A Cowboy Gun Builder Entertainment App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English

Seller: The Pro Gun and Guns App Builder Club LLC

- Sound Enhanced

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☆ Cowboy Gun Builder ☆

☆ Discover all of the possibilities with Cowboy Gun Builder. The must have application for gun lovers. Choose your very own pistols and rifles!!!

☆ Big, loud, and powerful Old West inspired guns that you can fire on your iPhone and iPod Touch! Accelerometer support!

Cowboy Gun Builder lets you do everything from choosing your own custom gun, fire and even move it, and see recoil action! From the high quality graphics to the accelerometer firing action you will not find a better gun application on the AppStore. You can pull the trigger or shake your iPhone to see and hear every gun FIRE! Now every kid and adult can be a cowboy, sheriff, or villain any time! Build your skills with every gun!

☆ Super-realistic gun firing including loud booming sounds and recoil action.
☆ Use the accelerometer so you can actually move your gun to fire it like in real life!
☆ View your favorite western guns

• Runs on all versions of iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

© The Pro Gun and Guns App Builder Club LLC 2011

Customer Reviews

  • No stars

    by Yup.2

    Don't buy

  • Sigh

    by sunshinegirly7

    Your mother needs to have a talk with you. You're a con artist. Please stop making apps! I am very serious.

  • Don't buy

    by Capt. John Ret.

    Don't buy. Doesn't work as stated. Per iTunes Store's Terms and Conditions -You are screwed if you buy. Can't believe it hasn't been removed.

  • No

    by elsa2agui

    Don't buy this app otro doesn't works

  • Mr

    by John woow

    What the


    by billbertking1


  • Dont by it

    by Curly lambo

    Do not bye this app. It's a total waste of $0.99 you don't even get to build guns. These creators should feel so bad about then selves. This app is a huge scam. I bought it expecting to make some revolvers. So I buy it terrible app.DO NOT BYE THIS CRAP!!!!

  • Waste of $0.99

    by Thechickenator

    Waste of $0.99

  • Whatever

    by Killi rok

    Wow this is so dumb. A Dallar for noises

  • Review

    by Sammer2000

    This deserves no stars what so ever it is horrible everyone thinks it horrible DO NOT BUY THIS app it should be banned and we should get our money back.

  • ?

    by Edwardismyfuturehusband

    This supposed to be a Joke cause its not real funny

  • This is sad read this

    by Jkla14

    Don't buy it made my little brother cry cause he spent his last dollor on this stuped game!!

  • Horrible

    by Thedanman500

    This app suks and was a waste of money :(

  • Very bad

    by LaxGoaliePro

    The creators should be ashamed to trick people into buying this. I feel these kind of things should never happen on such a widely used site.

  • Pathetic.

    by Fixitquickly

    This is the worst app I've ever bought.You can't customize a thing,when it fires all that happens is the gun rotates a little,and the effects are stupid.It's not even realistic.The hammer on the gun isn't pulled back,you can't reload and you can fire way more than six shots with the revolvers and however many bullets the other guns have,and there's no muzzle flash.Worthless piece of crud app.Don't give this guy a penny.It's a waste of money given to this guy who obviously doesn't know a thing about guns and hasn't done the least bit of research.


    by Wolfman31898

    U don't even build anything. It was such a waste of my money. If I didn't have to rate I wouldn't that's how bad this game is.

  • The app sucked do not use

    by Chandler Spencer

    Wast of money

  • sucked

    by unhappy and mad mom

    This app is horrible and a joke!

  • Horrible

    by Cyberpunk D

    I'd give it no stars if I could

  • This game is a waste a space

    by G Hubbs

    From the title you'd think that you could build guns by taking parts of guns and attaching them to others but all you can do is look at a picture and listen to sounds of guns that sound nothing at all like the gun displayed.

  • Bad. No good

    by 2222yr

    Really poor effort. Build your skills at what viewing pictures? Does not build anything Really bad

  • Game

    by John3 16

    Game is the worst ever

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