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The all new Season 6 SOA app update is an immersive, interactive experience bringing all-new content using 'Perspective' - a feature rich, virtual view of the SOA clubhouse and Charming, and other areas featured on the show.

- New content is introduced as the season progresses
- Use 'Perspective' to navigate Charming, Diosa International, and Stockton State Prison using your devices gyroscope or using swipe mode
- Explore episodic content and factoids
- New Production Stills from Season 6
- Deleted Scenes from Season 6

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Customer Reviews

  • Love it but a few issues with season 4 downloads

    by Tower72

    Can't update everything...season 5 and 6 work fine but when I try to update all the stuff from crashes everytime..wanted to show a friend all the stuff this app offers since he's a big SoA fan as well and season 4 has the deleted scenes etc (like when Jax got shanked in jail and so on)..IPad air running iOS 7.0.4 if that helps

  • Crashing

    by Hello gelo

    Appisodes keep crashing

  • Love the app - what's up w/the map

    by wl_walker

    Love the app, great imagery and info! Only thing I can criticize it the map on the smart phone. I live in the area (Specifically Sacramento, CA). The map has the freeways all wrong. It has 99 running thru the west side of Stockton: It is much more East. 88 runs out of the Sierra foothills from the east ending at 99, not the opposite as the app map shows. And 12 is much more north and runs to Napa. And Morada is a tiny area north of Stockton as opposed the huge area shown on the SOA map to the east. Kinds kills the suspended reality for me since I live in the area, but still love the app and the show!

  • Love SOA

    by Mizz Mari K

    I love this show... And the app is pretty cool. Love Jax, tigg, chibbs, juice, Gemma, bobby, and happy!!!!!

  • Sons of Anarchy

    by Susan Heck

    It's a fun app to go along with TV series fans. Throughout the season you get to go to new areas of Charming. Something to do and learn more background stories.

  • Needs more contents

    by Att82

    Great app for Soa fans but needs more contents

  • SOA

    by MadWop75

    Best app! Get it or face the wrath of the Irish!!

  • Love it!!

    by Sparklechick

    Can't wait for what's next :)

  • Soa!

    by mollyaz

    Love the app! Needs more jax ;)

  • best app ever

    by Grod-lo-08


  • Impressive!

    by Best Note Taker

    Overall the app is awesome! The graphics are awesome, looking forward to any updates that come along. Keep it up!

  • 6stars.

    by Bigdonglong kong

    I want to be on this show so badly. Awesome.

  • Soa

    by jostiltner

    Love it

  • Works Great!

    by Heavenlydeath83

    Love having this for my iPad. I also have it on my iPod touch. But I mainly use it on my iPad. Keep up the great work! Please add more Chibs stuff! Thanks! Great update !

  • Please air the very first season so people can see how it started

    by Dede5656

    I love the show

  • Love it but needs some work!

    by Charlie Hunnam is GODLY! XD

    When I first installed this app, I was incredibly excited. I absolutely LOVE Sons of Anarchy, however some of the text in the app is so small, it's very difficult to read. Perhaps if this app ever comes out with an update where you can zoom in to see the text better, a lot of users would appreciate it. Also, this app doesn't nearly add as many updates as they should. I will continue to keep this app, but if I don't see a few improvements, I'll have to delete it. :( (Please don't make me have to do that!)

  • Love it!!

    by Corona6969

    This game is awesome

  • fun app

    by signal50

    I'm having fun discovering all the "extras" and exploring the clubhouse.

  • Awesome App

    by j2d2d2s

    Love this. Gives you a little SOA til the new season starts! Check out the Gear shop! I ordered from them! The merchandise is good quality and got to me in great time! I highly recommend this App to all Sons of Anarchy Fans

  • Son Of Anarchy

    by TiestoSixx

    Love the show the app is interactive and amazingly done

  • Absolutely THE worst app!

    by David Walker

    This app is by far the worst I have ever downloaded. Don't waste your time. Nice feature using the gyro but what real SOA fans want is the app is difficult to navigate and it's very easy to miss content. Make it an option to navigate in this way but I'm really looking to be able to watch and re-watch SOA episodes.

  • Used to be great but now...

    by Aineirish

    Will only let me tour clubhouse. CANNOT do anything else with it. Please fix!!!!!

  • Zoom enabled????

    by Alphablue8

    On the iPhone the text is too small to read. Being able to zoom the dialog boxes in would be great. Make twitter access available on home screen to allow fans to tweet during show.

  • Awesomeness!!

    by GravyTrain87

    Love the app! Very interactive! Love how you can "explore." Huge SOA fan keep up the good work!

  • Love this App!

    by traleega

    Really interesting.

  • Install???

    by Larcom77

    Two tries at 15 minutes each, and still not even 10% installed. I give up...

