Star Wars Blu-ray: Ask Vader Entertainment App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish

Seller: Fox Mobile Entertainment, Inc.

o App now updated for 6.0 (iPhone), and 5.1 (iPad)

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Making one of life's tough decisions? Need the advice of an agent of the Sith? We can help with all of your Darth side needs!

Open ‘Ask Vader' and call upon the Dark Lord to answer your questions. Vader will (im)patiently listen to your questions (typed into a text input field) before dishing out his dark wisdom.

Other features include unlockable "Special Moments with Vader" – hidden surprises recounting some of Darth Vader's most special memories from the Star Wars Saga on Blu-ray, available now.

Customer Reviews

  • Not answering

    by Nikki08030803

    It doesn't answer my question I ask it what was his under wear

  • Works Fine

    by Gryfinndor11

    Works fine! I don't know what the bad reviews are talking about. <(•_•)>

  • I really hate it

    by Baraa2222

    When I opened it nothing appeared just white on my screen nothing happened

  • Mixed up

    by Carly's big fan

    Good app but you have ask a question programmed to type a question and visa versa but other then that awesome

  • Funny

    by XxAlpAlpxX

    this is hilarious!!!

  • ...

    by Gamerman104

    The only thing wrong with it is that the answers aren't answering you question. And the reason it takes 4-5 secs to answer is because if you read the beginning thing on the he is (im)patiently aware ring your question.

  • Cool

    by Boba Fett guy

    I have always been a fan of the dark side and he always answers my questions BTW I'm so so so cool Peace out

  • iPad

    by Big swrv 69

    On iPad it works great. And it's a hilarious app. Can't speak for other consoles though.

  • Shelved after 3 minutes

    by DrJay1977

    It asks if I want to type or speak to Vader and then just loads a page to watch trailers for Fox's movies and can't get past that. Might be an iPhone 5 specific issue, but at least I'm not out money.

  • You should be banned!!!

    by stopsully

    I was looking forward to this app,I'd give u -5 if I could,as soon as I opened it,it hit me with adds and movie trailers.... So away from this!!!

  • Someone should delete this horrible app

    by D WiTT

    As soon as you download this app and open it, there is nothing but advertisements everywhere. I could even get to ask Vader a question cuz of the ads. What a waste.

  • Avoid App

    by brysarah

    This is just an ad for 20th Century Fox movies. Don't waste your time.

  • It's just a bunch if ads

    by Pagem4

    Seriously. I just opened up the app, and all it is is a screen full of ads for movies. You can't even do anything except go to links and read about movies that no one is going to want to watch. Why can't I even just ask a question??!!

  • Doesn't work!!

    by bnr12

    Don't waste your time. Whatever this app is supposed to do, it doesn't do it. All it does is display error messages.

  • !?$&

    by Jimmey.ronald

    This app doesn't work! You really should fix it or something!

  • Doesn't work for iPhone

    by Derrick_Fields

    Downloaded it twice, and all it gave me was a Not Found URL error.

  • Won't work

    by Travspat1

    I've always been a huge Star Wars fan including the sith but for some reason this app will not work with my iPhone it always shows up iOS is not compatible

  • Error

    by A confused customer

    Doesn't work at all. Neither speech nor text options.

  • Worse than crashing

    by Garbidge

    It said server not found!

  • Aaaaaaaaaaa

    by Avery 114

    This game doesn't work with my iPad! Every single time I try to use it brings up a white screen!

  • Does not work

    by Tjh333

    Every time I download stats sever not found

  • STUPID!!

    by Starwars ultimate525

    When I try to "ask vader" it says URL NOT FOUND: do not get this app it's stupid

  • The worst game

    by Star Wars #1fsn

    Do not get it, it doesn't work!!

  • Funny name )

    by Matt macoulier

    The name was funny but that white screen is not good I gate use it

  • No

    by Anthbuzzabeata

    Does not work

  • last qwerty chance!

    by Last qwerty chance!

    didn't work. only loaded a blank screen, no sounds, no images.

  • Muito ruim

    by Yuriferraz

    Não funciona. Terrivelmente lento.

  • Horrible

    by Fullmetal alchamist

    I opened the app and all i saw was a white screen,that was it ! Dont get it

  • A stupid app

    by Trent9225006

    Darth Vader is so stupid,I have no idea how he became a Jedi. His answers are idiotic and are,like,3.7 seconds long.and it crashes every 5 seconds!

  • SLOW

    by Mountainman8

    Good idea, but is very slow. Takes the fun out of it.

  • Waste of time

    by Dr.awesome 1224789

    Needless to say this app sucked, all Vader would say is "state your question in the form of an inquiry".all I am trying too say is don't waste your time by downloading this app.

  • Terrible

    by Seminole360

    Proof that Lucas Films will license to anybody with no quality control.

  • Works, but barely....maybe doesn't play well with iOS 7?

    by JJPeoria

    Ok, I get more than "a white screen" like some....but it freezes often and loads slowly. Ask it a question and then it loads the desired video clip from online....that is the slow part....then it starts playing the supposed answer and gets half way through and freezes up. I have iOS 7.03 installed on my iPad 3, so I don't know why the problems.

  • Adult material

    by qtrim

    My son was able to access adult content through this app even though Safari was turned off in 'restrictions' via the built in web browser.

  • Booooooooo!

    by CrystalDogs251

    Do NOT waste your game time! Vader does answer my questions, but they are not specific.Believe me, I have watched Star Wars and Vader is much better. It is a good game that people did not think through.

  • It BLOWS

    by 2biguns38

    Freezes, glitchy and shuts down on its own. If Lord Vader put this on his i5, he would "force hug" the developers throat. "Bother do not even!"


    by Jacob3922

    it only shows a white screen and when i turn it off i can see it.major bug u have

  • Wrong impression

    by K98mike

    Def not what I thought this was going to be. Not sure what I was expecting though. Neat idea tho.

  • Hate this APP!!!!!!

    by JustJoking 77

    First of all it only shows a white screen when ever I tried to turn it ON! Second When I first bought it it showed a white screen I thought it froze or something in total I bought this app TEN TIMES!!!!!!!!!!! (screams in corner) Don't I repeat don't buy this APP waste of money!

  • crAPP

    by HorseCharmer

    It is just a white screen and when you turn the app off it starts to work

  • What the heck?!

    by Dr.Boombox

    It just went to a white screen. DO NOT GET THIS APP!

  • No effort

    by Darkhawk19

    It's obvious that the people who made it didn't really try, don't get the app, it's screwed up

  • Oh my satan that sucked.

    by Hannah Hoskins

    The app was horrible. The only reason I gave it two stars, is because when I typed "butt sex" he just shook his head at me.

  • Suckish

    by SonicBoomX7

    It's just a white screen! DO NOT GET THIS APP!

  • by WILLYJ 21

    This app is bad it freezes up and its slow. lord vader is my favorite Star Wars character but this app just humiliates him. On type control when ever you type something in his reply is "Speak up".its like he's deaf .the only good thing is the graphics.

  • D:<

    by Starwars fan 7908

    This app was a waste of my time do NOT get this app he is practically def and the type one doesn't work either!!!

  • WHT THE HECK??????

    by Bubba52

    It's JUST A WHITE SCREEN! Super disappointed. :(

  • Stinks

    by Kip tin

    I have never got to ask a question because there is just a white screen. It got 2 stars because I am a big star wars fan. May the force strike down on the creators of this app!

  • Stupid

    by Fghhvcffhncfg16&(/)'


  • Don't get it!

    by GOHIRA101

    Takes to darn long and never really answers the question he just says your question was dumb or he does not know.

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