iMilk Entertainment App Review (iOS, $2.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Hottrix

New and exciting update. A total overhaul in motion, design, and features.
Added Strawberry- and Chocolate Milk.
Added trippy Alien Milk
Added vending machine option
New Liquid- and foam physics
Improved secret effects (shake for cream or ...)
Added amazing condensation and slimy residue effects
Improved stability and motion fluidity

Watch the incredible video demo on
Call or email us for questions and comments. We reply to every email and we return every call.

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2456 Ratings
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From the inventors of award-winning iBeer comes a healthy alternative to iPhone-drinking: iMilk! Drink milk and shake whipped cream from the comfort of your pocket. A portable dairy farm for your iPhone and iPod touch.
This hilarious visual gag is fully interactive and behaves like a real glass of milk thanks to the iPhone sensors and our spare time.
Tilt to sip, shake for foam or whipped cream. Even pour iMilk from iPhone to iPhone.

You've seen it on TV, YouTube, and read about it in your favorite paper. Now it can be yours!
Bonus burp included.
Mixes just fine with our iBeer.
Get it today and forever wave goodbye to your lactose intolerance.


Just added Strawberry- and Chocolate Milk
Shake (foam and cream)
Burp (on/off)

Hilarious Alien Milk
Find the hidden cheese
Fully interactive
Astonishing realism
Multi-level shakes
Secret triggers
Mutable effects
Vending Machine Option
Coin Trick Option
Milk from Home Screen Option
Cool Condensation Effects (slide your finger to see)
Old or New iMilk Option (for the traditionalists)
Crash-Free (on updated and well kept devices. Reboot after install)

Free tutorial videos
Full warranty
Detailed instructions
24/7 support

Call or email us for questions and comments. We reply to every email and we return every call.

P. 702-765-4692
F. 702-643 0777
7500 W Lake Mead Blvd.
Suite 9-478
Las Vegas, NV 89128

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Customer Reviews

  • To All The People Complaining About Crashing...

    by SavoiaBoy

    UPDATE YOUR PODS N PHONES, AND TRY REBOOTING ONCE IN AWHILE... YOU THINK YOU KNOW EVERYTHING, THEN YOU WOULD KNOW THAT APPLE TELLS YOU TO CONSTANTLY REBOOT! Stop dissing these people that make the apps. Apps do NOT cause crashing! Apple wouldn't allow that you stupid jerks! And try writing to the app creators before messing with them. I have, and they are great people!!! HaHaHa... I am LUV'N me somes of this new milk!!! I call the last milk "Martian Milk"! You guys are awesome, and thanks for listening to our requests for chocolate and strawberry flavours!!!

  • Classic

    by AxelForce

    This was one of the first apps just a classic it was 5 stars back then it still deserves 5 stars no matter how out of date it is

  • How?

    by Krissy 8

    I tried to pour milk but it didn't work, do the devices have to touch? Get the app but beware of pouring! Also, after I finish a glass of milk the app crashes. Please update!!! I would rate this app 5 stars if it was fixed.

  • Awesome

    by Bball2002

    It's really cool it works on my I pod touch there's alien milk strawberry and chocolate milk also regular you could make cheese and whipped cream Ps after making whipped cream keep shaking and you make cheese

  • imilk

    by Macyfjncnng

    This app so great

  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    by Timothy72099

    DON'T LISTEN TO DEM IT'S THE BEST APP EVER!!!!!! (Shake side to side to make whip cream and keep shaking it side to side to make cheese!!!!!!

  • Nevermind!

    by Junie444

    I found out how to make the cheese!

  • Don't waste your money

    by 4901

    Don't waste your money on this peice of crap i would like it if it was free the people who made this are freakin' idiots!!!!!

  • D

    by Boss213


  • Hove

    by Mickey mouse125

    I lve this app but how do u change from the magic button

  • Not So Sour

    by Bieberlicious :)

    This milk is definately not sour! It's so fun! I became obsessed on my friends phone and so I got it on my iPod! I think it should be free though and I also think that the cheese and whipped cream should be interactive. So I give it 3 stars. Well done, Hottrix! :) P.S. After you make whipped cream, just keep shaking it to make cheese!

  • Cheese!!

    by Osu16

    The app is great! Here's how to get the cheese:  choose a drink  shake until you get whipped cream  shake it more to get cheese! ( it may take a lot of shaking)

  • Cheese

    by PoppyMadelyn


  • Fantastic

    by Jiffy71

    Great app

  • imilk

    by Luc Swiatek

    I think it's better than isoda but it should be less

  • Its great app

    by DoodleJump#1fan

    Great app... You can make chocolate cheese, strawberry cheese, and alien cheese! Little overpriced though

  • How

    by Immortal2341

    Great app! But how many times do you need to shake the wipped cream or what do you do to change it into cheese?

  • Awesome!!!

    by JoshWood99

    I found the hidden cheese!!! All you have to do is shake any milk for whipped cream, then shake the whipped cream for cheese!!! Yay!!!

  • by i  RATS!!!!!!!

