ads are taken down I'd give it five stars.

  • Cooool

    by TjFadix2020

    Awesome App

  • Keeps shutting down

    by SexySuzy71

    Pretty cool but its always shutting off on me and its annoying

  • Good but Slow

    by Oher

    Its really good but very very slow

  • Alright

    by rap lover 27

    I like it but it takes long to load on my phone. Not sure if anyone else has this problem..

  • Not Bad... Not Bad At All

    by Virgo The Thief

    Good app but needs a few adjustments

  • Could be better

    by Joel Hem

    Fun for a little while.

  • Cool

    by whatsnext_trj


  • Fun

    by Manoj M T

    Great app, lots of fun ideas!!

  • Love this App

    by Beveythib

    So funny

  • Cool

    by Perfect*cutie*pie*


  • None

    by el coocooy

    Its all right, nothin to brag about...PEACE

  • juanloverr:*

    by juanlover:*

    awesome app and funny

  • I cap that 2

    by Lil_mousey

    I love this app !!!!!!!

  • Vulgar & Profane!

    by 1Developer

    Can't believe Apple would allow such vulgarity in the App Store! Just disgustingly profane!!!

  • Pay for adds that block use

    by Foguinho67

    They make you pay for this app which still has adds that block the functions of the app you just paid for. Cool product ruined by greed. Fix needed.

  • No difference between none plus

    by Mike542

    They have the same exact ads. How deceiving smh...

  • Paid for this and ads are still all over

    by [.=.]

    I paid for this version and still have ads all over it! Cool app, but the ads actually cover some of the buttons you need to use. It's freaking ridiculous! I will never buy another app from these people! Don't buy it!

  • Red bar blocks all access

    by Ordinary Browser

    It looks like this is a cute adult themed app. However I cannot browse thru the captions to choose one because there is a RED LINE blocking the button. :( Fix it n I will give 5 stars.

  • Terrible

    by lauren graham fan

    I hate it, this is not for children. It talks about nasty stuff

  • I hate this app

    by Lulls up

    I also hate the first it's really rude so was the first i took a blank pic and was Suprised about what it said

  • Nasty for no reason!

    by Nerd Bird

    I should have known something was strange when it asked me if i was over 17 for an app that uses my own pictures. Every suggested caption (which is automatically generated when you choose a picture) was something crude and immature like "Let's bone". I was going to use this to put captions on pics of my kids but that's not gonna happen. Don't get this. Their unnecessary added humor is too much to take. I have never used the first app so maybe people like this sort of juvenile garbage.

  • That's it?!

    by Habla espanol?

    Basically an attempt to make adolescent humor easy to share. If that's what you're looking for then it does that alright. As a photo editing app, there isn't much to this and there are many more fully featured options available in the App Store.

  • Remove Ads!

    by Mrkez

    Buy the app to have ads constantly pop up while trying to use it. Really annoying.

  • Fun but bogged down with ads still

    by metal_gear_luigi

    This is still a good app and can get a lot of laughs out of you. That being said, they still have intrusive full screen ads in the paid app which really brings the experience down and is just bad business. Please take out the ads for the people that pay and support you guys. At the very least you cold make them less intrusive, they are pretty terrible and get very annoying.

  • Dirty text

    by Sarahbeartn4

    This app used to be funny, but now it's just dirty. I feel like I wasted my money paying for this app.


    by dmleandro

    Paid for the app and it is Ad infested. Annoying. Do not download.

  • Ffs

    by John The Brawn

    I paid for the app and there's still commercials. Freaking annoying

  • Freezes

    by Erbwtf

    This app wasn't worth the 0.99 ¢ . It freezes on iOS 7 , I can't even use it because it freezes as soon as I open it. Please update .



    This app doesn't work. An ad to buy developer's other apps keeps popping ap. these ad needs be gone specially if we paid for the app.

  • Irritating

    by Alexiskilgannonn

    I loved this app, but after iOS 7 all it does is crash and freeze.

  • Not vulgar enough

    by Allentown, PA Music Lover

    My friends and I are borderline inappropriate at all times this version isn't as raunchy as the first. Wish I bought that one instead.

  • Horrible

    by OG_T_Rex

    Can't even use it. Doesn't open.

  • Freezes all the time

    by McChisle

    I used to love this app and use it all the time but I recently tried to use it but it wouldn't open :(... I try to open it but when I try to click on Camera or any of the options it freezes for about 10 seconds and then a page pops up with all of your guys' apps and then I can't do anything... I've tried waiting it out but 5 minutes go by and nothing happens. Please fix and I will put a 5 star rating up

  • SLOW

    by Jeph T

    The app is slow and glitchy when opened. Also, I shouldn't be bothered with add app pop ups when I paid for an app.

  • Ads and iOS 7 freeze.

    by Kate Green

    App freezes with an ad on screen or just freezes on the home screen ever since iOS 7 update.

  • Ads and iOS 7 freeze.

    by Kate Green

    App freezes with an ad on screen or just freezes on the home screen ever since iOS 7 update.

  • Don't buy.

    by Dkfkfgkkfkfkgkgk

    This does not work and just crashes on my phone. I have the iPhone 4s. I paid for this and am very disappointed. I would not waste money. They need to work on fixing bugs so that the app does not crash. I love id cap that and I hope they fix the problem soon. Thanks. -A.

  • Crashes on iOS 7

    by Somebody who isn't a virgin

    Used to work fine, would be 3 star app if it worked. Only problem besides the crashing on iOS 7 is a lack of new captions because you'll burn through all of them fairly quick.

  • Great app when it worked developers haven't fixed it to work with iOS7

    by Jarubb

    Needs update BADLY but when it does work it's a handy app whether you just wanna make a photo funny or put in your own text the .gif function is great and easy to use.

  • This app is terrible

    by WorleyClarence

    0 stars (if 0 was an option). A pop up of iddiction's favorite apps appears and won't move, it freezes up.

  • Not working on iOS 7

    by 8r@dley

    Ever since iOS 7 update app doesn't work please update

  • Freezes on iOS 7

    by aimxplode

    This app freezes on iOS 7. Almost unusable.

  • Not good

    by Delomocos

    Can't actually EDIT a gif.

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