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- audio fixes that were causing some crashing.

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Never buy ringtones again!
If you like the free version check out the PRO version.

Ringtone Recorder PRO paid version:
*Amazing Sound Quality
*3 times faster
*Quick app launch
*Improved interface, easier to use


Ringtone Recorder is the FIRST AND ONLY iPhone application that lets you record anything and make your own iPhone ringtones for yourself or friends. Using the built-in iPhone microphone you can record up to 30 seconds of audio of anything. Act out your favorite movie scenes, hot viral videos, fun late night comedy skits, favorite songs, whatever.

******** March 3, 2009 UPDATE ********
Thank you for all of your feedback and for making Ringtone Recorder a Top 20 application. I submitted a patch to Apple today with a number of fixes such as (1) Support for email address with underscores and (2) Removed the annoying location question (3) Fixed timeout issues.

Thank you for your suggestions!!
A popular request we have been receiving is that you want to convert songs from the iPhone song library into a ringtone. This function is NOT technically possible as an application. However, you can use Apple iTunes to make a ringtone for any song purchased from iTunes.


Record your friends, enemies, kids, parents, spouse, lover and lovers, teachers, boss, in-laws, pets, co-workers, teammates, mates, ex’s, sexy voices and more.

Did you know that you can set a unique ringtone for each person in your iPhone phonebook? Use Ringtone Recorder to record something special for each person in your iPhone contact list.

You don’t need to have the voice of Rihanna, Kanye West, Flo Rida or Akon.
You don’t need to have your own music video like Fergie, Hannah Montanna or Britney Spears.
You don’t need to have the swagger of T.I, Usher, or Young Jeezy.
Let your friends here your own karaoke version of The Way I Are, 7 Things I Hate About You, Circus, Love Lockdown, Beautiful, or If I Were A Boy, or Heartless.

1 – Record your ringtone
2 – Select “Download It” and specify your email address
3 – Go to your computer and check your email. You will receive an email with an m4r attachment
4 – Save the m4r attachment to your computer
5 – On your computer, open iTunes and select File > Add to Library. Select the m4r file that you saved in step #4
6 – Synch your iPhone with iTunes and the ringtone will transfer to your iPhone. Note: You must make sure that iTunes is set up to sync ringtones
7 – On your iPhone, select SETTINGS then select SOUND. Select ringtone and you will see your new m4r file as a new ringtone option.

When you download the ringtone to your e-mail it is not playable on the iPhone using the built in mail app. This is because the attached file is in ringtone format. Refer to the Usage Instructions above to load that ringtone onto your iPhone.

Also, if you don't see your ringtone e-mail in your Inbox check your junk mail folder.

Customer Reviews

  • The app is fine

    by Skis is cool

    The app works ok. Leaving the fact u can only make one. The app only lets me make one, I can't really hear the ones I've done after I make a new one. I didn't really get that

  • works very well

    by Wuzafatboy

    i recorded my daughter singing and it had amazing sound quality and it was easy to make as my ringtone.

  • Good but...

    by Nani0705

    It's an okay app but I can't hear myself I speaked really loud and still can't hear it!! PLZ FIX! And I will tell everybody to delete it!

  • Ringtone Recorder

    by supercalafragulisticexpiala

    this app would be a lot better if you could save the ringtone from your device instead of having to go on iTunes.

  • App..

    by Bomb900

    I'm not sure how to delete the recordings you made cause I accidentally took one of me peeing and I cant delete it. Too much information..

  • Great app

    by dinoraja

    Recorded my son saying dada for the first time 6 years ago and made it my ring tone ever since. Thought I lost it when I bought my new I phone but this app was able to convert it to I tunes ringtone. Easy to use and made my day. First dada lives on.

  • Awesome

    by Brooke Deeks

    I have tried 100's of apps for making ringtones, this is the only one that work plus it was so easy. It's free, it's not hard BUY IT!

  • Los narcos corido

    by El serote de kaka

    La blanca

  • What happened

    by ahendo

    The app stopped working... Cannot connect to server

  • Vanessa

    by 041082


  • Easy To Use

    by Magicala

    I like this ringtone app alot! I can record any song or sound by just holding up my iPhone like to record a voice memo! Wonderful flexibility and all the free ringtones I want!

  • It does the job.

    by Joe Strauss

    Wanted a ringtone that surprisingly wasn't in the store. Was able to record something fun quickly and easily. They email the ringtone file to you. So I did use one of my alternate emails until I am sure that giving out your email doesn't lead to spam.

  • It works :-)

    by sleepydo1

    This app does exactly what it says it will do. The sound quality isn't the best but it's free.

  • Review

    by Ashy485960493

    Fantastic concept but TERRIBLE sound quality. It litterly sounds like if you were in a hurricane and tried to record somthing. One thing for sure is that I will NOT spend a good dollar on the pro version.

