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Languages: English

Seller: Franke Aplicativos LTDA ME

• New visual effects
• Improved interface
• Bug fixes

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This app features over 50 high quality gun sounds from the best Hollywood Studios. You will find different sounds from the same weapon, including close, far, single shot, etc.

All weapons are linked to online encyclopedias, featuring pictures, history, complete specifications, manufacture, etc.

These are the weapons featured on the app:

• Rifles
   » Ak-47
   » AR15
   » Howa 1500
   » G36
   » HK416
   » Enfield

• Misc:
   » Flare Gun
   » Paintball
   » Grenade Launcher
   » Rivet Gun
   » RPG-7
   » Stun Gun

• Shotguns
   » Armsel Striker
   » Benelli M4
   » Franchi 20 Gauge
   » Franchi SPAS 12
   » Remington 870
   » Winchester Model 1897

• Snipers
   » Dragunov SVD
   » M14
   » SSG3000

And much more coming soon!!!

Disclaimer: This app is for entertainment use only. For more information visit

Customer Reviews

  • Good

    by Lil dog 7

    I like it

  • Love it!!

    by Jimborata


  • Ok...

    by Cody51777

    It's a good app if your tryna make a movie. But I was tryna scare my dog. It didnt scare my dog. If it was louder I think I would have been more successful.

  • funny

    by Fearless Casseau

    funny! I scare the h*ll out of my family with those sounds! :D works just fine


    by Tommy with Katie

    I love the new update! Wait, where did the weird sounds go? Doesn't matter, the new interface is great, with links to wikipedia and everything! I really want a Barrett .50 cal and a Ruger 10-22 would be great too! Keep up the good work infinity studios!

  • Mario Party 9

    by Blathfhojc

    I'm new here

  • Good!!!!!!

    by Niko Belloc347236742583489335

    This game is good

  • I'm pretty sure the ninja gaiden sound track is in the war sounds page.

    by Bertie T

    So yeah...

  • Ok

    by BLooDbLiTZ481

    It's alright

  • Fix this

    by Poopppoopp

    You should have something where you can download the sounds to imovie.

  • Rate me

    by 101St.airborne ranger


  • Its ok

    by Sloppyjoe28

    It's ok needs more updates

  • Awsome

    by Brownie 2002

    I love your game it's the bomb I will play it all the time.

  • Great App

    by 5 Star Ty

    It's an awesome app because I can hook it up to my stereo and scare people with the sounds. You should add more sounds to it.

  • Very happy

    by Larry Guerra

    I think your company it's very profesional and very Sirius corporation also you back up your products.

  • Good app

    by Ryanvb21

    Not bad

  • Northmarkak

    by Northmarkak

    Sounds cool on my car stereo

  • Alright

    by Rockinoz

    The app is ok

  • Star

    by Jackaurora

    Great app great sounds

  • Ok

    by 4566778483

    It's ok

  • 1st deleted, then re-installed this app...

    by evolutionary warrior

    It's ok,

  • Stupid!!!

    by BumperMan073

    This is retarded! All the guns sound the same! Waste of time!!!

  • No sound

    by Acousticpokie

    App doesn't work.

  • Awesome game

    by VchofigzyxgxgoxhocpcAaron

    This game rocks

  • Review

    by Big d 777

    Awesome sounds ....

  • It's cool

    by Mack hhhh

    Pick it tust me

  • Gun sounds

    by Cason fud

    It's so cool !!!!!

  • Awesome

    by The simba nator

    This game is so awesome

  • Awesome

    by Woo woo woo and u know it

    This is the best app 4 gun sounds I have eva seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good enough

    by I want it to


  • wow

    by Alhind Mohammad


  • Sounds

    by henry castillo

    Bingo bingo ban ban !!!!!! Like

  • No sound

    by Anniimagoo

    Doesn't work!!

  • 6/5/2012

    by Euromess

    Doesnt work

  • Awesome

    by Bad time''en

    The best app I ever that I have

  • Gun sounds

    by Lumberjack crack

    Doesn't work

  • Who cares

    by Agentchase9816

    @arabdomguy who cares ***** ******

  • Cool

    by Gambinofv


  • Awesome App

    by B-Rad112334

    Great App!!!!

  • Cool

    by Whatnowfun


  • Guns

    by Squirrel photo tech

    Fun to listen to and to creep people out

  • 40 + gun sounds

    by BMTHHN

    Nice fun game

  • Rating

    by KJ the great

    Great sounds I just wish I could've had more explosions


    by flutedude97

    Lots of fun, and the backround music/effects just make it a heck of alot cooler 3:)

  • Best game ever

    by Workadershkin


  • Bad spelling

    by Kik sn: arandomguy

    Ok just so everyone knows, ITS THE WINCHESTER MODEL 1987 not WINCHESTER MODEL 1897 I believe i play CoD

  • Just fun! Hook it up to the stereo and drive the family nuts!

    by 49erGodfather

    Love this app! Tons of laughs driving the family nuts!

  • Awesome

    by Shockwave728

    This app is amazing because I can trick my friends into thinking there's a real gun outside!!!!! Love the app!!!

  • Solve22

    by Solver22

    Neat program

  • Love this!

    by SOCAL Rick

    Just downloaded this app and it immediately made my female coworker roll her eyes. Love the overlay on sounds. Great app! Lots of manly fun!

  • Sick

    by Mrmagicmusician

    It's awesome , I love the bonus sound fx and is there any way I can download the sounds to like my music because I am a big movie maker and these sounds would go so well with my movies

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