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iOS 5 compatibility and bug fixes

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There’s more to every story.
The HBO® App for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch

Now you can go beyond the latest episode of your favorite program – and get more of the best characters and stories on television. From Hollywood blockbusters and thought-provoking documentaries to spectacular sports content, stirring films and groundbreaking original series, the updated HBO App lets you explore, interact, share -- even make purchases—with just a tap on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

With the new HBO app you can:

•Get the latest on your favorite programming, including True Blood®, Entourage®, Hung®, Curb Your Enthusiasm®, Bored to Death®, HBO Boxing and Comedy® Specials.
•Watch and share behind-the-scenes features, upcoming episode previews and bonus content in brilliant full-screen video
•Purchase the newest DVDs, gifts and gear related to HBO shows -- right from the app
•Get in-depth information on HBO characters and actors
•Purchase and download HBO episodes directly into iTunes
•Check the HBO schedule for tonight, next week or weeks in advance, automatically configured to your time zone
•Send tune-in reminders directly to your mobile devices
•Browse the HBO On Demand schedule
•Share clips, photos, show info and scheduled showtimes with your friends via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter
•Play the popular Hidden Objects game, and share your score with friends

It’s HBO. Mobile

Customer Reviews

  • Better app than showtime's!

    by Hungry Phoenix

    Thanks for being better than a horrible showtime app.

  • Sound issue

    by XiolaBlueX

    This app can't play sound with rotation lock enabled. Not a deal-breaker, but definitely inconvenient. No other apps have this issue (that I have, anyway) - HBO needs to get with the program on this.


    by Milo Nelsonator

    Both are great. For all you HBO SUBSCRIBERS COMPLAINING. you have the wrong app. You want HBO GO.

  • iPod 4

    by Jask61

    It works great on my iPod 4. Movie information and time. Loads quick.

  • Inconsistent

    by Leftyfrog

    Half of the time I open this app there is no "play" button for the videos. Sometimes it's there, other times not.

  • Hbo review 5/5

    by Edub04

    Great Togo app

  • Works for me

    by Vielka30

    No sure what is going on with everyone else but it works on my iPad 2 and I've been loving it so far

  • Glitch

    by Mamadoodie

    I have sound on my ipad2 so don't know why people are having trouble in that sense. My problem is that the "play" button is gone the next time I go back in to watch something. If I re-install, it works. Until I close it that is. Anyone else have that issue?

  • Useless App

    by Joshua in Phoenix

    I was watching s Sandra Bullock movie & wanted to know what I was watching. Apparently the app doesn't tell you what's showing... Lame.

  • Useless

    by Coolia Cool

    Deleted app after 5 minutes of finding zero information...


    by RS_in_HI

    Useless app.

  • Needs To Be Updated

    by jleistikow

    It would be best if HBO just included their schedule in the HBO Go app instead of having two separate apps. Being that we're stuck with it, it should at least be updated (last update was almost 2 years ago). It's sluggish, not retina, and isn't formatted for the iPhone 5. HBO must have the resources to pay a developer a small amount to make these changes that could greatly benefit the app.

  • Kinda lame.

    by NoodleRedondo

    Thought this would let you watch shows.

  • Just a bunch of ads. Do not download.

    by Lee Anthony

    This is nothing but ads. The schedule is not even accurate. Can't find anything you want, just ads.

  • No sound still

    by Lite weight in Omaha

    Sound does not work on a I phone 4

  • Doesn't fit sked for philippines

    by Tak Araña

    No sked in the philippines despite location permission

  • Mrs

    by Jilljill20

    No sound!!!

  • Why is it

    by trev456

    that apps for TV networks are almost always terrible?

  • Very very in happy

    by Michallyn

    There is only two episodes left and you do this I have watched a lot of shows from HBO and you have never done this :(

  • What's the point?

    by app tester100

    There are now over 5 million TV cable and sat subscribers who have disconnected and might like to watch something on HBO. But no it is unavailable to non-subscribers.

  • Cheap

    by Jose the Conquistador

    With its low res interface, cheap implementation, poor performance and limited technical abilities, this app is an embarrassment to HBO and anyone involved in its development. Uninstalled immediately. When this app is up to par with the expectations you have for a paid subscription service, I'll give it another go. Very disappointed.

  • Most aggravating app of all

    by Rootele

    Of all the apps I have on my iPad, this is the most aggravating. Why must it go through a lengthy "updating" process when it is opened? Showtime's app doesn't have this problem. No other app of mine does. You would think that HBO could do better. I actually avoid using this app and go to the web on my desktop to check the schedule! RZ

  • Needs an UPDATE!

    by Zac3378

    The app is good, love the intro when you launch the app but, the app needs: Retina Support New Layout New Features Don't forget about this app HBO iPhone 4 iOS 6.1.3

  • Sound doesn't work

    by JoanneD727

    Recently the sound stopped working in the app.

