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Predict the future and read minds. Amazing and fun. Never look at the screen yet still know what people across the room or on a different continent are thinking. Your iPhone or their iPod touch.

Hand anyone your iPhone, let them freely think of a card and you'll know which one it was. Also allows you to "force" a card from a distance.

No internet access required. Pro-grade effect but easy to master.

Watch the amazing video demo on http://www.hottrix.com

Made with the technology behind AppCat the instant app maker: Make your own iPhone app in 2 minutes with AppCat: http://www.app.cat

Customer Reviews

  • Fooled them all

    by webadvisor777

    This is great fun. Very easy to do. I have a friend that does magic to meet girls and it took him years of practice. All I need is this app and I was doing card tricks at a party all night like he did.

  • Devintheking1

    by devinwiggins7

    LIKE 100%

  • ?

    by SexyElmoButt

    I find the instructions on this app rather confusing. I think it would help if you made an instructional video on how to do it. Otherwise i think it would be a rather amazing trick.

  • Amazing!!!

    by Osu16

    I was so glad this app was finally on the app store! It is an amazing trick and the secret is easy to learn but UNDETECTABLE by the spectator!

  • Best iPhone trick since iHypno

    by rotoRosa

    It is indeed devious and leaves spectators in total amazement. Very entertaining and straight forward. Got this a while back from Premier App Shop but am glad it's on app store now with free updates. Please bring your iHypno to app store too. I especially love the unlockable extra cards like the postcards and such...Though they're well hidden and not documented (Hottrix even denies their existence) they're well worth the effort! Highly recommended!

  • Ummmmm

    by WallyGhouse

    Works but fix big, can be better

  • Luv it!!!

    by Ajb :)

    Worth the money trust me!!! 

  • Love all your Apps!

    by VictoriaArch

    Wow, love this app! I have all your apps and every time you come out with a new one I am so impressed. Esp this one. It was easy to learn and blows people away. I played with it at work and everyone was amazed. I am secretly hoping they don't buy it though, then they will know how it's done. Hope to see more apps soon!

  • WOW! Mindbeam finally arrives!

    by Benjimin

    WOW, you guys are so fast. I just made an app with App Cat the other day and you've already released MindBeam. I've being waiting for this to hit the app store forever, I still own the original iPick back from the Palm days. It's such a cool trick and I always baffle the audience with it, sure beats all the other wanna-be magic trick apps out there on the store, that's for sure!!

  • Misleading advertising

    by Hushai

    Beware! The video ad for MindBeam shows a variation of the trick using picture postcards instead of playing cards, but this variation is not actually possible with the app you can now download. I think this is outrageously misleading advertising. The trick you do get is not all that great. Don't get this. Get iForce, or one of Carl Andrews' apps like NFW. They're less expensive, are much better tricks, and the ads for them are honest.

  • Really bad, don't buy !!!!!

    by VietNamWar

    4.99$ is not real ..... Please pay me back 4.99$ , this app is nothing ... Dont buy !!! 

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