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From a land where summers span decades and winters can last a lifetime comes Ice and Fire, a weather app featuring the breathtaking scenery from HBO’s epic new series, Game of Thrones.
Choose a location in this weather-driven storytelling app (or use your built-in GPS locator) and view a scene from Westeros (and beyond) that matches the current weather of that location, whether snow, rain, sun or fog. Users also can select multiple locations and simply swipe between them to see a range of scenes, accompanied by onscreen temperature and time.

Customer Reviews

  • Pretty dope cx

    by Prglfgsgjj

    If you like game of thrones and need a weather app might as well use this cx


    by khaleesi~

    as a die hard GoT fan,i love the fact that i can get the weather with gorgeous graphics it. And i also enjoy whenever i get Pentos or Dothraki grassland like weather around me. but maybe an update should be made possible to show scenes from the new seasons?

  • Time for a refresh!

    by donnana

    Need a version that incorporates seasons 2 and 3 and new locations. Unfortunate that the dev link is dead as Ned.

  • Good Little Weather App

    by WMUplayer11

    I love the series and this app is great of you're just looking to check the current weather. Love the animations. Hope they keep up on it.

  • Great GOT

    by Darth1138

    I like this app. Just only one thing I want to see is updated locations

  • Update for Season 3 Locations please!

    by Zac3378

    Love this app fun to compare the weather to a location in Game of Thrones. This app needs an update! Season 3 is now underway & the app only shows Season 1 locations. Please Update! iPhone 4 iOS 6.1.3

  • Great but...

    by fermin1997

    The App was last updated in 2011... It's 2013, instead of "coming April 11" it should say the current date, March 2013. Possibly add the Iron Islands or other locations.... Hopefully gets an update....

  • Great for us GOTs geeks

    by Mkuwana

    I admit, it's not as informative as the weather channel but ITs GOTs baby Yea yah! Gotta love it-it's free no gimmicks & "as in my hometown, so in cool!

  • I f*ing love it.

    by Mvbowls

    I'm seriously geekin' out over this. I can feel my eye twitching as I change to different locations. Twitch twitch.

  • Iron

    by peter Zacharakis

    The show had me from the first moment. The veracity of the costumes the characters and the drama sucked me in the first episode. My only disappointment is the death of Ned stark. Otherwise I am hooked full speed ahead.

  • Landscape mode?

    by MopRocks

    I would love this app to have a way to switch between landscape and portrait.

  • Dig It

    by SammieBabyDoll

    Aside from the issue with file size it's a novel app. A suggestion may be to adjust the clock for that location's time zone.

  • 120MB? Separate HD from iPhone version

    by moteltan

    Loved it, but can't afford 120mb for a weather app with 4 landscape images on it. Please make a separate version for iPhone/iPod which does not have the HD graphics of iPad. And, jeeze, compress the graphics just a little for crying out loud.


    by matthewpartrick

    4.999999/5. We need an update. Plan it for the release of season 3! We are desperate to see new landscapes. O/w my favorite app. I use it 2-3x per day. I am your biggest fan.

  • Really cool

    by AshleyS7795

    It is a new and fun way to check the weather, if your a hardcore GoT fan. :D

  • Weather app

    by Eat now

    It's just a weather app but it's cool and inventive and nice if you like game of thrones.

  • Love it!

    by elegraphy

    Looking for Weather HD 2 replacement, so I was search around the App Store and bump into this one. Not exactly like Weather HD original, but it's still nice to look at it :)

  • Cold weather needs work

    by Gwyddia

    This is a fun app, but there're a lot more cities in Westeros and Esteros then just Pentos. When I put in Antarctica, it shouldn't tell me that I'm in Pentos. It should tell me that I'm at The Wall.

  • Awesome!!

    by nanathetiger

    Great graphics! Wanna see more!

  • Weather

    by Ekaterina Mestre

    This is a weather app. It's ok, again... Its a weather app.

