House of the Clashers - Tips, Tactics and Strategies Guide for Clash of Clans - Lite Edition Reference App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: Franke Aplicativos LTDA ME

• Minion 6 stats and pictures.
• King and Queen new stats and features.
• Requested by users, new pages have been added with complete information about:
   » Builders
   » Experience
   » Gems
• Tips for the drills and collectors.
• Fixed wrong stats: Spells and Town Hall.
• Found a bug on the guide? Now you can easily contact me through the "Bug Report" button.
• Improved graphics and performance.

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"House of the Clashers" is the perfect app companion to all Clashers, featuring complete stats, pictures and information to ALL troops and buildings on the game Clash of Clans for FREE.

This is an unoficial reference guide that features extensive and comprehensive information about every single thing from game with complete stats and pictures, helping all players to improve their gameplay and plan their strategies.

• Army
• Clans
   » Tips and informations about them
• Chat
   » Talk in real time with other users in our exclusive chat!
• Clan Castle
• Defenses
   » Complete Stats to all defenses
• Heroes
   » Everything about them!
• Layout
   » See other users layout, rate and comment!!!
• League
   » All about them, including stats and tips
• Match Making
   » Strategies and this about it, including tips and how the loots are calculated.
• Pictures
   » Pictures to all structures in all levels. Find out how to identified their levels!
• Resources
• Statistics
   » Cost, timers, pictures, etc. Every stat possible to all structures and troops.
• Spell Factory
• Spells
• Town Hall
• Troops
   » Complete Stats to all troops

And of course, constant updates! More and more stuff constantly added. Didn't find what you wanted? Please contact us and we will gladly add on the next update.

Disclaimer: "House of the Clashers" not an official app or endorsed by SuperCell.

Customer Reviews

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  • Pretty good

    by Brunaschmeil

    Really good tips, well done

  • Awesome

    by BOPE BR USA

    Great app! Its gonna help me a lot!!!

  • Informative

    by Meekle13

    Love this guide. It's provided a ton of info for me, thanks for making it!

  • Very helpful

    by 5weled

    Its very useful and helpful app

  • Good app

    by Re23232

    This is a good app I recommend it

  • Great

    by TommyLocke

    Best guide ever. Even includes sneak peeks for future update, a must have to all clashers.

  • Thanks!

    by Sotiria100

    Cool and helpful. Thanks

  • best complex guide ever

    by jrmhtmhmmmhmmt

    this guid has helped me accomplish many great things in my game clash of clans, thanks again wish to see more apps from you guys, o also this app is always updated every day and this app gives you a sneak peak at many of the next updates for the game clash of clans. :)

  • good

    by Ahmed ghali

    Ilike thies app

  • Amazing

    by Warhawk player

    I don't go anywhere without this app I use it every day and it's piling most useful apps in the app store

  • Best coc guild app

    by 阿金十三號

    I download 2-3 coc guild apps and this one is the best.

  • Very helpful

    by Everyones fingers

    Includes all stats costs and prices everything you want to know about clash of clans!

  • This app is awesome but.....

    by GangsterMan713

    I really like this app. I get my bases from is and stuff but we shouldn't have to pay for the full version of the app.

  • Great ^^

    by from sarah with love

    Great game very helpful for relaxing :)

  • Thanks!

    by Sotiria100

    When ever I has a question or need help I always go to you for help. Thank you !

  • The Helpful app

    by Ohh_Abraham

    This is so helpful I am always needing this.

  • Very helpful

    by MineC PE

    This app is the best c o c guide you can get.

  • This is uwsome

    by Luketwo90

    This is good it's like a sheet ther is a sheet for the golblins guys this is uwsome guys get it Ty Frank.

  • Clash of clans the Best

    by MjBooR

    Very cool

  • This apps a rip off

    by Wolf13131

    I LOST 1.99 did not get it. App is very bad

  • Why bother with this app

    by Urva78

    There are better apps for this information, not detailed enough.

  • Waste of time, and potentially money too.


    This app has very little information in it, way less than you'd get from a simple google search. On top of that the info isn't even accurate. I was trying to see what level town hall I needed to get another barracks and this app said level 5, while clash of clans said level 4 in the game. And to get any more info than the absolute basics they want you to pay them. For info that you can freely get online already. Total waste of time.

  • Need Full App

    by Blackspy117

    The app is alright for learning about the towers, troops and such but if you were looking for offensive and defensive strategies then this isn't the app for you. You must get the full version for that.

