Magic Wallet Entertainment App Review (iOS, $2.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Hottrix

• Coin feature update:
Pick your favorite coin by touching it.
When performing just double-tap your favorite coin so you can grab it.
You can also just tap the background and the last coin you touched will be grabbed.

• Improved custom background saving:
Images from your photo roll and other pix appear instantly when you start Magic Wallet.

• Funnier Easter Egg sounds. Have you found it yet?

• Wacky superhero spoof commercial and great video instructions on

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
2451 Ratings
All Versions:
2563 Ratings


Your iPhone becomes an ATM...
Make money on your iPhone and iPod touch, then reach into the screen and start spending.
A counterfeiter's wet dream and your own personal Wall Street. Bail yourself out without the need of corrupt politicians!
Now it's YOUR turn to cheat the banks and pay yourself a bonus.

Our recession buster allows you to mint all major currencies, penetrate the screen to grab coins, even pour out part of the loot or a whole pocketful of coins.
Magic Wallet features game-grade physics, sound, and interaction to perfectly simulate an iPhone full of money only a Bernie Madoff could have invented.

So realistic it will fool a Swiss banker!
AAA++ Ratings by all the "totally independent" agencies!
Get your pocket-sized offshore account today and contribute to the inflation one quarter at the time. Ponzi Scheme, Shmonzi Scheme. Look at my iPhone and trust me!

• Mint
• Grab
• Spend
• 7 Currencies

• Astonishing realism
• Fully interactive
• Motion control coins
• NEW: Grab any coin you like
• Through-screen action
• Single coin move & all-coin-physics
• Editable effects and magic triggers
• Skin-tone and finger size syncing
• Scene selector: Money can appear inside just about any application of photo you took
• Currencies: US, UK, EU, CA, CHF, YEN, AU
• Occupy Wall Street Satisfaction
• Find the easter egg...

• Re-introduction for the Greek Drachma
• Tooth-gold by UBS and blood stained CS coins
• Commemorative IOU Obama tokens
• Blame-the-Euro-instead-of-Bernanke-Dollars

• Video demo & tutorials on
• Full warranty
• Detailed instructions
• 24/7 support

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Customer Reviews

  • Magicwallet

    by Apple Magic App Reviewer

    Over all good app works smooth on my 4th generation iPod touch only one problem.Every time I try to change the back ground it crashes sending me back to the home screen.Please fix this problem thank you.

  • Worst

    by Woofer boy/man

    I hate this app it's the worst if your reading this this is not a joke donor by this game it's a rip off so stupid to fool us like this what's wrong with them well by yal

  • so easy to do

    by webadvisor777

    Im not even a magician and I can do this. it is really great

  • Please fix the background bug!!!

    by Marmatic28

    App crashes every time I try to change the background image. Please fix it!!! Would have been 5 if not for the background problem.

  • Good game

    by Mase1029

    It's a lot of moneney but it is a good game:)

  • Great

    by GreenMan...

    This is a good app except they should send an update to fix the bug when you want to change the theme please do that and this is a good app overall please fix the bug

  • Gasppoooo

    by Readfgvst


  • Bugs

    by friskee

    It was great until picture option stopped working

  • Awesome!

    by Osu16

    Don't listen to the bad reviews. Just get it it's awesome


    by Ttwwyp

    PLEASE BUY!!!!!!

  • Totally Worth the Money.

    by ThePunkZebra

    Great Interactive game with money. Also a great, working magic trick! Works great. No bugs, no crashes. Recommended for everyone.

  • You will allways have money

    by Beastymonster

    Buy it buy it know

  • Great Magical App in the pocket

    by Lvsuperman

    I read people having problems performing and not getting it to look magical, it's not the app it's you key #1 in magic PRACTICE I've been doing magic now well on 30 years I still practice all I do in my show. The app has never glitched on me or crashed and I love all the setting options to make this effect perfect. The price is reasonable the instructions are clear the rest is up to the performer. Keep them coming Hottrix I know I enjoy even the ones innate from the premier shop as well. James

  • question

    by Captain_Flappers

    keahi.7 do you have an ipod or an iphone please reply

  • A little expensive

    by Gymnastsk8er

    All right app but is worth 0.99 Needs mexican peso

  • agree

    by NYRanger

    i totally agree with ECP43!!!!! but wen i double tap on a coin it doesnt pick that coin where it is the finger always comes in down the middle instead of at the coin so plz fix

  • Easter egg

    by Xufktdotif

    Shake iPhone once you have pulled up magic wallet and it is already filled then the coins turn into shirt buttons

  • Its ok

    by Gauci101

    Realy hard to pull off

  • Nice app!

    by Collin's iPod

    This app is pretty neat and i cant believe this app is getting so much bad feedback. My little cousins are always surprised when I do the "pulling the quarter out of the itouch trick." $2.99 is a little steep but I gotta admit that it's worth it.

