400+ A Best Sex Positions HD & 365 Sex Calendar Entertainment App Review (iOS, $0.99)


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Seller: feng min

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1、More than 400+ Best Of The Best Sex Positions Only $0.99 Today(More Sex Positions Coming Soon)!
2、5,800,000 User Download this App!
4、365 Sex Calendar
5、Password protection
6、Email your favorite positions
7、Share this app with your facebook/twitter friends
8、No advertisements

Customer Reviews

  • Pictures

    by Wenningtj

    There needs to be pictures of all of the positions

  • pictures

    by Rubiy

    where's the pictures?

  • Awesome

    by Benskie c


  • Pictures missing. Why?

    by D-trix___

    A while ago when i 1st bought this app i was able ti view positions with my gf with pictures + description. Now the pictures are gone? What happened? I would love or them to be back. Happened once i upgraded or updated it after app store notified me to update it. Please fix this. Its one of my favorite apps. Thanks!


    by BloodyNinjaZ

    this used to be a great app...

  • Pics

    by Ans1092

    There needs to pictures. This app is crap. Most apps have pictures of the positions but not this one.

  • Needs!!!

    by Kukad

    This app needs pictures againnnnn

  • Password??

    by Rick Bolt

    So what is the password? It didn't arrive with the app

  • What happen to the pics!!!???

    by anc0503

    This app is so sad...im mad that there are no more pics...who really have time to read when they are taking to get it in...smdh...i want my $0.99 back...lol

  • No pics!

    by Justin61911

    Put the pics back no one wants to read that much


    by jonathan crouch

    The pictures have to be put back! Trying some of these positions are incredibly hard unless illustrated.


    by Evilcore



    by Reese8111

    Paid .99 cents for this app and had it for like 8 months with no issues. All of a sudden an update comes out and with it the pictures are taken away. I wondered if it was something to do with the password protection so I emailed app support and no response. DO NOT BUY unless you want to read a paragraph about how to create a sex position. Otherwise this is useless And now I'm locked out and app support did not email me back with a way to get around password protection. COMPLETE WASTE

  • no pics no good

    by Cccccccctttttttttt

    No pics no good

  • pics????

    by Theojb

    where is the pictures????

  • Lame!

    by sunflower7765

    This app had picture at one time and was the best app on my phone. Then It ask me to upgrade and picture went away. This app is no longer on my phone! Horrible app totally rip off. Screw these guys! Do not buy!

  • Complete waste of money!

    by Pinalot

    Maybe if there were picture it would be worth it....rip off!

  • Where is the pictures?

    by Fmayers

    I've paid for nothing! Just don't do the same guys

  • Blows!

    by Bossman 369

    After only allowing me to view 10 a day at most with the free version I bought the other and all the pics disappeared which kills the whole app! Both worth it at all!!

  • Bring the pics back!

    by WellDamm

    Seems everyone is on the same page with this one.

  • Why?

    by CourtneyLynnn

    I bought this app awhile ago, it was a great app till after an upgrade the pictures disappeared. I am not happy about this change and would appreacate the pictures coming back.

  • No pics?,? Plz Fix it(current)

    by Jessrose18

    Most of the descriptions arent even right Can you please put the pictures on as stated? Or give people there money back

  • Why remove pictures?

    by Bluemonkeyfriday


  • Agreed, gone down hill!

    by KateBSLP

    I used to like this app UNTIL I went to use it and saw that all the pictures had been deleted! Now they just have descriptions for each position. Bring back the pictures! Also, who writes for this app?! Please fix all the typos, especially if we have to read all the poses!

  • Bering pic back or give money back

    by Nopicnogood

    Bought this garbage after trying out the free version where they had the pics for all the positions now without pic to look at this ap is piece of crap don't buy it.

  • What??????

    by DYE FVI

    The people who create this app is not helping getting the images back!!! Very disappointing!! Please get back to all costumers with a good feedback hopefully with pictures! Do not buy it until these reviews say nice pictures!

  • App went down hill

    by Lilyan's mom

    So this app is not very good at all the last update killed it there are no pics and the people who made this app do not know how to type. They misspell and put the wrong words and extra words in so it makes no sense at all. And now that it's no help at all you should not have to pay for it and we should get our money back so we can get an app that you can understand and that is helpful

  • Pictures?????? :-(

    by Saif sultan

    I update the 400 sex position but the pictures gone plzzzzzz bring it back , ( picture better than 1000 ward )

  • .

    by Great game......!

    It needs the pictures back. Fix it!!!!

  • Was a really good app

    by JuJu Brown

    Idk when this happened but out of no where they removed the pictures. Bad move

  • What happened to the pics

    by Nugget123htghuch

    When I first got it it was easy to understan but when I got that new update the pics where gone. I use to to use this app alot but know I hardly even look at it now. unless they get the pics back It's just a waste of money. don't get unless they update it again and get the pics back

  • Where did the pictures go?

    by Chris Giangiulio

    I'm wondering why the pics are missing, words don't help this put the pics back and it will be a good app again Chris Giangiulio

  • No pictures!!!!

    by Pigz80

    Terrible now that they got rid of the pictures. Bring them back please and everyone will be happy again.

  • Apesta

    by Evil Hugin

    No puedo ver las posiciones

  • No pics :p

    by Jesus Salazar

    It was good but now no pics screw this I want pictures back words don't help -.-

  • Bs no pics

    by FoKz1


  • Terrible

    by Alinaiscool

    If I could rate this 0 stars I would. Since there is no pictures I wish I never spent the money to buy this garbage.

  • Pics

    by Lorrie Papa

    Without the pics its garbage

  • Why lose the pictures?

    by Kotanner

    Only having words to describe sex positions is a horrible idea, especially when it's not written well. Not to mention there were pictures before the last "update". I wouldn't recommend this app to anybody.


    by Minnite

    You need the pics, words don't help as much as the pics do!

  • Where did the pics go?

    by DavidPaulBrock

    App was a 4 star when it had pics to show how to do the positions, now instead of pictures you have to read a paragraph on how to do it??!?!?!?

  • What were they thinking???

    by The real xenophy

    After the most recent update all the pictures have been removed. Now we have to decipher the broken english used in the decriptions, this is ridiculous why would they remove the pictures???

  • Pictures? Price?

    by Denyse Richards

    It claimed to be 0.99. But I get charged 1.29. There are no pictures at all. The free version titled 350 sex positions is ten times better. It has pictures and explanation. Some people are visual learners, you know?! They need to fix those problems. Not happy with this purchase. I was better off with free version.

  • No pictures!

    by B-Mo2008

    This app has horrible wording and descriptions throughout but at least you could figure out the positions based on the picture. Now that they have removed the pictures this app is useless. Especially since the wording is still horrible.

  • Pics?

    by Zackc4

    Bring back the pics!!

  • Bad update

    by Daniel Arpan

    Since the latest update came out for this app it is horrible. Definitely not what I originally paid for. Bring the pictures back or make them better.

  • Pictures?! :(

    by Dert000100

    Where did all the pictures go?

  • Pictures?!

    by Shootforthestars8

    When I updated the app, there were no pictures! Bring them back!

  • No pictures

    by Boman13899

    When they updated they fixed the grammar but took the pictures away. Bring the pictures back!

  • I personally know more positions

    by Bettyboopgurl

    This app simply uses the same pictures for different positions. I looked through almost all of them. They had interesting names like the lotus so id click on it but it would just be doggy style. So very lame.

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