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FREE for customers of App.Cat app making software for Mac and PC ( Make apps in 60 seconds and stay ahead of the competition with the world's most impressive business card: Your own app!
As a user of App.Cat for Mac and PC ( you already enjoy making and selling apps without effort or experience. Starting today you can take your show on the road! This mobile accessory app lets you to edit your apps directly on the iPhone when visiting clients.

Update for iOS7, Android, and iPad available here:

"Best App for your smartphone"

James Bond Remote Control
This app is an accessory and requires App.Cat Studio for Mac and Windows PC (sold separately) from App.Cat PRO (this app) is a mobile companion so you can remote control the apps you made in App.Cat Studio from anywhere. Visit to see how easy it is.

Why you need an app
What if your business card could call you? And have video and photos? What if you could beam it to everyone. And they beam it to their friends. What if it would never run out? What if you could change design, pix, maps, news even after you’ve given it away and it would instantly update in everyone's pocket? What if your name and logo were a button on everyone’s iPhone, Android, and iPad? Welcome to App.Cat!

Extremely Simple
Because our App.Cat software does it all, everyone can now make an app in 60 seconds. Gorgeous, animated designer templates make you look fantastic.
No programmers, no designers, no experience, no waiting!

Start right now
1) Buy App.Cat for Mac & PC from
2) Make apps in 60 seconds on your computer
3) Travel a lot? Get App.Cat PRO (this app) from iTunes and edit your apps from the road right on your iPhone.
4) If you don't have App.Cat for Mac & PC this thing here won't work. We're clear and straight about it. Your intellect and literacy keeps the world a wonderful place to be...

Android, iPad, iPhone
Visit to get the latest and best version of this app before it hits the app store. Yes: It works on every device and is better than this thing here...

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome app

    by alliebug7

    Love it!

  • Good or bad?

    by Lovly Bones Broken

    We'll I bet it's a wonderful app, what I hate about this app is that it takes forever to load:(?!!

  • Good

    by Michaelschlemback

    It's good but I can't login or make my account on PRO so fix it up! Why can't I ????

  • Fantastic app

    by webadvisor777

    I am laughing at these unfounded negative posts from people who obviously did not read the description. OMG, it spells it out with big stars on each side of it. For those considering purchase of this app. App Cat Pro is a remote control for App Cat Studio and it works fantastic. I have made several apps with the App.Cat Studio on my desktop and when I am away from my office I can use this clever “Remote Control” called App Cat Pro to instantly update those apps with my iPhone. It works, no problems and no glitches. I highly recommend it. Very useful for any business

  • App.Cat pro

    by AllisonZachary5

    Can you create your own apps like for an ex. game apps or action/adventure apps.

  • Awesome

    by zzzzzcar


  • there is A HUGE PROBLEM with this app!!! Don't get!

    by There os A HUGE problem here.

    It asks me 2 sign in with something like or something. HELP PLZ! I don't have an account for that!! I REGRET getting this stupid app!!!!!!

  • Awesome

    by Jaidyn p.

    Why does everybody say its one star it's so easy to set up

  • Look

    by I love Russia

    Read the details

  • On the app store?

    by Giosaurusrex99

    Can you post your apps on the app store if you can can someone try to Make an Aether app


    by SavoiaBoy

    People... You need to learn to READ an app's description!!! I am right there with another customer that is laughing at the negative reviews!!! It DOES clearly state that App Cat studio is needed. READ THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE BUYING!!! This app is great for editing what I already have in the App Cat program on My computer. Kudos to the people at the App Cat company!

  • Wait, what?

    by TJtheHobo

    Great app. But what I'm confused about is that App.Cat Pro is free while lite is like 40 bucks.

  • Easy to use - made great apps with it quickly. Great Updates!

    by Allyson779

    This app is great because it is very easy to use and quick. I made my own in like about 2.5-3 minutes for my business then showed my neighbor and made one for him. So I had the idea to make other people's apps. It actually helped me to make 5 different apps for others as well. Really easy to use. I usually wouldn't spend so much on an app, but I am happy I did here! I actually got 25 bucks per app I created for them so I have actually made money with it. thank you for taking the mystery out of building apps. This is genius... I hope they also add more templates. Best app I have ever downloaded and now new features are cool. Love the QR support Update: 11/19/12: I have used this more and more over the past few months and the updates are great for making it easier to create more apps across platforms and basically create a webpage out of your app - and all the new templates and personalization options are great for all my clients. Great Job. Keep up the good work guys. Looking forward to what is next on the horizon.

  • AppCat Rocks!

    by VictoriaArch

    I luv AppCat, now I can make apps from my computer with Studio and now that Pro is free it's an awesome accessory so I can edit when I'm on the road. Also, thanks to your support team for being patient with me and answering all my dumb questions. I also just started making decent money making apps for other people. Love all the new updates to Studio too! You guys rock!

  • Calm down

    by Murphy2324$

    It says right in the description that it requires the full appcat program!

  • ?

    by Benjicoolster101

    Good app but How do u create a profile or login thing?

  • WOW!

    by rotoRosa

    I love this mobile version of the PC app maker. While it's not as full featured as App.Cat for Mac and Windows it gets the job done while at a client's or on the move. To the complainers and potential buyers: It clearly says that this is an accessory to the desktop software. So get that one and then see if you still want this helper app. While I don't really need this mobile version of App.Cat (I prefer making apps on a big screen) I highly recommend it for entrepreneurs who are out and about a lot. Also I think it's great that now you don't even need the desktop software anymore and can make apps right on your iPhone.

  • Values

    by Nazeo 124

    Great app, but if you are going to be serious to make apps, go for the $ 300 package. That way you can make as many apps as you want without penalty. The app itself is merely an emergency kit, it is true u must also download software for it. I have no problems with the app, just wish it showed me all the available upgrades and costs I can make BEFORE attempting to change something (like adding gloss, or more pictures. Other than that, it's a great buy.