  • Graphics

    by Ajjoker

    Ok graphics...plz fix bug where it closes to your homescreen like 30 seconds into it

  • Crashes

    by Heymanreviewtodayforguys

    Whenever I try to set the scene it crashes! FIX IT HOTTRIX! I REALLY WANT IT TO LIKE LIKE IT IS ON MY HOMESCREEN!!!!

  • Piece of junk.. Don't waste money...

    by crknkl

    Please give me break... Absolutely rubbish software... Can't believe I wasted money on this junk....

  • Needs to be updated!

    by Santana5676

    Crashes when u try and change wallpaper , and it should be able to handle a wallpaper the exact size of the screen.., and the icon for it in the app store is better looking then the one u actually get with the app ...

  • That app is the worst

    by DoodleJump

    That app is the wors app I have ever hade in my my life

  • Don't waste your money - Worst customer service ever!!!

    by Aseret2010

    Don't waste your money on this app, the app does not function. The app opens and then closes. I contacted support and the service I received sucked. They blamed their poor programming on my iPhone saying it must be jail broken and not compatible (my iPhone is not jail broken). I will never buy another app from this company.

  • Piece of s@&t

    by Spongebombed

    Worthless waste of money doesn't look magical

  • Stupid

    by chanceWR

    I'd rather wipe my butt with three bucks

  • 2 1/2 stars

    by Workman1000

    Uhg I'm kinda regretting this app, it's cool but... Lol

  • OMG :(

    by Gymnast284210

    Worst app I've ever gotten I want my $ back :(

  • Crap

    by Barsjdhfnk

    Is there 0 stars option cuz thats wat it shud be!!!! I have this for my iPhone and when u put your finger there nothing happens waste of time and money I BETTER GET A REFUND!!!!!!!! Ugh sooooooo crappy

  • Stupid

    by Sudgdy4343:4/(:??;6($;

    If I could rate this with less than a star I would I want my 2.99 back huge waste do not get this app

  • Baaaaaaaaadddd

    by Awsome


  • Whyd i buy this?

    by John mclaughlin

    Its imunchies all over again. Imunchies even has the coins from this in it!

  • Love this app alot! Very well done!

    by MGumabon

    Great app! I just Hottrix to release an iCoffee app, where coffee can be sprayed or drip brewed into the screen and give of some hot steam. And you could add sugar, cream, milk, and/or chocolate or caramel syrup. Please! There is no app like this on the App store, the Hottrix Premier App Shop, or anywhere! Please design and release something like this. Love all you apps! Keep up the good work and good advertisments! I probably wrote this same reveiw on almost every Hottrix app exept for iBeer, and I only did that becuase I believe that this idea is pretty cool, and i really want Hottrix to make it!


    by Best tap farmr Eva

    Let me get u stared this is a wast of money and of app space so if u want to. Wast 2.99 go head I'm not stopping u

  • What About Pesos!!?

    by Raudelgnz

    Great Application , works great to have fun with the kids and friends , not for a magic show, but what about Mexican Pesos, we need update for that kinda coins too

  • Waste of my money!!!!!!!!

    by Forest21

    Tittle says it all

  • Uhhhh...

    by Elizzzz

    This app is real dumb, 'nuff said. Don't waste your money.

  • Minus a million stars!!!!

    by Musicgirl

    I hate it, and I want a refund. It doesn't work very often and it keeps freeZing up. Can I have a refund!?!? 

  • Great app but...

    by mcclapsaddle

    Great app but you should improve the sound fx

  • No good

    by Kiowa123

    This app is terriable it loads then goes back to the main screen doesn't work at all!!!! Don't waste ur money

  • Wat The Heck!! NO REFUND!!!!!

    by a102938b

    i bought this app and did not like it so i deleted it and i see that i did not recieve a refund and i demand that you do give me a refund

  • Best app I have in my inventory!!!

    by Thejerminator

    This is one of the best apps ever I got sooooooooo many of my friends with it. I highly recomend buying this


    by Lb96

    I paid $2.99 for this!!! The only thing u can do is tilt it!!! I rlly want that $2.99 back now!!!

  • 

    by E

    I really am not a fan of this app. don't waste your money!!!

  • It's awesome.

    by Dancyp

    It's a pretty cool app. I can fool lots of my friends

  • Cool

    by Fireskater123

    It's oookkkkkk.... But it's kind of hard 2 do but I love trickin my little sister and cousins

  • Awesome

    by Qwerty2017

    The best game ever

  • Great but...

    by A Chicken Freak

    They lowers the price from $7.99 to $2.99

  • This is da bomb

    by Dude wit ipod

    I love this app it is worth it you can fool so many people I enjoy jokin with my parents and my friends Get it it is so worth it

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