    I luv dis app but a little pricy I think that you should do a combo of imunchies imilk & isoda at the price of $5

  • :D

    by ho11oway

    BEST GAME EVER!!!! not real milk btw very realistic fools loads of ppl

  • Upgrade please !!!!

    by aguilito

    Please upgrade for iphone 5 !!!!

  • Imilk not. Realistic

    by Qazxswedcvfrtgbnhyujmkiol,.p

    Btw kiss your hand 15 post on 15 other games look under your pillow

  • Ok app

    by App crazy29

    My personal opinion is for sure it needs to be updated because it crashes every time I finish the milk..... If it was updated I would say 5 stars so apple should get going on a update ASAP if they don't want to lose buyers. keep working hard apple and update this app!!!!!

  • No retina display

    by Kmole007

    Come on. With the amount of people that have retina displays, it's time for a graphics update.

  • **Do NOT buy**

    by miranda marie


    by Jacob Voss


  • IM (I MILK)

    by Pete pedersen


  • CRAP!!

    by Mtjtiddyetjgfd

    This is no app! This is crap!

  • That's it.

    by SOMEONE2552689532

    I put a comment on this app but it was from July 2010, and still NOTHING has changed. I liked it at first, but then I updated it and now I can't go on it anymore, so if you fix it I would give this app 4 stars, but only 4 cause of the high price. Whenever I go on it, like 5 seconds later it crashes my iPod. I love the features, but it's a little over priced and now I can't even get on it, so 1 star until you fix this dang bug. I don't want to waste 3 dollars, although I already have. Years and nothing has changed, way to go Hottrix. Lame. Wow. - A mad gamer. OK, so um yeah... I posted all that 3-4 months ago. You guys are really rude to your customers. Hershey's was right to sew the owner of iMilk. I am deleting this app and will have nothing to do with "Hottrix." I will never, I mean NEVER, buy anything else from you guys. Hottrix, you guys are so awesome... NOT! - A FURIOUS Gamer that's having a bad day. :D Peace, and GET SEWED. lol XD jk :P 

  • Wow!

    by Peace love softball

    Worst $3 I ever spent!

  • 1 star

    by taba130

    it keeps freezing and its stuck on chocolate boring (one year later and nothing has changed..nice ;).. Posted that a year ago.. It's been two years and still nothing has changed. You guys are real good to your customers

  • Badddd

    by Boeberbabe123

    Ok so I downloaded this app for $3 cause inthought it would be amazing.I was wrong. All it is is fake milk and honestly that dosnt seem so fasinating to me.I wish i could give it no stars and i want my money back!I wanted to delete it but I don't wanna throw $3 away.:(((( terribleee!!!!

  • Ok

    by taylor552

    This app is ok I think it is worth 99€ NOT $3.00 !!! WAY to much

  • Pretty awesome app!! 

    by HappyPierrot

    A suggestion: For people with iPhones or iPod Touches with a microphone, you could make it so that when people blow into the mike, the milk freezes into ice cream or a milkshake!  Also, please make it possible to interact with the whipped cream and cheese. 

  • Retina Display icon not submited

    by drummerben

    Please please please will you update the icon so the icon is in retina and not just retina in the app store. It makes my display look so much nicer. Thank you so much!

  • just sad

    by miku 890

    there is just nothing relly to do i thought it would be more fun but i gess i was wrong. :(

  • Good

    by lilgrinch

    When I try to make cream, the milk just drains.

  • Rocking

    by Supex

    The app is so cool buts suggestion would be to make a milk cap for the milk and sprinkles for the ice cream

  • Not worth it

    by MWILDS

    Not worth the money the app is not worth a single dollar!!!!!!!!!. This app is not worth a single cent. The app is 

  • What' up with the monster in the back?

    by J David Baker

    I showed this to my wife and she said "there's a monster in the background." Now I can't not see it. I agree with the other comments that the app is overpriced. Should be a 99 cent app. Fun for a few minutes so dollar per minute of fun it's a better deal than going to the movies or eating at McDonald's.

  • Bad

    by Emhayley

    **** you imilk!

  • Awesome!!

    by Sofía is the best!!

    I love it!! Also that you can make cheese and the cool flavors!! But it's a little expensive, but still AWESOME!! Recommendation: add VANILLA milk!! :D and even coffe with milk!!

  • pretty good

    by Weirdos12345

    this thing is pretty cool BUT!!!!!!! its way too high and i cant believe i payed 3 bucks for this it should be 1 dollar or free!

  • I like it

    by TrainDude02

    I love it it works very goodget it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What happened to the whipped cream

    by GemNasium

    I can't get the whipped cream to appear and I tried shaking it for like 2 minutes and nothing happened! Grrrrr

  • imilk smells bad

    by carentz

    This app should pay you for the waist of everyone's time!

  • Scammed

    by epo525

    Bought the imilk on my ibeer but my nephew deleted it by accident when I went to redownload the I milk after my ibeer it charged me again for the I milk so refund my dollar I'll give u five stars

  • Freezes

    by Roman warror

    It freezes

  • IMilk

    by christopher 1234

    Sorry For The Bad Review From The Magic Button I Must Got A Different Version

  • Hi

    by Sarahfina821

    This app is fake all it is is chocolate

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