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Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish

Seller: Home Box Office Inc.

Bug fixes and performance enhancements

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Introducing MAX GO®. The streaming service from Cinemax®. Instantly access over 400 of the biggest Hollywood hit movies, indie favorites, and Max After Dark Series – now available on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch!

Get Moving. Get MAX GO.

It’s free with your Cinemax subscription through participating television providers

With the New MAX GO App You Can:

• Let loose and kick back with unlimited access to hundreds of Hollywood hit movies, indie favorites and more. It’s free for Cinemax subscribers.

• Make it personal. Create a customized Watchlist and see all the Cinemax movies you love – whenever, wherever!

• Stream the best of Cinemax from your favorite Apple device directly to your TV with MAX GO and AirPlay.*

• Set a Series Pass® to automatically send new episodes of the new Cinemax original series Strike Back to your Watchlist.

• Max on the move. With MAX GO on your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod Touch®, catch every action-packed moment of your favorite Cinemax movies, wherever you are.

• Keep the conversation going and share updates about your favorite Cinemax hits on Facebook or Twitter.

• New titles are added every week, so there is always something new and exciting to watch.

• Plus, with Max Uncut, go behind the scenes and get the real, uncensored stories from the biggest Hollywood stars.

MAX GO® is only accessible in the US and certain US territories. Minimum 3G connection is required for viewing on mobile devices. Some restrictions may apply. ©2013 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. Cinemax® and related channels and service marks are the property of Home Box Office, Inc. iPad®, iPod® and iPhone® are trademarks of Apple Inc.
*AirPlay will work for Apple devices running iOS 6 and Apple TVs running software update 5.1.1 or later.

Customer Reviews

  • Chromecast implementation needed ASAP

    by C0SMAS

    Where is the Chromecast option? This app is useless without it. It's the same app developer as HBO GO and which btw has Chromecast implemented. What gives?

  • Chromecast please

    by Nelius Xander

    I just downloaded this for the 3rd time since release and I like that it supports xfinity now. However, it doesn't a upper chromecast and that is the entire reason I downloaded it again. I know HBO owns Max so why are the apps not exactly the same?

  • Chromecast?

    by Farley213

    Since HBO Go has the Chromecast function, I was really hoping this would know, same company and all. Please make this app Chromecast compatible.

  • Chromecast support needed

    by udmattie

    Great movie selection and interface, but please support Chromecast similar to HBO GO

  • Push Notifications

    by Bond Double 07

    Is there anyway that the developers can help us out by having "push notifications" sent out to our smart devices letting is know that the show that we have scheduled is available to watch on our mobile device? This will help out those of us who are too busy to watch our scheduled show on the television. It would also be great if you could give us the ability to turn on the notification for all the shows that we are interested in watching. Thank you.

  • Awesome but....

    by Jennifer Van Ness

    Please add chromecast capability and I will give you 5 stars. HBO just added it and it is awesome.

  • Good, but..

    by benkafka

    Would be great to have Chromecast support like the HBO Go app, then it would be perfect.

  • Uverse isn't working

    by TygerPawz 721

    Link seems to be wrong. Fix it for a better review.


    by davida1998

    this a great app to watch movies on I just wish they'd keep the movies a little longer before deleting them

  • Almost as good as HBOGO

    by Shere3024

    I've never had any problems with this app like others I am seeing. I think it works perfectly.

  • Awesome

    by MMckennzie

    I love Maxgo and love Cinemax. Can't wait to use it with Apple TV

  • 4g

    by Tgw-tgw

    If this app worked over 4g it would be 5 stars.

  • Decent app but...

    by AlainCAnderso

    It's a ok app, but keeps the same old movies for entirely too long. Then when there are new movies, you aren't informed. Needs a "Just added" feature or something along those lines. Tired of scrolling through the whole movie list, just to see the same titles all the time.