  • Review

    by :::::::::(::::::::::::

    I hate this game so much waste of time !


    by Hduhdunud

    I BOUGHT IT BUT I DIDNT GET IT‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • Awsome

    by Jefferysuperman

    Best guide ever

  • Goof

    by Stupid karam

    This guid is good but you forget 1 thing...where is the deatels of the Santa strike

  • I've tried a lot of clash of clans guides that blow but this rocks!!!

    by ozzie92

    This app is only for the top class clashers!:)

  • Clash of Clans

    by Danno1311

    Sooooooo helpfull

  • A good thing to have

    by Pigie17

    If u love clash of clans then u need this app

  • Five stars!!!!!

    by d21901

    Very helpful and I like the strategy guide

  • Nope

    by This is totally...

    No thanks I do not want to pay so I think I will just go to the forums

  • Pretty Helpful at times

    by AppStore rated

    I LIKE IT, I LIKE IT A LOT it helps when I are stuck at a time in the game

  • Lame APP must pay for full version

    by AtomicReign

    This app blows. It give you details on the Clan Castle, and a few pointers about Army Camps, then states you have to buy full version for the other 99% of content. Uninstalled!

  • Hard Core Claashers

    by DeepFriedOprah

    This app is a must for the hard core clasher, i use this all the time to help me prepare for the next upgrade or to just get some basic information. This includes pictures of everything at each level.

  • Helpful

    by Nintendo 3

    This app really gives help in my town hall in building to level 8 and this app gave me help with what i should do with that level town hall.the good thing about this app is that it says all the defences , troops and spells.i love this app,i think it is one of the best clash of clans guides ever if not the best

  • Clash of clans

    by Soundwave217

    This app works awesome! It tells me everything i want and need to know about everything in clash of clans. You can even buy strategy packs! This app works perfectly.

  • I like

    by Rrgewood @@

    I like I like this this app

  • Clash Of Clans

    by Tami Lloyd

    It's fun but it could use a resource donation in clan so you can donate gold and elixir to clan members

  • Yeeeaaahhhh

    by Yeeeeeaaaahhhhh13

    I like this app i could copy layouts

  • I don't do these often...

    by Sean 875432799

    I don't do these often but this app has definitely earned the 5 star rating! This is a great app, they are always up to date and have a lot of helpful information! Thx to all the developers

  • Great and Bad

    by Hevyman

    It's an amazing app, but then there are a lot of things you have to pay for. Also in chat they can use any name and its bugs me because they use my name to make enemies for me. Other than that amazing app!

  • Gold 3

    by Youngayden

    Because of this App my base has been winning defense LIKE CRAZY!!!!! Try it out and you could become your dream league

  • by fFiremannq8y

    Good and very Beautiful and wonderful

  • Good app but not up to date

    by chris2007a

    This app is really cool but they don't keep it up to date.

  • Awesome

    by Boombox3442

    Great app

  • Awesome but

    by Williamjett

    It's very very awesome but can you please take out the chat i don't like it to much so i rate 4 stars


    by Supercodyrox

    Title says it all

  • Great

    by TommyLocke

    Best guide ever.

  • Awesome

    by BOPE BR USA

    Great app! Its gonna help me a lot!!!

  • I don't like it

    by By Kailey

    In the chat I think someone is typing my name down and saying bad words to people and I think other people are going to think I am saying bad words.

  • Great app very helpful

    by JakeDaSnake_cathey

    Great app! Very helpful. Shows great base layouts for TH 5,6,7,8,9,10.

  • Best app in the world to help with coc

    by christine parrillo

    Clash on

  • good

    by Jamieluv

    great app to find out how to have strategy for your village

  • Update app

    by Jack NISKEY

    Needs to be updated to the Christmas update other than that its a great app

  • GREAT!

    by Jmoebis

    Very Helpful

  • good

    by Ahmed ghali

    Ilike thies app

  • Review

    by RHINOsydmey

    great for info.

  • Good App

    by Go A's

    This is a Decent app, could be better

  • OMG!!!!!

    by Shadow key (mine craft name)

    You might of though that "OMG" was a good thing unless you saw the one star.. THIS APP IS HORRABLE i am truly sry but it really is there is no helpful stuff at all only stuff about the item you clicked on!!!! EXAMPLE- The archer- the archer is lower health then blah blah blah and higher health then blah blah blah STRATIGIES- PAY 1.99 to unlock

  • Fantastic

    by Craashhhhhhh

    This app is extremely helpful I will soon pay for pro to support these guys they rock

  • Layouts

    by Harrison97

    Put all the old layouts back now

  • Great!!

    by Evantomaine

    THANK U for the town hall strategies. Great app.

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