  • Thank God!

    by The Caitos

    I bought this APP despretly, if you are like me, then you hate the defult ringtones for the Iphone.... but this APP is defiently worth it. The sound quality is not ideal but its fair. im sure the PRO version would be better, but hey, this is free! i would defiently recomend it!

  • This is good sheeeit

    by USApatrt

    I like this glorious app a lot. This app arouses me.

  • So easy

    by tongkol

    Only dumb people won't know how to use this apps!!!!

  • To Help

    by Silliez


  • It's great

    by PS818

    I used to have my daughter's voice recorded as her ringtone in my old Samsung and was very upset because I could not do the same with my iPhone. I found this app, my daughter recorded a message for me and now I hear her sweet voice calling me "mom...?... mom...?" whenever she is calling me. I love this app!!!

  • Its ok

    by SVTCOBRA783

    It's great but needsbetter sound quality then I'll give u 5 stars

  • Stupid!

    by Drewstubbs69

    Of course, you have to have a computer with iTunes before you can actually use the ringtone.. WASTE OF TIME UNLESS YOU HAVE A COMPUTER.

  • Worthless!

    by At least I didn't pay for it!

    WORTHLESS! The ringtone never showed up on my phone after I synced my PC and iPhone! I was quite disappointed. I sent feedback, but never received a reply.

  • Worthless POS

    by Mahu44

    Does not work just a way to build email list. Waste of time!

  • Bad

    by Brainz6565

    Uploaded it recorded wanted my email deleted it do not upload

  • BAD

    by Pianogirl4765


  • Disappointed

    by Dorable7

    Didn't work at all.

  • Crappy

    by 3MTA3 90 RS

    Why make so many unnecessary steps. Its already saved on the phone. Why can't you just make it so it's already available in your ringtone options, instead of having to go on a wild goose chase to record a sound for a ringtone. The iPhone already has an recorder and yet you still need to download another for ringtones.

  • Lame

    by ~$@!&E?~

    It kept crashing

  • Requires ringtone to be emailed.

    by Anonymous2199

    Requires ringtone to be emailed.

  • Warning

    by Shilotx

    Will only work with yr email sent so they can sell yr mail and get boo coo spam. A. Holes

  • Complete trash

    by Random nickname1231

    The sound quality is so bad that the recording sounds nothing like what you recorded.

  • Garbage!!!

    by Antoine Pentreath

    Soon as you press the record button, it crashes!!! lol. This thing is complete trash.....

  • Bad sound quality

    by Forouzanh

    It sounds horrible

  • :<

    by Happy Celiac

    Bad sound quality!!! At least its free...

  • I was so disappointed.

    by pichu4540

    I was really desperate for a recorder ringtones app and I got my hopes up too soon, it won't let me download. : (

  • Spam

    by Staka Lee

    I got more spam immediately after emailing myself a ringtone. Learn from my mistake.

  • So not worth it at all!

    by BrunoMars4Ever

    This app is NOT worth takin up your gigs.

  • What?

    by nena5

    Use a desktop- oh well!

  • 100% crappolla

    by Russ987654321

    This free app is not only loaded with ads but the recording quality is so poor and the volume so low the ringtone is unusable. Don't waste your time.

  • Waste of time

    by Terry Bollea

    Waste of time

  • Garbage.

    by jumbogumbofella

    This app is actually garbage. I'm seriously dumber as a result of downloading it.

  • Stupid app

    by Boobooos

    Plz do not download it..who ever made this app should go to jail coz it's soo stupid

  • Awesome

    by cej121696

    I love this app. Great sound quality. It was a little confusing at first how to download the ringtone after you record it but it's easy once you figure it out.

  • Bad

    by XxHooKem12xX

    Didn't work on my iPhone 4

  • Worked prefect

    by Kirill123457890

    I am not sure why some people could not make it work, but it worked prefect for me and did what it was supposed to do, it was easy too. Thanks.

  • Always crashes

    by Latin hybrid

    You get what you pay for, Zilch! Nada nothing zero. Always crashed, not even once did it work for me. I am sure i can find better somewhere else but not this. Don't even bother downloading

  • To much trouble o well

    by fullosunshine

    Nope to much trouble

  • What is this thing?

    by Rocky Rockit

    Couldn't make ir work, and yes, I am a rocket scientist.

  • Ok

    by anthalbu

    It does what it says. Custom ringtones, just not the greatest audio quality. But it works. Those of you who expect more should come up with your own.

  • Terrible!

    by Katie Verrue

    I know it's free, but come on! The quality is TERRIBLE!! don't even bother downloading this. Once you listen to your recording you'll delete this app just like I did!

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