  • Works Perfect!

    by Caferider

    I downloaded this app to keep up with the Strike Back series. So far it works perfect on my iPhone 4S. I use it in conjunction with my Comcast/Xfinity service.

  • What happened?!?!

    by Jmoney419

    Before today it was great, now it hardly opens, and when it does it decides to crash! Needs update ASAP!

  • A+

    by Pinay972

    Works great with AT&T Uverse

  • Great

    by 631king

    Great app

  • Need live TV

    by Lim E

    Showtime has Live TV now......time to catch up Max

  • Works great

    by figster

    Don't know what everyone's complaining about, this app works great ! (I have DirecTV)

  • I Love Airplay

    by cdj334

    It makes the app so much better!

  • Bad app - much worse than show time and HBO

    by todd999

    This app is painful Constantly losses connection. Starts from the beginning each time. Never remembers where you left off. No way to add a whole series to your watch list. There is no reason this is not as good as the HBO GO app from the same company.

  • Fix login

    by Green2143

    The app will not move past the login screen for AT&T uverse - it allows me to pick between two emails associated with my AT&T login and then freezes. Very frustrating.

  • Awful

    by Boojy Boy

    HBO GO works perfectly and looks great. Showtime works sometimes and lacks hi-def. Max GO? I've tried multiple times to DL it. Every single time I get the "you must be connected to the internet" message. I've yet to even be able to open the app, much less use it. Do u think anyone from Cinemax reads the plethora of negative reviews? it seems like they're a big enough company to want to care about customer satisfaction and actually want to take care of the complaints... But I guess not

  • Needs Chromecast Support!

    by Sithus

    Please add support for Chromecast!

  • Will not connect to HDMI devices.

    by Hecticus

    After being able to play in my home theater projector for some weeks, suddenly I got message that device is not supported. Not fair and bad business practice.

  • Can't connect

    by Maria Gonzalez-Cornejo

    App sez no wifi connection although its incorrect. I've erased and installed and not better. No comparison to HBO Go.

  • Parental Control Error

    by Fredward_Tuesday76

    Have had this happen several times- I have no parental control settings activated through my cable provider and yet I get an error on my iPhone and iPad that parental controls are activated and I can't watch any movies over PG and TV shows over TV-14!

  • Buggy App

    by Oibm

    App stops working with frequency and it freezes. No chromecast support. Lots to work on Cinemax.

  • Chromecast and xbox one

    by Drock85

    This needs to work with chromecast and would be great if they released an app on xbox one

  • Too slow!

    by KJK.13

    User performance dropped with latest update.

  • Dumb comments

    by Rusty Marion

    If people are saying the app doesn't work, why are you wasting your time with "I don't understand, I think it works great" that's ignorant. You think we're wasting our time to say "the app doesn't work" read on....the complaints are high. It doesn't work, what don't you understand?

  • frequently doesn't work

    by hamcap

    since there is no option to contact the developer of this application I will make my complaints here. this application is buggy… It will work and then all of a sudden stop working…. I will be able to login but if I pause a movie or go back to it later it will not let me complete the movie. currently when I play a movie I get a blank flash screen that says nothing but "ok". when I press okay I'm returned to the movie description, caught in a loop. it's pretty obvious that Cinemax doesn't want to put too much money into this application.

  • Please Fix

    by sweetleigh

    Why isn't this app working with att uverse anymore? Fix it already.

  • Can't login wit uverse

    by Monkey8649

    Can't log in with ATT U-Verse. Please fix!!!

  • For real?

    by Dr dunn 3st

    Compared to the HBO GO app it's like comparing apples and poop. Get your stuff together MAX GO!!!

  • Please fix!!!!

    by darleneplay76

    Every time I log in and watch some shows it works fine but if I close the app out it won't let me back on it, it just shows a black screen. I end up having to delete the app every time and redownload it if I want to watch something on it again. Gets extremely irritating and after a while I just don't even go on the app anymore. Please fix this so I don't have to delete and redownload it every time I want to watch something on it!!!! 2 stars until the problem is fixed then I'll update my rating after the app is updated to fix the issue.