  • Stupid

    by Wonko41

    If I could give 0 stars, I would. This was a complete waste of time. This app has nothing to do with the show or the books. The authors should be ashamed of themselves.

  • YAWN

    by Monkeysballsonyourchin

    The funny thing is, I read the other reviews before installing this app and then installed it despite them. It wouldn't be so bad if it were just a weather app telling you the weather in cities anywhere in the world. I am always trying to compare cities in the Games of Thrones storyline to real cities in our world so I thought it would be cool to see what parallels the app drew. But in San Francisco today it is 30 degrees cooler than here in Jacksonville, Florida and yet both were compared to the Dothraki Sea. Really? And in New Delhi, India it is apparently like Winterfell? Um...I don't think so, guys. This app is not just lame, it's lame and nonsensical.

  • :/

    by Miss_OMalley

    Extremely basic. Doesn't show forecast or anything. App would be better if there was more detailed weather information and the ability to make the app your lock screen wallpaper. Very pretty photos though!!

  • Loser app

    by A GREAT DAY

    Wow. Actually does exactly what details describe. Just the weather. Who cares. Give us some inside knowledge and some character info. I've got plenty of weather apps

  • Useless

    by Laven205

    Thought this would do something more than just give me the weather. Why not make a companion app for show like there is for the books. Deleted this soon after installing.

  • Good concept, lacking variation or accuracy

    by Unreal32

    I live in Michigan. Just got back from Miami. Tried both places and it says my weather in both is like Pentos. Um, hello???? It is 25 degrees in Michigan... And 77 in Florida. The only thing that is currently similar is that it is sunny in both places. I expected more out of this app. At least thought that Michigan weather would be closer to Winterfell this time of year.

  • Lame

    by Hadley92

    Very boring. I thought you would actually do something in this app

  • ?

    by RAW THOR

    why does this weather app take 120MB ! on my iPhone !?! what is its real contents ?!

  • Needs work

    by Jnoob1

    Worked for a while but it doesn't display correct weather and has a lack of locations in the GOT world.

  • Stupid

    by Jeremyaj

    All this does is show you a picture, and tell you the weather...

  • ???

    by Dennisrxdh

    Not what I was looking for.

  • by Medicswifey

    Very cute app! Does exactly what it says. I enjoy it.

  • Picture a beautiful snow day in the forest.looking up at the tall trees,waiting to bloom,also look d

    by mainmainww

    Like everyone else I agree that this a pretty scene.even tho it has no function or purpose in life,looking at it give me a warm relaxing feeling.

  • Love it

    by linksawakening

    Those of you who gave this app one star complaining that it's 'just a weather app' need to seriously read the description before downloading apps. It's a beautiful weather app, so much more interesting than the boring old ones most of us use. The little animation added to the photos is exquisite! I hope they will add more photos as the show continues on. I haven't seen yet if the pictures adjust and account for things like rain. If not, i hope they will consider upgrading and adding that! My favorite weather app!

  • Weather App Without Info

    by Curtis R. Shideler

    Just a pretty weather app with gifs behind simple temperature readings. Has not much to do with the books or show. If you're waiting and hoping for a GoT video game on your phone like I am... This is NOT it. Guess we'll keep waiting. Ps. I can just hear two hbo team members tying "Winter is coming." to a weather app idea. Pretty lame for such a great show. Come on and publish a strategy RPG game already!

  • Simple and clean

    by Sage-of-the-six-paths

    It doesn't do a whole lot, but this app really impressed me. I find myself adding cities everywhere just to see the different locales, the images are so sharp and crisp, I wish apple supported background like these.....

  • Great for Fans of the show!

    by FeliciaGustin

    I've added cities all over the world just to see the different weather scenes that come up. Love the movement - from subtle (clouds moving, stars twinkling) to move intense ( a rain downpour, winds across the grasslands). Fun for fans of the show. Winter is coming. There's an ap for that! This one! Do hope they update it at some point...