  • Totally worthless

    by joao5

    I downloaded this thinking maybe I could more easily view the video extras that they have FOR FREE on the HBO website. This app told me I would have to actually make a purchase to see any of them. Get a grip HBO!

  • Schedule not working

    by JennanRich

    I rely on the schedule in this app since its not in HBO GO but a couple updates back broke the schedule and I still haven't seen a fix. Lets get at it please! Disappointed.

  • SJ

    by SkiMiJi

    This app doesn't work. The schedule doesn't show all programs. Hard to believe HBO would agree to release an app this bad.

  • Muy mala aplicacion

    by MGcorp

    No sirve para Nada, no funciona y se cierra en el ipad y en el iphone

  • Videos don't work

    by Andy Hahn

    And why isn't this all on the HBO Go app anyway

  • AW-FUL

    by valarie mack

    First of all, why is there more than one APP and you have to be taken from one to the other. After "swiping' i response my iPad screen goes Black and NOTHING happens. Called my inept Comcast cable provider and, naturally, they were of NO help. Simplify guys, simplify!!

  • Expecting better

    by mojoe176

    This app seems outdated and abandoned. App is not optimized for iPhone 5, annoying sound on startup, slow UI.

  • No sound

    by da mistress

    It would be nice to have sound.

  • No sound

    by Jesse Heath

    When I try to watch video on the iPad, there is no sound. Disappointed

  • Could be great...

    by MrsHerveaux

    This app has the potential to be amazing. When I click play on the videos, there is NO Sound! Would love to watch behind the scenes of episodes, but I can't hear what anyone is saying!

  • HBO app for iPad

    by Christi-simple

    Abysmal. Useless. Doesn't open 98% of the time. Can't access HBO TO GO.

  • What's on

    by Wild1rod

    Takes way to long to load. If you don't like to wait do not get this.

  • Absolutely worthless!

    by Dbryman

    You can see the schedule, but that's about it!

  • Skip it ... Unless you are hearing impaired ...

    by ghgh2011

    ... then it wont matter. This app. has had ZERO sound for months on Real Time With Bill Maher. I have deleted it three times, about to delete it again, due to no sound. Each time I download to check whether they have made a fix ... nothing. How does any thing digital/technical go months on end and no one notices nor makes a repair? HBO needs to get its act together.

  • It doesn't WORK !!!!!

    by Big Baby Boy

    Well I always review this area before I down load and the reviews did not look good so I decided to down load this app and I discovered that everything that was said is true "" please do not do what I did this app does not work and it's a waste of time trying "sooty

  • No sound on iPhone now.

    by rachelw10

    Useless without sound

  • Bummed

    by westisthebest

    Wish the sound worked on iPad 2 app for videos :(

  • Crap

    by ngsigns

    Well this is the second version of HBO I've download and just like the first, that's it! It just downloaded and when I open it I just watch the little wheel in the center screen going round & round. Makes ya wonder if the few good ratings below are HBO employees, there's no way there device that special that it can turn a pile crap into an amazing app. I better delete it before all my Idevices blow up or something.

  • No sound on the 4S.

    by Boiiinng1428

    And reporting button just takes me to website splash page.

  • Needs Improvements

    by mcpratt23

    I'd be more than happy to give a higher rating if I could hear the videos on my iPad 2! Please fix that!

  • Could be fun...

    by 1knh

    Has no sound for the iPad 2

  • No video

    by Wisssh

    I seem to have the opposite problem, I just got half way through Newsroom and the video went black. Audio kept going, NO VIDEO!

  • SOUND????

    by E.J.Daniel

    Downloaded June 26, 2012. how about some sound?????

  • No Sound!!!!!!

    by PhantomDadoo™

    Nice picture....can't hear a thing! HBO offers Episode 1 of The Newsroom for a free preview. I thought I was watching a Chaplin movie or The Artist! No way to bring this customer to a paying status!

  • No play button

    by XVKAD3

    I've downloaded this app 3 to 4 times. Each time it works fine at first, but when I open the app a few days later, the play button is gone, so I can't play any videos. The only workaround is to delete the app and re-download.

  • Don't bother wasting your time

    by Gina27tuuyfvbigg

    I'm very disappointed in this app. I read the reviews b4 I installed it but was giving it the benefit of the doubt. It seriously is awful and a waste of time.

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