  • by Joe Naveau

    I thought this was the time. But, instead, IT WILL NOT EVEN LET ME LOGIN!! THIS APP WAS MADE IN 2011. It is 2014!! You MUST UPDATE TO A BETTER SOFTWARE!

  • Doesn't work

    by Antonio41606

    It won't allow me to click create secure account or login I can't do anything

  • Complete scam

    by Appcatsascam

    I have paid out almost 1,500.00 dollars to this company. Very unprofessional and horrible customer service. I was treated very poorly more than once and then one day all mine and my customers accounts were gone! They still have yet to get back to me. I am looking into filing a class action lawsuit currently. Those who have also been scammed should keep your ears open for this. If i do not hear back from this week we will move forward and a website will be created check back at the end of November. Buyer beware! If you have been scammed by Appcat too make some noise online and spread the word...we need to stop them in their tracks together.

  • No customer support

    by Bloftin

    Ever since October 07, 2012 there has been NO customer support from App.Cat at all. Prior to Oct 07, 2012 they had GREAT support. Now I have plugged $$ into this platform and was about to flip the switch on trying to make some money but can't due to un answered questions that they won't respond back to. Errr!! What is the deal because this is a great product but I cannot continue to support them (with my hard working $$$) if they won't support me. Please respond back to your emails and work tickets, FB page and this to answer your customers questions. I can't even log into their App.Cat lounge neither.

  • Be careful !!!

    by lyrical king NYC

    No money back even after I called the company and apple minutes after the purchase , what a rip off. $100 down the drain.

  • Careful

    by Renrod51283

    This doesn't let you create a real app, it's just a web bookmark that like any other you can add to your home screen. It doesn't have a home button and it only allows you to add 9 photos. Paid $99 dollars. I want my money back

  • Rip Off

    by JGardemier

    I bought this app about 2 years ago. Paid my 49.00. Used it without problems or issues for that two years. One day I tried to login and was told my password was incorrect. It wasn't it was saved and auto entered. So I touched on the forgot password tab. Entered my e-mail account and then was informed my account didn't exist. I contact the company by e-mail, the only way you can contact them. I was told if I submitted my original I-tunes receipt they would restore my app. When I told them I didn't have the receipt they told me there was nothing they could do for me. For a while I could visit my old app, but now it is gone entirely.

  • Why is the LITE version 100 dollar$!!!???

    by SettlingChain64

    Why is the LITE version 100 dollar$!!!???

  • Stupid

    by Good7743578990009998777

    I hated it way to expansive

  • Horrible

    by Gasiorowski

    You have to by the product for 100$!!!!! Doesn't deserve a rate

  • Piece of crap

    by Eknddducac

    How do you set it up?!?!?!?!?!

  • Can't make account

    by Brandonfave

    It forces me to buy software in order to create an account.

  • Boo

    by Reegan03


  • Not good.

    by Ghshjkireegbhfd

    It says I need an account and It wouldn't let me set one up. It also costs money to do it. It seems cool but it does all these stupid things .

  • Account

    by Zengard11

    It says I half to pay 99$ why is that can some one help me

  • Hard

    by Reece Gibson

    It is so hard to get on wats the password

  • I

    by Parent mom

    I did not get a account when I downloaded it

  • Horrible web app creator

    by n1ckw

    Do now get this app! Customer service is the worst I have ever seen! It only creates a web app. HORRIBLE! Read online reviews of this company before buying this software. They are a scam. You have to buy all good features for every app at $20-40 each and there are several and that's after you spend the $200 for the software. Every app you create will end up costing over $100 each. Absolute joke!! I repeat, DO NOT BUY!

  • really?

    by Purblues

    This App stinks! It is not free!!!!!!! You have to spend money to open an account! smh

  • Best app ever NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Best game for apple in raceing

    800 dollars REALY

  • Trouble

    by Hizyes

    Hey , I'm a cop in Michigan, and I can arrest you for this! I'm mad! I trust those people that you stole money from money from them you better stop this NONSENSE!!!!

  • Help I can't sign up

    by Jimmie James

    How the heck do I sign up, I can't sign in with no account.

  • Waist of life

    by Weldderb

    If you like working for 10cents an hour! Enjoy!

  • DON'T GET THIS APP!!!!!!

    by Rj464

    This app is TERRIBLE!! DON'T GET THIS APP!!! It says it's free. IT'S NOT!!! You have to pay for an account!!!!!!

  • Stupid

    by Domsster7

    When you tell them your email it says your username is wrong and you don't use a username!!!!!!!

  • Expensive

    by Genito

    I need to make apps for myself not to start a business of creating and making apps for everybody else so this is much too expensive. Sorry not what I was looking for.

  • Nice app.

    by Goodenough147

    Yep. Stole more than $100 dollars from me. 

  • Awful!!!

    by Vhnt

    This is a scamm!! I thought an account was free but no you need 60$ account. This devloper is a piece of f*ck


    by 11x unknown

    First of all I didn't know how to create an account and seacond of all I looked online to see how to use it but it didn't look like I could make a game and third of all what the heck is an app via....... Anyone

  • Gay

    by Klumzy nF


  • Poor!

    by Jasmine:.:.:.:

    I mean really!!!Why do you need a pc or Mac?Why can't you have just the app?I mean some of us do not want to buy something for a app maker!!All the app makers Are horrible....But this is the most dumbest out of them!!

  • SCAM Charged my Credit card $349 BEWARE

    by All seasons pumps

    SCAM this gives apple a bad name. These guys are crooks and steel money from you... They stole $349 bucks from me. Buyer beware no support number to call.

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