  • Neat free app

    by poetmom

    Neat free app. It would be better if there were more options & it does seem weather is always Pentos. But i added some places across the US where relatives live & the world (my son visits China this May) & its neat to see the weather differences. I couldnt find his Chinese city (Taizhou in Zhejiang. I found a Taizhou in a different province (Jiangsu)) though so had to go with Shanghai. What really bugs me is it gives the GoT date of 4/17 as if thats the season premier date. Its been on 2 weeks here already (as of 4/11). I almost missed it as i checked the app for the date. If all you want is a quick check of the current temp, its a cute little non busy non complicated app. Didnt realize it was such a big size, need to work on that.

  • Love it!

    by guesnogirl

    You don't have to be a fan of the show to enjoy this beautiful app, but it does make you appreciate it more. I think it just needs more of a breakdown of the weather forecast for the day or week & maybe even clothing suggestions would make it more fun so that you could view some or the beautiful costumes from the show. And, yes, I would love to see the new places from season 2 added also. I recommend this app to everyone!

  • Great app!

    by iPhone C10

    This app is great!! It should be made compatible with the mac app store as well!

  • Update?

    by Osu565

    Great app. Love all the scenes of the towns and lands. But with the new season coming can we get an update and put more places on the app? That would be awesome.

  • Pure awesomeness.

    by DevCurio

    Ok, seriously. I love this useless app. It doesn't do a whole lot and I'm not sure how accurate the forecast is but who cares? It's GORGEOUS. I've made a habit of screenshotting a different location every time it comes up and have added places all over the world just so I could see the different ones it's got. The hi-res animation detail is great and it's just awesome for any diehard Ice & Fire fan like myself. House Targaryen!!!!!!!!

  • Love it

    by Mel.a.k.a.Bess

    I love this weather app :) I even have my families locations in here.

  • Super Fun!

    by zcp212

    It's exciting on days where the weather changes to check the app and see what new scene comes up. (there's motion in the scenes too - which you can't tell from the pictures!) If you love Game of Thrones this will make you smile (especially on rainy or snowy days!)

  • Neat idea and pretty, but...

    by spacehat0079

    The weather's wrong, making this pretty useless. And the iPad version is stuck in portrait orientation, I have to rotate my device every time I want to look at the wrong weather.

  • Awesome!

    by Meganyoungtx

    The detail is amazing! You can even see little bugs flying around and the curtains blowing! I love it when it rains, so cool to see it raining hard in Winterfell! This is a fun app. I just wanna look at the weather for anywhere and everywhere in the world to see more pictures :)

  • Gorgeous

    by InkFaery

    Very pretty. Super cool. Totally accurate? No. But that's what accuweather is for. This is a fun, visually pleasing promo app, and I love it.

  • Winter is coming

    by MarcusAureliusSeneca

    Works perfectly for me. Accurate weather, and awesome to see the comparisons to Pentos, King's Landing, and Winterfell. The 126MB file size seems excessive. Of course more cities would improve the app, but it's free, so I'm not sure why others are complaining. The developers did a great job on this app!

  • Very cool

    by K'Shanti

    Great marketing tool. I have the iWindowsParis and iWindowsNewYork. This is reminiscent of those. Landscape and AR gets you another star! One criticism: Does it really required this much memory? The Weather Channel's app is less then a tenth as large. Tighten it up, another star!

  • This is a (Great) Promo

    by Nedy Bonz

    I love this app, but since a number of people have given it low ratings, I think some (rather obvious) points need to be made: This is an interactive weather app, which is readily apparent from the screen shots. This is also a promotional app, which is also readily apparent from the screen shots. That being said, I love this application, and would recommend it to fans of the show and series. I am looking forward to new locations being added as the series progresses (with fingers crossed for Harrenhal on a cloudy night with bats flying amongst the towers).

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