  • Hay

    by Crushsk8kid

    What's the workout routean it's to blurry on the iPhone

  • Fun app

    by Daaaabulls

    I actually like this app, it's a cool interactive app about the show. The only thing I would like to see changed for next season is to see it be updated more often. As far as the notifications go, that is no reason to give this app a one star review, never had any problems. It is as simple as changing your notification settings to not receive any notifications, which I don't see why you would need the notifications for this app enabled anyways.

  • Crap

    by TheMissa

    Would even load.....crap!

  • Garbage App

    by Ripppo

    Like the show, app is a waste of time. Nothing but an overpriced online store.

  • Not bad

    by astemerman

    App runs perfect. No problems. App gets boring after a while though not much added.

  • Pure Genius!!!!!!!!

    by LilMsDre

    Keep up the amazing work!!!

  • It's going crazy

    by Greentimes27

    Hey please fix your app I just got 10 or more messages about 10% off the App Store with a code when you watch the show. It's going crazy so I just deleted the app to prevent any more messages! Sorry

  • What the heck

    by TheeTyrel

    First of all love the app the 3d tour rocks. Now what the heck I just got spammed the stupid 20% off sell alert it came through like 50 times making my phone go crazy and then shutting down my phone for like 5 mins I have now turned off all notifications. Please fix this it keeps spamming me when I turn it back on. i hate paying for junk like this

  • Very Disappointed

    by mawbart

    App for iPhone stopped getting updates months ago. Great original app (which I paid for). Takes up too much room in memory for not getting squat. Expected so much better, especially for SOA stuff.

  • Love the APP!

    by Slimsticco

    This App is the best Apple has to offer. I have 1 question, how come under the members' wrap sheets the dates include day and month, but no year. Also why is Jax's federal weapons charges arrest and release dates different from the rest of the clubs. They were all locked up and released at the same times.

  • Sutter app

    by Andreah2o

    I freakin love this app. Since I got a new phone everything works! No complaints and each week as Sutter said I get the updates and add-ons!! I am psyched!!!

  • Issues

    by Perlman&SoAFan

    Keeps closing out the app when I open certain content. Am using IOS6. Appears to be no fix and is a major disappointment. :,(

  • Odd and great

    by rtmcg

    The version for my iPhone has much more content than the ipad version. Only issue is that some of the content would be preferred on my ipad. Otherwise a decent app.

  • Awesome

    by Sunshine080208

    For everyone under me this is an awesome app learn how to use it before its judged there are lots of deleted scene and extra stuff plus it brings you into the real life of samcro all the things you wondered about to police reports to how people got patched in to the history of the club! People need to open there eyes!!! Love the show love the app!!!!!!

  • Sugar to....

    by Sulio

    This app used to be awesome for a fan of the show. Now it's never updated and the content is minimal to say the least. For 2 years I've waited for updates each week with everything from deleted scenes and photos to character content and details about the history of the club. There hasn't been anything new in 3 weeks and I'm so disappointed that such a ground breaking show is tethered to this crap app. Please get it together.

  • Disappointed

    by Dopey Flea

    Not a good app for a killer show

  • No Content!!

    by Chappy217

    The app has little to no content unless you want to but SAMCRO stuff.. disappointing.

  • Content inaccurate

    by Tevscoot

    Ap difficult to use. Love the show. Not loving this good looking yet not well thought out ap. Note the sacred "panhead" is actually a knucklehead you knuckleheads.

  • Some information missing

    by BlueEyeMamie

    Anyone know how to get to the deleted scenes on the new app? I can't find it. Thanks.

  • Horrible app

    by knowledge360

    This is a pointless app with nothing on it as far as video playback or any useful information

  • This app is stupid

    by Hookerplease

    There's nothing to do here! I keep thinking it will be updated with appisodes or deleted scenes, but there are only tidbits on the more minor characters of the show. There's an elaborate online store you can look through, but nothing more. At least that I can find, which isn't easy as this app is difficult to navigate. NOTHING LIKE SEASON 4 APP.

  • It's really not that bad, people...

    by Johnferrebee

    Although it may not have as much content as it could have potentially, it still does contain a fair amount.. Navigation isn't as difficult as most other reviews make it out to be.. There is a decent amount of content to play around with.. It could use a bit of tweaking and perhaps a few additional features, but all in all.. It really isn't too shabby..

  • Loved the S4 app

    by LegalPlanGirl

    S4 app was great. This one is very hard to read making the features very hard to use. Access to this app was the reason I purchased an iPhone originally. Last years features were easy to use and full if information that helped fill the off Season and continued story arc. This one is confusing and hard to follow. Would love to see them go back to old app- would even pay for it.

  • Poor design

    by callmejayson

    Layout and design are confusing and frustrating. Tap on the wrong thing and you're stuck there. No back arrows, no direction, forced to visit areas that you are not interested with. Weird

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