  • Bad App

    by Gwendolyn Simpson

    This Max Go app. for the IPad does not include Banshee and Hunted. I have tried to update it several times, but it does not work. What can I do?

  • Still not ready for 4 inch retina, why?

    by rhsjr7

    The program seems to work okay, but it is difficult to watch when a full portion of the screen is still missing.

  • Please repair

    by Happy smurf 122

    Every time I want to watch a movie it comes up itch an error please repair thank u

  • Doesn't work

    by J0.Chen

    Doesn't work. Titles won't load. Constantly freezes.

  • Works...sort of.

    by fatalhashbrown

    Signed in fine, but video stops playing every couple of minutes and you have to stop then start the video again to continue. This is with a 20Mbps connection so I know it's not on my end.


    by Brittany Armes

    Refuses log in info just like HBO GO. It's worthless!

  • Freezes and crashes alot

    by Awesome86421478325

    I have an iphone4 and I can't even watch 3min of a movie without it freezing on me.( even when connected to high speed wifi ) when I exit play back and try to restart movie it crashes and the app closes. Really disappointing coming from such a major network!

  • Okay when you can login

    by Janoskij

    Just like the Hbo app. Th login function is terrible. It is hit or miss.

  • Awful

    by Hffigcghdghgujvfhh

    If you don't have iOS 5 u can't watch nothing I can watch a minute in to the movie then it stops they need to make it so that it can use iOS 4

  • Can't sign in

    by HawkLamar

    Can't sign into my Direct TV account!! Please fix would be nice to use when on the road.

  • Freezes to much

    by Homer s1mpson

    Just like HBO app this freezes all the time to where you have to exit app ans come back to again to continue watching. Very annoying. Just like hbo go you gets no stars from me. Makes u give one star. Boo

  • Does not work with TWC

    by FixMaxGo

    I attempted to login using my TWC credentials and it told me that I'm wasn't a subscriber. The message told me to contact TWC so I did. I was on the phone with TWC for 40 minutes and they couldn't do anything for me. Please fix the app to allow TWC users to access.

  • Why can't I sign in!!!!!!!!

    by Petvde

    If you make an app that requires users to sign in.... You should allow them to sign in!!!!! This app is super lame....

  • Useless

    by SColetta

    I have never been able to log in. I'm a Verizon user and the app always tells me I'm not entitled to view it's contents because I need to subscribe to Cinamax. I AM subscribed to Cinamax! Cable company takes my money for the service every month yet this app doesn't recognize it. Maybe for you it's thrilling to see your company name on an app........think how good it will feel to have an app associated with your company that actually works! While we're on the subject of working, anyone over there working on fixing this mess???

  • Refuses to log in

    by HBplunks79

    Verizon fios subscriber with all premium channels, won't let me log in says I need to subscribe. What a joke! Thanks!

  • Non-subscriber option

    by Tricknick1998

    I would gladly pay to view Cinemax content but premium content isn't provided in our area, therefore Cinemax is closed to me ;-( please bring in an option for purchasing a monthly subscription directly from MAX GO or release your shows on iTunes after they air, not 9 months after the season airs ;-(

  • Does Not Work!

    by Rhmachote

    I'm a subscriber to MAX and HBO. I already use HBO GO and decided to use this one too only I can't log into MAXGO. It errors with "it appears you are not a subscriber, contact your subscriber". Oh we'll, I removed it. Need to fix this...HBOGO works perfectly.

  • Disgrace

    by Sassy jill

    This app needs to be fixed ASAP. I cannot log in to watch movies. Try to log on using my cable provider name and password. Tells me that I'm not entitle to max. Meanwhile, I have the ultimate package which includes all channels from Verizon. This is ridiculous.!!!!!!

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