Kenny Powers’ Home Run Fiesta: Deep Inside Mexico Entertainment App Review (iOS, Free)


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- Performance and stability enhancements

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Eastbound & Down’s Kenny Powers has hit hard times. He’s deep inside Mexico making a case for a comeback but if he’s going to shake off the rust and make it back to the bigs, he needs someone to pitch against. That’s where you come in. Kenny has invited you to compete in his wickedly loco Home Run Fiesta. This outrageous home run competition features hilarious retro 8-bit graphics, countless antics and insults from Kenny, exclusive content from the show, and so much more. So step up to the plate, amigo. The legend is waiting.


-Classic Home Run competition game play

-Hundreds of ballsy insults straight from by Eastbound and Down’s Danny McBride

-Retro 8-bit color graphics

-Exclusive Eastbound and Down: Season Dos content

-Five levels of balls-out insanity

-The chance to square off against one of the greatest pitchers of all time. Period.

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome

    by Moss811

    Best game ever!!!!!!

  • This is easy and fun

    by Tybuscus23

    I beat it on my first try. All 5 levels.

  • Home Run First Swing....Crash

    by Kevin Oz

    Yes, I got a Home Run and now it's frozen with fireworks. So this needs to be fixed. But other than that not a bad game with the intentions of a good idea.

  • Stop hating

    by Redsox man4

    This app is a joke. It's not suppose to be a baseball game app. It's for fun and for people who love east bound and down. So stop giving it bad reviews. Because this app is f'n in and your f'n out!

  • Must have. For me at least.

    by swellymp

    I love it cause: A. Retro graphics B. Its free C. It's a game with Kenny f'n Powers in it!! Nuff said!

  • Wait...

    by DP123DP

    5 minutes and I'm done? Not much replay value, but I did enjoy those 5 minutes -- laughed a few times, too. Hasn't ever crashed on me.

  • KP 2010

    by Pittie pittie princess

    Ok this game is entertaining but it crashes. What Apple needs to get is a Kenny Powers sound board.....cellular south has one! WTF

  • Funny

    by Ole Miss Don

    Way too easy but very entertaining. It's free. So no harm trying it out

  • Awesome but Turrible

    by ezatnova

    Hilarious game but crashes all the time. The programmers must have been too busy staring at buttholes and getting buzzed every night. Plus, the graphics are awful. They must have used .jpegs instead if .tiff files. The look all computery and stuff.

  • It's Kenny powers

    by Altered Beast

    .. Nuff said

  • Crashes

    by jwebb1111

    Decent mindless game but crashes way too much. ip4

  • Haha

    by Funky Monkeytron

    It amused me. Idk what that guy means about missing after the cheerleaders and it crashes. Never happens to me. No crashes at all actually. Lucky I guess. Though it needs more unlockables. They should reproduce scenes from the show in 8 bit to unlock. That would be funny.

  • Funny

    by Steve32284ever

    Novel game to sell the HBO series.. Using the cheerleader taunt, then missing the next pitch is a 100% reproducible crash.

  • It's like the app was written by Kenny himself!

    by Trivia Guy

    Terrible game but that's why is so good.

  • I still do not like kids!!!

    by Luckymagruder

    Funny stuff. Get this app, muchachos. If you had a radar gun, it'd say 102!!! Whew! Got my pitch back!

  • Awesome

    by Lovekp

    Give it 5 stars or you're not American.

  • KP is back!

    by Pez316

    The game itself is 5* no doubt. Only problem is that the app crashes a lot.

  • So F'n Awesome I Jizzed My Panties!!!

    by PLEASE FIX!!!!

    Ughhh I love the show and this app is the now my favorite app!!!

  • Awesome

    by Harrrrrrrris

    Great old school game

  • Sick Nastiness from KP

    by It's me STEVIE !!

    Your such a bad azz Kenny. Mess with me, I throw a brick in yo face. Game is nice. Get it now or I'm sending Clegg to your house.

  • You are not good

    by Bikgukyruifiuk


  • READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Ryman33

    Ok for all you people out there who can make apps and love baseball please make a awesome baseball app cause the others are cool but we just need a better more cooler one!!!

  • Needs work....

    by SlipperySpandex

    First off, the "flick to swing" system is a proven gamers nightmare. Just give me the "tap to swing" option because otherwise, I'm literally guessing on each swing and can build no swing timing. Until that's fixed, this game will always be a 2  in my book. Secondly, game crashes without fault as soon as I hit a homer on the second level. Graphics are awesome as is the concept. Extremely poor execution. Congratulations, you have joined the countless other app developers that should be making coffee for the real programers rather than creating apps.

  • Below Average

    by GManelunico!!!

    Good idea, but thiscrashes EVERYTIME!!!! It needs a serious update. Update and I'll give it 3s...

  • Needs rehab


    This s#!t crashes on the reg.

  • Crashes every time!

    by RedheadFilm

    This game could be pretty fun if it didn't crash every time I play. I have an iPhone 4 with the most recent update. Hopefully an update of the game will fix this soon.

  • Cheerleader taunt = crash

    by Li_Ghoc

    Crash-a-riffic crap. Uninstalled!

  • Crash!

    by RZQMS

    WTF! It keeps crashing. This app is F'N OUT!

  • Best part

    by Jdjuice

    The best part of this game is the suspense of wondering whether you will beat the game before it crashes.

  • Crashtastic

    by jpt19

    Crashes continuously. Even after reboot.

  • Blows

    by Da real KJAM

    Simple as that ...

  • This is a stupid game

    by Race hollister

    Worst game ever and it crashes.

  • Crashes

    by Shawnl85

    Great game but crashes a lot.

  • Would be great if it didn't crash

    by Travis_102

    This app crashes all the time. I can barely get through one inning before it shuts off. Fail!

  • Five+ Starz fo Kenny F#%€ing Powers

    by macdiesel4

    I give this app 50 stars, Fu$k just 5 stars that's fo regular crappy apps this is for KPISBACK. Best App in the App store. Where's my moped I'm Fu+#%^g Out!

  • Good game poppy

    by Damageinc1971

    Awesome game

  • Awesomeness all around... almost

    by bebedelaluna

    Love Kenny and the game. Only issue I have is a tiny disconnect with pitching and then hitting. Can't really see the ball all that well once you have to make the move to hit.

  • Get it!

    by Troflowslow

    Don't listen to the haters. Why would they be talkin s**t after big reds funeral anyways? Disrespectful. This app rules!

  • Kenny fvckin powers

    by Jam Jam Kabbam

    Must have app!

  • Great ad!

    by FulmerSR

    Very interactive. Love 8-bit anything.

  • Great F'ing Game

    by Anti-Disco Crusader

    Made my day

  • R.I.P. Big Red.

    by drink409

    KP is in, you're f'n out.

  • Kenny F'ing Powers

    by Boughtabing

    If you don't get this app, you'll be f'ing OUT!

  • #55

    by TurkeyNBacon


  • Great!

    by Vtron70

    Simple and fun! If you like this show, it's worth getting. Especially since it's free.

  • Kenny Powers to the Max!

    by JJ Superstylez

    I'm a huge Eastbound & Down fan and this app does not disappoint! The old school graphics are awesome and Kenny's sayings are funny as hell. Download this app ASAP!

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